When Love Turns Dark Gohem SS Part7(Last chapter)

When Love Turns Dark Part 7

A big thanks to accepting this strange and dark SS.Special thanks to all of you as it’s difficult to digest this kind of a story,but still you all supported me.


Ahem wept:I was shattered completely when I came to know that the love which you showed was fake Rashi.
Rashi was silent.
Ahem:I realized that when I was cheated sweetly Gopi was getting cheated brutally.
Thus we both planned a drama to teach you both a lesson.Gopi came here as per our plan.

Flash back…

Ahem looked at the romantic selfie of his and Rashi in his mobile.

Then he cried bitterly.

Gopi:Ahem…control yourself.I have gone through this like you.But i realized that shedding tears is not a solution.We must do something else.
Suddenly Ahem’s teary eyes became sharp with anger.

Ahem:Yes Gopi.We should do something else.We should take revenge on them.They should feel the pain we are undergoing.
Gopi wept:Yes Ahem.I agree with you.


Ahem:Thankyou so much for not letting me touch you Rashi,otherwise now I would have been ashamed of myself for touching a witch like you.
Rashi was dull.
Gopi:Rashi…you felt really painful to see me snatch your husband.Right?I did that purposefully to make you realize the pain a woman feels when her husband is snatched by some other woman.You deserve this pain Rashi.

Suddenly Rashi laughed evily.
Ahem Gopi were confused.
RASHI:So you both did this drama to make me know the pain of losing my own husband to another woman?So sad that your plan flopped miserably.

Ahem Gopi gave a confused look to each other.
RASHI:My foot!Why should I care about Ahem having another girl in his life when I don’t love him at all?So I must say that you both are foolish.And one more thing.I knew it from the beginning that it was all a pre-planned drama by both of you.I had overheard Ahem talking to Gopi on the phone about your plan.I had informed this to Jigar too.His business tour was fake.He left the house in the name of business tour for letting Gopi to come here and stay as a part of the drama.I pretended to be not knowing anything and moved with the flow
Ahem Gopi were shocked.

Suddenly somebody entered clapping hands.They were shocked to see Jigar.
Jigar held Rashi closer.
Jigar:Well done guys.The plan was executed well.But it became a big flop.We pity you guys.
Rashi was smiling.

Ahem could’nt control his anger while Gopi looked depressed.
Rashi:Yes it’s true that I love Jigar and he loves me.I married Ahem only for his wealth.And guess what our plan was?

Jigar smirked:Our plan was to kill you both in a natural accident.So that we will be the owners of your property.Rashi will get Ahem’s property and I will get Gopi’s full property.
Rashi:Then we both will live happily leading a luxurious life.
It’s true that I never loved you Ahem.I married you only for your wealth.That’s why I brought a fake panditji to warn you to not get intimate with me as I hated you coming near me. only Jigar has that right on me.

Jigar Rashi shared a passionate eye lock.
Jigar:Now let us execute our plan baby.
Rashi:of course.
Ahem roared:Hey..that will only be your dream.You both can’t even touch us.
Jigar Rashi laughed.

Gopi:Ahem…don’t lose your temper.Let them say.
Gopi looked at Rashi:Rashi…What did you say?After acquiring our wealth you will lead a happy and luxurious life with Jigar?That will never happen.You know why?Because Jigar does’nt want you.He needs only his new girl friend Paridhi.Jigar and Paridhi planned to use you to get Ahem’s property for them to live together luxuriously.Jigar himself confessed this to me when I caught him and Paridhi red handed.
Rashi:What rubbish Gopi!You think I will believe this?You are trying to create rift between me and Jigar.But that will never happen.

JIGAR:Rashi..Gopi is lying to cause problem between us.
RASHI:I know that Jigar.This is also their pathetic plan.

Gopi:It’s ok if you don’t believe me Rashi.But very soon you will get your punishment by Jigar himself for betraying Ahem.
Ahem smirked:That was expected.Rashi deserves it.
Rashi:Shut up Ahem and Gopi.If you both open your mouth again I will…
Gopi:What will you do Rashi?
Jigar:Since they both know our truth before then open their mouth in public let us do what we were planning to do.

Rashi looked at him.
Jigar:Kill them.
RASHI:Yes.I want to kill Gopi with my hands for insulting me so much.
Jigar:Yes Gopi has to go first as she is the main hindrance on our way.
Rashi took a knife.Gopi got scared.

Rashi walked towards Gopi with the knife.Ahem held Rashi’s hand.
Ahem:You thought you will stab Gopi and I will stand here simply watching it?
RASHI:No Ahem.I knew that you will oppose it to save Gopi.But you can’t help Gopi now.
Ahem:I will not let you hurt Gopi.

