When Love Turns Dark Gohem SS Part5

When Love Turns Dark Part 5
At midnight…

Gopi felt like drinking water.She walked to the kitchen to take water.Suddenly somebody embraced her from behind.She was scared.
GOPI:Who is that?Leave me.
She was left loose.She turned back.It was Ahem.She was shocked.
GOPI:Ahem…you?When your innocent wife Rashi is asleep you are coming behind me with your lusty eyes?Rashi trusts you a lot.She thinks you are the most loyal husband in this world.But you are back biting her?Very cleverly you made her believe that I am lusting you.But the truth is that it’s you who is lusting me.
Are you not ashamed?

Suddenly Ahem pulled her towards him in naughty manner:No dear,I am not ashamed.Why should I be ashamed to romance my sweet heart?
Gopi’s face was red with anger:You devil!
Ahem:You look so pretty when you are angry.
Slowly her anger disappeared and a seductive smile appeared on her face.

She embraced him back.They both were in each other’s arms.

Ahem:Gopi,you know how much I love to be with you?
GOPI:Me too Ahem.
Ahem:And that’s why I brought you here.
GOPI:I also love to be in your arms Ahem.That’s why I came here.

Ahem:Everything is going as per our plan.Because of our plan we are together now.I can see you whenever i want and…
He touched her face sensually: I can touch you whenever i want.
Gopi blushed.
He leaned towards her face with his lips.

He rubbed her cheek sensually with his.

Ahem:You were stuck up in a marriage where you don’t love your husband Jigar and every moment I am forced to pretend to love my boring wife Rashi.That’s when we met each other.We cherished our college days.Our friendship turned into love.
GOPI:Yes.Your love made my life colourful again.
Ahem:You made me happy Gopi.

They smiled at each other.
Ahem:We were fed up of being away from each other.So we planned this drama to end the distance between us.I informed you when Rashi left to beauty parlour and purposefully you lay on her way pretending to be unconscious.Rashi pitied you and brought you home.The doctor whom Rashi called came.But Rashi did not know that without her knowledge I had messaged the doctor to lie about your condition.The drip which was given to you was pure water.
GOPI:I made Rashi believe that I am a victim of domestic violence and put the whole blame on my poor husband.Believing that I am homeless Rashi allowed me to stay here.I struggled hard to shed crocodile tears.

Ahem:You did a good job Gopi.
GOPI:But the best actor is you Ahem.How perfectly you acted!How well you pretend to be a perfect husband!How well you made Rashi believe that I am after you.How well you pretended to be angry with me!You put the whole blame on me.
Ahem:Sorry Gopi.I had to pretend to be angry with you and blame you very badly.But what to do?If i become so sweet to you Rashi will suspect us.That is why I behaved like that.

By the way good that you showed yours and Jigar’s wedding pictures to Rashi because of which she is a big conclusion now.Let her confusion go on like this for some more time.It will favour us.And very cleverly you linked up Jigar with our college mate Paridhi.Great.
GOPI:When Rashi asked me to say with whom Jigar is having affair with suddenly I had to say Paridhi’s name.

Sorry Kanhaji for involving Paridhi in this.
Ahem smirked:You accused Jigar of having an extra marital affair with Paridhi.But the truth is that it’s you who is having extra marital affair…with me.
GOPI:But Jigar does’nt know that I am cheating him.He trusts me blindly like Rashi trusts you.Since he is on his business tour I am with you.But when he returns I have to go back to him.I feel sad.
Ahem:Don’t worry Gopi.We will meet like this.We will get some ideas to be together like now.
GOPI:I hope so.

Gopi embraced Ahem.Rashi who came to the kitchen searching for Ahem was shocked to see the sight.
She screamed:Gopi…
Ahem Gopi looked at Rashi with shock.
RASHI:Gopi…you bit the hand who fed you milk?I gave you shelter and within a short time you seduced my husband?

Rashi pulled Gopi away from Ahem.
RASHI:How dare you Gopi?Ahem was right.You stayed back to get Ahem back.You were always after him.You are a characterless woman.That’s why Jigar left you.
Rashi looked at Ahem:Ahem…you got influenced by Gopi so easily?You forgot me that easily?
Ahem looked guilty:I am sorry Rashi.I did’nt do it purposefully.When Gopi came near me …in a moment I got melted in her beauty and I….

Rashi shed tears:Till now you were blaming Gopi and suddenly you got intoxicated by her beauty?

Ahem was quiet.Rashi looked at Gopi:It’s all because of Gopi.You only spoiled our paradise.I hate you Gopi.You are a witch you came to spoil our happiness.You tried to snatch my husband from me.I will not leave you Gopi.
Gopi blasted at Rashi:What will you do Rashi?You can’t do anything as I have already trapped your husband.He is blinded by my love.You can’t do anything.Ahem has become mine.
RASHI:No never.Ahem is mine.
GOPI:Really?Then do whatever you want.
RASHI:I will teach you a lesson Gopi.
Rashi started slapping Gopi like crazy.Ahem was shocked seeing the no.of slaps Rashi gave Gopi.
Suddenly Ahem held Rashi’s hand stopping her from slapping Gopi

and slapped her.Rashi was shocked.
RASHI:Ahem..you slapped me for Gopi?
Ahem:Oh stop it Rashi.If you raise your hand against Gopi again I won’t leave you.
Rashi was shocked:Ahem…you are supporting Gopi?
Ahem:Yes,because I love her damn it.

Rashi wiped her tears and stared at Ahem.Her face became angry.Then she tried to raise her hand against Ahem.Suddenly Ahem held her hand stopping her from slapping him.
Ahem:Don’t try this with me Rashi.
Ahem pushed her.Rashi stared at him.
RASHI:Mr.Ahem Singh Rauzada…I know that you are a beast.That’s why you are romancing someone else behind your wife’s back.I know that you are having an extra marital affair with Gopi.

Ahem and Gopi looked at each other.
RASHI:I heard what you both were talking.You both planned well to be together by stabbing me.
Gopi looked at Ahem.Ahem was least bothered.Ahem smiled.
Ahem:Good that you came to know our truth Rashi.Things have become easier now.And by the way we both knew that you were overhearing us.Because I saw you following me,so I decided to reveal our truth to you this way…by discussing about our love and what we did to be together.Right Gopi?
Gopi gave a staring look to Rashi:Yes..

Rashi gave a shocked look.
Rashi wept:Why did you do this to me Ahem?
Ahem:Because of you Rashi.I did all this because of you.
RASHI:Because of me?What did I do?
Ahem:For the world we are a perfect couple who has a perfect marriage.But only we both know the truth of our married life.We are stuck in a horrible marriage where relationships have no value.

Rashi became upset.

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  1. Loved it!
    I started reading this ff now and love it so much!
    It’s just fantastic! ?

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you so much

  2. NaIrA_KhAn

    Great update jas di. Good that rashi can be spared from ahem now. But what is ahem saying ?? Does his marriage have no values ?? Gopi is evil here. Wish jigar comes to know soon. Very thrilling episode. Pls update soon ???

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much

  3. Riana

    Ohhhhh was a thrilling part…
    God Rashi slapped Gopi…
    Gopi got slapped & ahem slapped rashi…
    Its getting day by day ??
    Updt soon

  4. Riana

    Ohhhhh was a thrilling part…
    God Rashi slapped Gopi…
    Gopi got slapped & ahem slapped rashi…
    Its getting thrilling day by day ??
    Updt soon

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u very much

  5. Mansi

    Thrilling update??GoHem are fooling RaJi with their act??Poor RaJi they don’t even know that??Good Rashi slapped Gopi?OMG Ahem slapped Rashi??

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