When sso met anika again ff by Shyra chapter 6

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Anika: why did you cancel it shivay?
Shivay: Kyunki jiske liye party Rakhi thi woh toh aayi nahi…. He whispers.
Anika: sorry….what did you say?
Shivay: why she never listens to what I want to say?
Anika : what shivay?
Shivay : no its not important leave it…let’s go.
Malika looks at anika and sighs in relief…
Malika: haash he agreed to us….. She whispers.
Shivay : Haan?
Malika : what?
Shivay: did you say something?
Anika: na… She didn’t say anything and I think we should go now…
Malika: yes she is right….Aur thodi Der yaha ruke toh main writer ban jaungi…. Itni Kahani toh Maine hindi book main bhi nahi padhi jitni yaha Khade Khade Bana di….. ??
Shivay: writer…. Kahani…. Hindi…. Malika are you alright? ?
Anika: shivay she is mad…. Aap mere saath chaliye…..anika holds shivay’s hand and starts walking…..Malika was walking beside shivay. Shivay was just looking at their hands (shivika’s) which were entangled with each other….. Anika was trying to cover up their escape from the party yesterday…. So she just dragged shivay with her and didn’t pay attention that she was holding the hand of the shivay Singh oberoi with whom she can’t even talk properly…

Shivay’s pov
Am I dreaming? Is this the same anika… It’s been three since I m staying with her and every time she used to avoid me like anything or was hesitant to even talk to me…. But today she is holding my hand like we r friends for years… And why am I feeling so amazing… She is just holding my hand and that’s normal… No actually it’s not… Again I m feeling that ajeeb si feeling Jo sirf anika ke saath hone par hoti hai….. I don’t know whether I should wish it or not but how it will be if she hold me like this forever…. I always been support for others being the shivay Singh oberoi but today I feel even sso need someone… Actually why someone I want anika to become my support??.
They trio reach near the car….. Anika looks at shivay and then she founds him gazing at their hands…. She realizes that she was holding his hand… And she immediately jerked off his hand….. Shivay looks on…anika sits in car…. Shivay becomes sad…. Malika noticed everything but there was something which made her think and that was shivay’s face which faded like his world was snatched from him.

Malika ‘s pov
What happen to shivay? Yeh anika bhi na….. I think shivay felt bad but why is he so sad? Leave it Malika I have promised anika that I will not think about both of them…. Jaane do and they all sit in car and leave.

At home
Shivay gets fresh and gets breakfast for anika and Malika… He comes to drawing room but finds only Malika sitting there and his eyes started searching here and there for anika….
Shivay: hiiii Malika…..
Malika: shivay I think we stay in one house so will you say Hii each time we meet… ???she laughs..
Shivay: no… I was saying… Woh I have made breakfast.
Malika: that’s great… Have it then..
Shivay: what do you mean by have it then? I have made this for all of us…
Malika: Ohhh thanks but I already had my breakfast…
Shivay: okk then I will give it to anika… She will have it… And he speaks with full excitement.
Malika: shivay she will not eat…
Shivay: kyun? I have cooked it well…
Malika: woh…
Anika comes and she was all set to go somewhere…
Anika: OK Byee Malika…. I will be late so don’t wait for me…. She looks at shivay…. Byee shivay.
Shivay: hey anika where are you going?
Malika: that’s what I was telling you she is going for a meeting….
Shivay : but why? I mean you both had worked so much yesterday and then went to meet malika’s mom and due to tiredness only you both slept in that garden so I think you should have some rest……
Anika: it’s OK shivay I m not tired….
Malika : hmm actually I m very tired and I know ani u are also very tired…. Pls take a leave today.
Shivay: that’s what I m saying…. You should take care of your health as well….
Anika: shivay it’s very urgent for me to go and I really don’t want to have rest…..
Shivay: tum itni Zidd kyun karti hoon ho anika… It won’t make any difference if you take a leave… Actually I don’t know anything you are not going anywhere…. Come on have breakfast…. Shivay speaks and tries to make her sit..