RASHI:Hurt?I am going to kill her.
Ahem:When I am alive I won’t let anyone kill Gopi.
Suddenly Jigar stabbed Ahem from behind.Gopi screamed:Ahem!
Jigar smiled evily:Only if you are alive you will save Gopi.Right?What if you get killed before Gopi?
Ahem fell down.Blood was flowing from his body.Rashi stabbed the crying Gopi cruelly.Gopi fell near by Ahem.

Gopi:Ahem…I still have faith in Devi Maiyya.These devils will not win.
Jigar:After you both lose breath completely we will bury you both in such way that no one will know what happened to both of you.People will think that you both have eloped leaving me and Rashi alone.We both will look like innocent spouses.
Jigar Rashi laughed.
RASHI:Jigar..I am so happy.Now we both will live together happily.
Suddenly Paridhi entered.
Rashi was stunned:Paridhi?

Paridhi:Nice to meet you after a long time Rashi.
RASHI:How come you are here now?
Paridhi:Because Jigar called me here.
RASHI:Why did Jigar call you here?
Paridhi smiled in an evil manner:Because you need to know that it’s not you who is going to live with Jigar…but me.

Rashi was shocked:What?
Jigar and Paridhi laughed.
Jigar:It means Gopi was right.My true love is Paridhi.We both were only using you to gain Ahem’s wealth.
Rashi was shattered:Jigar…How could you do this to me?

Jigar smirked.
Gopi murmured: I told you Rashi that Jigar is cheating you.Now you must have understood the pain of betrayal.
Rashi’s eyes got filled up with tears.
RASHI:But how will you get Ahem’s wealth now?After Ahem’s death I will be the owner of his property.If you avoid me how can you get it?
Jigar:After Ahem’s death you will be the owner of his property.When you are alive you won’t transfer the property in my name.But you will get killed .I will forge your signature and get the property for myself.Since you will be dead you won’t be there to reveal that it’s not your signature.

RASHI:You cheat..
Rashi slapped Jigar.Jigar slapped her many times.
Jigar:If I can torture Gopi for you I can do that to you for Paridhi too.Understand?

Rashi got scared:Jigar…
Jigar:Now we will kidnap you.After Ahem’s death is confirmed you will be dead.

Rashi got scared.
RASHI:Never..It won’t happen.
Jigar sealed her lips with a sticker and dragged her along the floor.The vision became dull for Ahem and Gopi.They were losing a lot of blood.They became unconscious.Suddenly Police reached.Jigar,Rashi and Paridhi were shocked.
The police men were shocked to see Ahem and Gopi in blood.They arrested Jigar,Rashi and Paridhi.Some of them rushed to the hospital with Ahem and Gopi.

Hours later…
Ahem opened his eyes on the hospital bed.
Ahem:Gopi..Gopi…how is Gopi?

The doctor who was near by smiled:Don’t worry.Gopi is alright.She is sleeping.
Ahem was relieved.

After some time as Ahem the nurse helped him to go near Gopi.Gopi was sleeping.

Gopi opened her eyes.
Gopi was surprised:Ahem…are we alive?
Ahem:Yes Gopi.Police men took us to the hospital.
GOPI:Police men?How come they reached your house?
Ahem:I had expected that Rashi can even behave like a psycho and hurt us though I did’nt expect her to do a murder attempt.So I had called the police before I came to kitchen in search of you.And Jigar,Rashi and Paridhi are arrested.They will rot in jail for hurting us.We got justice Gopi.
Gopi smiled.

After a year….

Ahem took Gopi to a garden.

Ahem:Gopi..this is my favourite place since childhood.

So I want to open my heart to you here.

Gopi looked at him.

Ahem:Gopi,we were good friends in college.Later we both became busy in our own lives and lost touch with each other.But destiny brought us together again in an unexpected way.We pretended to be lovers to take revenge on our spouse.

After our enemies got punished again our friendship strengthened.I don’t know how I have a special feeling when you are with me.I like that feeling.I really feel nice.I feel you have entered my heart.
Ahem:Gopi… I want you to be with me the whole life.

He extended his arm towards her:Will you be with me always in my house Gopi?I mean..will you marry me?
Gopi nodded smiling emotionally

and held his hand.He smiled at her.

They shared a beautiful eye lock.

They held hands together only to promise each other that they will always hold each other’s hand in whatever situation.

The End

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    I feel to laugh…
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    Lovely ending Gohem got reunited…??
    Well done…I loved this ff…
    Pls do come with more stories like this…
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    Beautiful end???Right punishment to RaJi n Paridhi???Jigar’s plan???Lovely how GoHem united???Their confession???Will miss it a lot?

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