When Love Turns Dark Gohem SS Part6

When Love Turns Dark Part 6
Rashi was stunned:Ahem!
Ahem:Can you deny what i said?
RASHI:What are you saying Ahem?We both were madly in love with each other since Gopi entered this house.Then why are you saying that our marriage is a failure?

Ahem:Why are you lying that we were madly in love?Only I was madly in love with you like a foolish man.You never loved me.In fact you were betraying me.

Ahem’s tears fell down while Rashi was stunned.
Gopi:You felt hurt when you felt I snatched your husband from you?Then think what I must have felt when you snatched my husband from me.
Gopi was crying.
Rashi was stunned:What are you saying Gopi?I tried to snatch your husband from you?What rubbish!
Gopi:Yes.You only did that Rashi.

Ahem:Rashi..since you are pretending to be so innocent I will explain everything.On the last day of college after I proposed to you I found Gopi and Aksh going out.So I followed them.

Flash back…

Jigar held Gopi’s hand romantically:Gopi…will you marry me?

Gopi blushed:Yes Jigar…I will marry you.

Ahem clapped hands.Jigar and Gopi were shy to see Ahem.
Ahem:So there was a silent love story cooking up here.

Jigar-Gopi were shy.
Jigar:We did’nt want to make it public.That’s why.Please don’t tell this to anyone.


Gopi:Jigar and I went abroad for our engagement.That’s why we could’nt attend your wedding.Later we got married.Life was going well.I became pregnant.Due to vomiting Jigar forced me to go to my maayka to be taken care by my mother.So I stayed in my maayka for some days.But I could’nt live without seeing Jigar.So I went back to surprise Jigar.But there I was shocked to see Jigar getting cozy with you Rashi.

Rashi shouted:No.It’s a lie.
GOPI:No.I saw it with my eyes and I could’nt believe my eyes.I was shattered.I hid myself from you both.Later when you went back I confronted Jigar.

Flash back…

Jigar sweated:Gopi..you?When did you reach?
Gopi:I reached quite some time ago.But I did’nt want to disturb you as you were busy with your girl friend Rashi.Yes Jigar..I saw everything.
Gopi cried.She pulled his collar:How could you cheat me Jigar?And being my closest friend how could Rashi cheat me?Rashi used to love Ahem.Then how come she is with you here?

Jigar had an evil smile on his face:Since you caught us red handed I will reveal everything to you.Rashi and I are in love since college days.

Gopi was shocked:How is it possible?That time we were dating and Ahem and Rashi were in a relationship.
Jigar laughed:That was all fake.Rashi trapped that fool Ahem in her love and got married to him only for his wealth.But her real love was always me.
Gopi was shocked:I regret uniting Ahem and Rashi.I did a big mistake.
Jigar laughed:But you can’t correct that mistake now as Ahem trusts Rashi blindly.
GOPI:Why did you pretend to love me?Why did you marry me?

Jigar:Me too wanted your wealth.See..through our marriage I got so much wealth.Your foolish dad trusts me so much that he transferred most of the properties in my name.
Jigar laughed evily.
GOPI:You cheated my dad also.I will tell my dad everything.
Jigar:If you do that you won’t see your dad again.

Gopi was shocked.
Jigar:If you want your family members to be safe stay here silently.

I also won’t tell Rashi that you know our truth as I don’t want her to be insecure..
Gopi wept.


Gopi:I was helpless.I had to bear all the torture Jigar put on me.His physical torture was so unbearable that because of it I had miscarriage too.Still he did’nt care.All he wanted was his secret romance with you Rashi.So I got fed up.I decided to hit back Jigar and you for being the reason of my unborn child’s death.So I observed Jigar and heard him inviting you to his farm house.So I followed you both secretly and took the video of all the intimate moments you both shared.Then I rang up Ahem.It was hard for me to get his number.

Flash back…

Ahem:Hey Gopi.It’s been a long time.Where were you?Lost all contacts.
Gopi:Got busy in life.That’s why.Ahem..I want to meet you personally.Rashi should not know this.
Ahem:Why Rashi should not know this?

GOPI:It’s very confidential.I will tell you everything when we meet.That time you will realize why I asked you to hide it from Rashi.Please come..

Ahem was confused.
He thought:Why does Gopi talk strangely?What does she want to tell me in Rashi’s absence? Something is wrong.I will go and see.

Ahem-Gopi met.
Ahem:Tell Gopi,what is the matter?
GOPI:You listen to me peacefully.The thing is that Rashi is having an extra marital affair with my husband Jigar.
Suddenly Ahem slapped Gopi.
Ahem:Do you know what you are saying Gopi?Rashi is my life and I trust her.She can’t even do that in her wildest dream.I don’t understand why you are trying to create misunderstandings between us.You only united us and now you are trying to separate us?Why?

GOPI:Your reaction was expected.Even I was not able to believe it.But this is the truth.So I regret uniting you both.

Ahem:Damn it!
Gopi showed him the intimate video clips of Jigar Rashi.Ahem was shocked.

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  1. Riana

    No one loves each other all are just pretending to be in love…??
    Lusty lusts…??
    Awesome episode ???
    Updt soon…?

    1. Jasminerahul

      yes.jigar n rashi pretended to luv Gopi n Ahem 4 their wealth(Not lust actually).So in order to teach them a lesson Gohem pretended to be lovers

      1. Riana

        Ohhhhhh…So my guess was correct…i didnt mentioned it in the comment…?..lol and i thought all are doing for lust

      2. Jasminerahul

        Not lust.only 4 wealth.Remember Rashi n Ahem have not consummated yet

  2. U can go even higher?

  3. NaIrA_KhAn

    Glad that I’m the first commentator on this part. Great and shocking epi..so this ss is also a gohem raji ss. Anyways shcoked to learn that rashi Cheated ahem. Is it true or are gohem lying. Can’t wait for jigar to enter. Love ur ss like hell. Evryday a new surprise. Update asap. ????

  4. Mansi

    It’s so shocking that everyone are after each other?????RaJi are very cunning???Great job by GoHem??

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.Actually not everyone,only RaJi r after Gohem 4 money.Gohem were just pretending to be in luv to teach a lesson to Rashi

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