Anika’s pov
Why don’t he understand? I can’t stay with him….That’s why I m going. Now I think I have to do something Jisse shivay mujhse khud dur rahe… Sorry shivay but I have to do this and she decides something.
Shivay: now have this dish…. I have made it myself…. Shivay offers her the plate…. Anika stands and throws the plate.
Anika: why don’t you understand…. I m saying I have an urgent work and you are forcing me like you have some kind of right on me… She speaks rudely..
Shivay gets a big shock….
Shivay: anika I was just…
Anika: listen shivay first of all its my life and I will decide what will I do… Where will I go… When I will go… Whether I have to take rest…. Who are you to interfere? Sorry shivay but I don’t like interference of others in my life… Main Apna Acha bura jaanti hoon. So u don’t have to worry about me…. I hope you understood….
Shivay( had tears in his eyes but controls himself and speaks) : I m sorry…. And saying this he leaves to his room.
Anika was in utmost pain after saying all that…..
Malika: so you found this way to stay away from him…. She claps for anika…. Wow ani fantastic… Bahut sahi decision liya tumne Kitne ache se tumne uski insult ki amazing…. Now do one thing go and make him out of this house also….. Seriously Yehi Pyaar hota Hai kya…. I think it’s waste to say something to you..
Anika: I know I did wrong but what else I can do?… She asks.
Malika : I think you are smart enough to think that and she leaves with anger….
Anika’s pov
Mujhe Kuch samjh nahi aa raha main Kya karun…..
She gets a call from her mother.
Anika:hello ma!
Mom : anika are you upset?
Anika:no ma I m fine…..
Mom: don’t lie Beta I know you are upset….. I know you never share your feelings easily but at least u can share it with your mom….
Anika( cries) : ma its just I m not able to decide what should I do? I am trying to solve everything but it seems like I m creating more and more problems for me…..And in all this I hurted someone….
Mom: stop crying Beta… Anika I know you very well u can never hurt anyone… And even if you did u will definitely feel guilty like you are feeling now… OK just do one thing forget everything and stop thinking….Kyunki zyada Sochne se problem aur badi Lagti hai….
Anika: Hmmm…. But mom meri problem shayad main khud hoon…
Mom: Ohhh phir toh aur Acha hai…. Just stop fighting with yourself and go with the flow let things make way for themselves…. Be happy and leave everything on God.
Anika : hmm…. Thanks mom and she cuts the call….Now it’s enough anika…. Your overthinking has spoiled everything…. It’s time to correct the things and she wipes off her tears…..

At evening shivay’s room
Shivay was standing in balcony and was looking at stars….. Tears escape from his eyes…
Shivay’s pov
Why am I crying? Just because she talked to me like that… Actually what all she said was correct… Who am I to interfere in her life… I m not her friend I was just his classmate… And now I m just a person whom she helped…. It doesn’t mean she will become my friend…. It’s my fault I started thinking too much…. It’s been two three days since I met her and I started liking her…. He laughs at himself….. Pagal Hai tu shivay… You are just mad… Is it a joke to like someone….but what should I do… Even i don’t know what is happening…. When I just started looking into her eyes…. When I started falling for her…. He realizes what he was saying….. No shivay forget all this…you can’t fall for her. I think I should leave from here and he makes a call.
Person : yes shivay sir.
Shivay: Khanna Pls arrange any house on rent…. I want to shift now.
Khanna: but it’s almost night….how will you shift now… Wait let me book a hotel room for you…
Shivay: ok…. And he cuts the call.
After sometime he packs his stuff and his eyes falls on Anika’s picture…. He picks the frame… He smiles.
Shivay: I know I started feeling something which had no meaning…. I don’t know what am I going through or what kind of feelings are these but these are only for you and I promise I will never forget your face…. Wish we meet again in future… And sorry I m keeping your picture with me…. And he keeps the frame in his bag.
He comes out of the room and finds all dark around him… And tries to switch on the lights but fails…..
Shivay: yeh lights ko Kya Hua?… To be continued.

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