WHEN THE HEART LOSES ITS HEARTBEAT – An Ishqbaaz FF by ayushi (Part 5)

Here u go..Guys plzzz comment if u like it..I got vry less comments last time but i won’t disappoint u all with that..Here is the nxt part..and i know how shivaay looks in the cover pic..So clench your hearts tight❤❤❤❤❤because u will die seeing him

Here u go..Guys plzzz comment if u like it..I got vry less comments last time but i won’t disappoint u all with that..Here is the nxt part..
Abhay says,”so the game beginss!!!”
Shivaay says shouting,”kaisa game kounsa game..”

Abhay-Hold on bade bhaiyaa..
Abhay claps and a man comes and blindfolds him and hands him a laser torch..Abhay turns around and points the laser torch towards the chart..He opens the blindfold and sees the light on shivika’s picture..
Abhay says smirking “Ohh..oww..Mere pyaare bhaiya and bhabhi..”
Anika says,”What r u going to do cheapde..?
Abhay presses a button of a remote and out of the four doors one door opens with a loud rumbling noise..
Shivaay looks towards anika and sees her all sweating badly..He looks towards the
door..DAKSH!!!was his instant reaction..
Daksh-Yes shivaay!!U remember me..Oh!of course..Mai cheez hi aisi hun….
Abhay says,”Wait my frnd let the other surprise packets open..Phir anika bhabhi teri hain….””Haahaahaa!!!!

Anika says,”!!Noo.!!Main sirf apne shivay ki hun..Mujhe haath bhi lgaya na toh….”
Abhay again turns around and points the laser towards shakti and pinky’s pic..”
Abhay-Soo o my maata and shakti uncle
He presses the secnd button and scnd door opens..KAMINI!!!Standing there with her eyes blazing in anger..
Pinky shrieks,”Oh my maata!Kameeni?”
Abhay-Kamini aunty just hav a little patiencephir toh aap oh my maata ko apne haathon se maar daalna..Trust me..I won’t tell anyone..Haahaa!!
Similarly the pointer stops on rikara…

Abhay-ohhoo meri sanskaro ki chiraiyaa waali bhabhi and long hair bhaiyaa..Aapki baari..”
The third door opens and Buamaaji comes out…Hahaha!!
Om-Buamaaji aap..

Buamaa-Haan omki..Sorry ratan..Ab tujhe mai maarungi aur saath saath iss gauri ko bhi…
Abhay says,”So now the last couple left tej and jhanvi..Sorry bade papa and badi mummi..”
Finally the last door opens and swetlana comes out…
Swetlana-yes dears i m back..Oberois apna coutdown shuru kr do..
All the villains go and hold each of their enemies hair (of course the Obahus).Anika winces..Daksshh!!Leave her or else i will kill you..Shivaay shouts..
Om says,”Buamaaji agar aapne gauri ko kuch kia toh mai apna rishta bhool jaaunga aapke saath..”
Shakti says,”Kamini tumhari dushmani mujhse hai pinky ko chhod do..”

Tej,”Swetlana agar zinda rehna chahti toh jahnvi ko chhod do..”
All four laugh and slaps the girls..
Shivaay shouts,”DAKSHH!!!once my hands are open then u see..”
Daksh-Then also u can’t do anything my dear friend shivaay.. Oh sorry!!My enemy shivaay.”
Abhay-So i leave u all alone for smtime..Apni bhadaas nikal lo..Because then we hav to play the final round of the game…THE GRAND FINALE!!!”
Tej-Swetlana i hav left you.then why aren’t u leaving me..

Swetlana smirks and says,”Ek baar maine jis cheez ko paane ki thaan li usse mai chodti nhi…Right my dear jahnvi…”
Shakti shouts,”Kamini what has pinky done to u..Why r u behind her?”
Kamini-What has she done?She took evrything from me..She took u from me..She took what was mine..
Pinky-Shaktiji was never urs..Aahhh!!
She shrieks as kamini clenches her hair evn tighter..
Om-Buamaa i m giving u last warning gauri ko chhod dijiye..

Buamaaji-Isse kabhi nhi..Because of her my plan failed..i did not get my ratan and ab ye kal ka suraj nhi dkhegi..”

PRECAP-Shivaay shouts,”Only thirty seconds are left..”

Tick tick 3!Tick tick 2! Tick tick 1!

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  1. lovely and a suspense one too
    loved it ?
    waiting for the next part

    1. SatyendraSharma

      Thank u..???I will post soon

  2. Niriha

    Interesting…loved it can’t wait for next part update soon

  3. I appreciate your immense hardwork you put into the fan fictions but I would just like to ask why is it the women only who have to bear pain to protect their husbands even thogh their husbands should get punished for their wrongdoings ( Shivaay believing Daksh, Omkara trust Buama more than Gauri, Tej cheating on Jahnvi with Swethlana and Shakti sometimes insulting Pinky). Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but just wanted to make you think about what some stories could mean for others. Good luck for your future fan fictions!!!

    1. SatyendraSharma

      U know i totally agree with u..It is always the girls who hav to suffer..So just wait for the nxt part it won’t dissappoint u..All the villains will b defeated by girl power only..I myself am a girl and i can understand….
      With love,

  4. Pui

    Hey Dear…
    Your concept is damn amazing…
    Looks like there’s some bomb blast happening. Update soon !

    1. SatyendraSharma

      I am very joyous at the thought that u liked the concept..Will post soon❤❤❤❤

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is interesting…

  6. Lauren

    Hey hii dr…. loved this chappy .. grt concept… can’t wait for the next one…. do post nxt asap…

  7. OMG.. interesting update.. precap tho nail biting hai.. can’t wait for the next … pls post ASAP..

  8. Amazing as always. I have been so desperately waiting for this ff. Excited for the next part. Post soon.

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  10. Barbieannie

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeee❣️ do post soon…. waiting eagerly❣️ TC ❣️

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