When Love Turns Dark Gohem SS Part4

Gopi:Why are you getting so impatient Rashi?I will tell.
Rashi:Then tell fast.
Rashi was shocked:Jigar?
Gopi:Yes.Jigar and I were secretly in love.
RASHI:No,you are lying.You are a liar like Ahem said.You loved Ahem,not Jigar.

Gopi was shoked to hear Rashi’s accusation.Ahem came.
GOPI:What are you saying Rashi?I loved Ahem?Are you out of senses?Ahem was your lover in college.How can he be my lover?
RASHI:Ahem did’nt love you.But you loved Ahem.
GOPI:If I had loved Ahem why should I play cupid in your love story?
Rashi was silent.
Ahem:Don’t try to confuse Rashi.I told her the truth we both know.Ya..even Jigar knew it.

GOPI:What truth?
Ahem:That you used to love me.
Gopi was shocked:What?
RASHI:Yes,Ahem told me about your secret love for Ahem.

GOPI:What rubbish!Why are you lying Ahem?
Gopi looked at Rashi:Rashi..he is lying.I never loved Ahem.I was in love with Jigar.I don’t know why Ahem is lying.
RASHI:Stop it Gopi.My husband won’t tell me lies.
Gopi became dull:So you don’t trust me.You think I am lying?
RASHI:Yes.You are lying.You are a characterless woman like Ahem told.
Gopi’s tears rolled down her cheek.
She stared at Ahem:Ahem,why are you lying?Why did you say such a big lie to Rashi?I never expected it from you.Why are you creating misunderstandings between me and Rashi?What are you gaining out of it?

Ahem:Don’t pretend to be innocent.I just told the truth.
RASHI:Gopi..it’s my fault that I brought you here.I should not have done that.Your husband and family left you because of your bad nature.So just get out.
GOPI:Ok..Rashi..I will go.But before that I will prove my innocence.
RASHI:Stop this nonsense.You can’t prove your innocence.
GOPI:I can.For that please let me access internet.
Ahem:No way.
RASHI:Let her do whatever she wants Ahem.I want to see her failing to prove her innocence.Because I trust you Ahem.

Ahem smiled.He smiled victoriously at Gopi.
Gopi smirked:Don’t smile too much.I won’t fail.
Ahem smirked:Let’s see who will fail.

Rashi gave her laptop.Gopi accessed her facebook account.
GOPI:Now look at this.
Rashi and Ahem tooked at the laptop screen.They were shocked to see Jigar-Gopi’s wedding pictures.

Rashi:Jigar is your husband?
GOPI:Yes.He is my husband.
They were shocked.
GOPI:I loved Jigar.That’s why I married him.
Ahem:How can we believe that these photos are real?These can be morphed pictures.
GOPI:Who will put morphed wedding pictures on a public site?Won’t others catch me red handed?Won’t Jigar complain against me legally?
Rashi was confused.
Ahem:Rashi…Gopi is lying.Don’t believe her.Something is cooking in her mind.Everything is pre- planned.
GOPI:At least now admit that you admit that you were lying.
Ahem:Stop it.If you had love marriage with Jigar why would Jigar torture you?
GOPI:Because he is having an extra marital affair.
Ahem:With whom?
GOPI:With one of our college mates.
Rashi:With our college mate?Who is that home wrecker?If your story is true tell who she is.
Gopi said painfully:Paridhi.

They all were shocked.
RASHI:Jigar is having extra marital affair with Paridhi?
Gopi wept:Yes.
Ahem:No.Jigar won’t do that.He is very decent.

GOPI:If you believe it or not that’s the truth Ahem.
Ahem:Rashi…she is lying.
GOPI:No Rashi.Ahem is lying.
Rashi was going crazy:Stop it.Now I don’t know whom to believe.Give me some more time.I myself will find out who is lying.
Ahem and Gopi became dull.
RASHI:Till then Gopi can stay here.
GOPI:Ok Rashi.I am sure that the truth will favour me.
Ahem:No way Gopi.When the truth comes out Rashi will be sure that I am saying the truth and you are the liar.

Gopi smirked:Let’s see.
Ahem:We will see.
RASHI:Stop it guys.Don’t make me crazy.
Ahem and Gopi walked in 2 different sides.

At midnight…

Gopi felt like drinking water.She walked to the kitchen to take water.Suddenly somebody embraced her from behind.She was scared.
GOPI:Who is that?Leave me.
She was left loose.She turned back.It was Ahem.She was shocked.
GOPI:Ahem…you?When your innocent wife Rashi is asleep you are coming behind me with your lusty eyes?Rashi trusts you a lot.She thinks you are the most loyal husband in this world.But you are back biting her?Very cleverly you made her believe that I am lusting you.But the truth is that it’s you who is lusting me.
Are you not ashamed?
Suddenly Ahem pulled her towards him in naughty manner:No dear,I am not ashamed.Why should I be ashamed to romance my sweet heart?
Gopi’s face was red with anger:You devil!
Ahem:You look so pretty when you are angry.
Slowly her anger disappeared and a seductive smile appeared on her face.She embraced him back.They both were in each other’s arms.

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