When our love story started to bloom — Chapter 1

note: changing viren’s age to 16 and mishti’s age to 13. mishti and munni don’t annoy each other in a fun way.

this is rikara’s other daughter, aadhira a.k.a hira, age: 19: studying acting, munni and she annoy each other a lot

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chapter 1:

rikara’s house:

aliya’s room:

pari: alu didu! wake up! wake up na!

gauri comes in and says: what happened pari?

pari: mummy, alu didu no wake up!

gauri: give me a glass of water.

pari passes it to gauri and gauri throws it on aliya!

aliya shot up from the bed and says: what was that for?

gauri: it’s 7: 30. you are going to be late!!

aliya: what?

pari: now jaldi!

aliya goes in the bathroom, five minutes later she comes out and goes to the living room.

jhanvi: arre eat something before you go!

aliya: dadi, I will get something from the canteen. accha chalo pari, bye!

she and pari go out and the door closes.

gauri: hey bhagwan, this girl!

om: what happened?

gauri: give it a few minutes then she will call me saying ‘mum, I forgotten my book!’

om laughs.

outside the house:

aliya and pari were on the motorbike when pari asked: alu didu, wonder what will happen when you marry?

aliya: why? you want to get rid of me?

pari: no was just wondering because you sometimes oversleep.

aliya: thing is shaadi… love… not my cup of tea!

pari: arre didu, you no have shaadi and love in your tea, you have green tea!!

aliya rolls her eyes and smiles lightly at her sister’s innocence.

aliya: no not that. you see shaadi and love I am not a believer! I think it’s just a waste of time. love is like a trap for me and I am not falling in that trap (muttering) again!

pari: oh! so if you marry, you get trap?

aliya: accha we are at school, we will talk about it later.

pari hugs aliya and goes to her school crowd. aliya smiles and goes to her university.


person 1: hey alu!

person 2: hey aliya!

aliya: hi!

she walks to her first lecture and sits at her seat thinking of what munni said.

aliya in mind: whenever that day, I don’t think I can commit myself to something big like love and marriage. love is nothing but a waste of my time.

lecturer: miss oberoi!

aliya stands up.

lecturer: why are you daydreaming?

aliya: me? daydreaming? sir, sorry if you think like that. won’t happen again.

she sits down and thinks: this sir so hates me!

precap: adi meets munni


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  1. Jasminerahul

    aliya gauri family scene…the short rikara part were lovely. aliya doesn’t believe in love.we for her ideas to Change after meeting adi.the for the quick update.please update regularly

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

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