When Love Turns Dark Gohem SS Part1

When Love Turns Dark Part 1

Rashi woke up from the bed yawning.
Suddenly she saw a note next to her:To my dearest wife.
She smiled.
She continued reading:I want to say that I love you a lot.
Rashi blushed:I love you too my sweet hubby.
Rashi came out of the room.She saw her husband opening his arms with a smile to accept her.She ran into his arms.
He:Happy wedding anniversary Rashi.
RASHI:Same to you my dear hubby Ahem.

They smiled at each other romantically.
He showed her the table where there was a cake.She was surprised.
They both held hands together and cut the cake.He put cream on her face.
RASHI:Ahem…you are so naughty.
He laughed.
They fed the cake to each other.

He puller her closer and took a selfie.

He gave her a cover.
RASHI:I know that it’s a saree and you want me to wear it.How can I not dress up for my romantic hubby?
He went to capture her lips.But she moved away blushing.She moved towards his cheeks.She bit his cheek in a seductive manner.
Ahem:I can’t wait till night to celebrate our wedding anniversary with passionate love.
She blushed.

RASHI:Where are you taking me to now?
He held her closer:We will go to beach.There is nothing more romantic than a beach.Right?
RASHI:Wow..thank you so much Ahem.
She embraced him.

Ahem-Rashi went to the beach and had romantic time walking along the sand holding hands together.

He removed his over coat and exposed himself to the cool wind.Rashi pecked his cheek.

He smiled.
Ahem:That was very sweet.
She blushed.

Slowly they moved to the waves.Both of them got wet completely.Seeing her wet Ahem got tempted and moved towards her with burning passion.She closed her eyes.Suddenly they got interrupted by the people around.
RASHI:We have become so shameless that we forgot that there are people around us.
They both giggled.

They both went home.
Ahem:Rashi..wear what I gave you.We both will go out to party.I have booked a room in the star hotel.
RASHI:Wow Ahem…I am so excited.Before that I want to go to the beauty parlour.Tonight I want to look the best.
Ahem:There is no need of make up for my wife to look beautiful.But still you go as it’s your wish.

Rashi got ready and drove the car to the beauty parlour with a blush thinking of her romantic moments with Ahem.

Suddenly she saw a girl lying on the road.She took a sudden brake and got out of the car to see who the girl was.She was shocked to see the girl who was unconscious on the road.
Rashi struggled hard to take Gopi to the car and drove back home.
Ahem came:You are back so soon.

RASHI:Yes..I found her lying unconscious on the road.So I brought her here.
Ahem was shocked:What the!Why did you bring her here?
RASHI:Then what else should I do?I don’t know where she stays.So I can’t drop her to her house.So I brought her here.Please help me to take her to the bedroom.
Ahem:Oh no..
Ahem took Gopi from the car

Ahem:She is really unconscious.

RASHI:Yes,that’s why I brought her here.If anyone harms her in her unconscious state…
He carried her to the bedroom.

He placed her on the bed.He kept looking at her face.Suddenly he held onto himself.He tried to move away.But in deep slumber Gopi held his shirt.He was stunned.

Slowly he removed her hand off him and moved away.
Rashi called the doctor.
The doctor came and checked her.

Dr:It’s due to starving that she fainted.Why did’nt she eat anything?
RASHI:I am sorry Doctor.I did’nt know that she had’nt eaten anything.
Dr:She has to be given drip.
The doctor called the hospital and they brought the facilities home.Gopi is given drip.
Dr:After some time she will regain consciousness.After some time the nurse will remove the drip.
Rashi:Thank you doctor.
The doctor went.

Ahem:Rashi….let us go to party.
RASHI:What are you saying Ahem?Gopi is alone here.
Ahem:She is not alone here Rashi.The nurse is there with her.
RASHI:But still..
Ahem:For Gopi are you planning to spoil our wedding anniversary?
RASHI:Nothing like that Ahem.But when Gopi is in this condition how can we go out?
Ahem:So our wedding anniversary is spoiled.

Ahem walked to the bedroom angrily.
Rashi followed him:Ahem…don’t get angry at least on our wedding anniversary.
Ahem:It’s you who spoiled our happiness.
Rashi cupped his face in her arms.

RASHI:Ahem..we love each other.And loving each other is the best wedding anniversary celebration.Right?So to love each other should we have to go to a hotel?We can party here.Right?
Ahem:You are defeating me with your tongue.Ok..your wish.
Rashi smiled:I will wear the saree you gifted me.
He smiled.

Rashi wore saree and ornaments and came to the room.The room was decorated with lit candles by Ahem.
Rashi was surprised:Ahem!It’s so beautiful.

Ahem came towards her pulling her closer:Is’nt it romantic my wife?
RASHI:Yes..of course…It’s romantic like you.

Ahem:Rashi…though we are married till now we have not lived like a husband and wife.
Rashi:What to do Ahem?Panditji had warned us not to be one,if s either one of us will die.
Ahem:I don’t believe in such superstitious things.But since you are very superstitious I just supported you as I didn’t want to make you upset.
RASHI:I trust him as whatever panditji had predicted has come true.
Ahem:But panditji had told us that on our wedding anniversary we can come closer.Now the right time has come Rashi.

Rashi blushed.He moved towards her lips passionately.She closed her eyes.
Suddenly the door was knocked.They moved away from each other.
Rashi opened the door.
Nurse:The drip is over.The patient has opened her eyes.She is asking where she is.Since my job is over I am going.
RASHI:Ok thank you.
Ahem got irritated:Now itself Gopi had to wake up?She spoiled our romance.

RASHI:Relax Ahem.One whole night is there for that.Now we will go near Gopi.

Ahem-Gopi went to the room.Gopi looked scared.
GOPI:Where am I?
RASHI:Relax Gopi..you are here.
Gopi looked at Rashi-Ahem and got surprised.

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  1. Congrats on your new story??Do continue soon?

  2. Riana

    Wow Jas…???
    Congo for ur new SS…
    The title itself sounds that its a THRILLER SS…???
    I loved the start…???
    But suddenly RaHem’s romance spoiled due to GOPI ! ???…ooff ☹️
    Waiting to explore the relationship of Gopi-ahem-rashi…
    Is Gopi an EVIL ??? ????
    Updt soon ??

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much

  3. Mansi

    Superbbbbbbbb start Jazzy????loved it completely❤❤❤❤❤❤RaHem???It’s wedding anniversary of them???Their beach romance was so naughty???Ahem control urself in public place???Ahem gifting her a sari??OMG what happened to Gopi n why she starving?Good Rashi brought her home?But because of her RaHem romance got spoiled?Why everyone looking so shocked seeing each other??

  4. NaIrA_KhAn

    Loved it. Wondered why gopi and ahem were familiar. Rahem moments were sweet and romantic. Why did pandit say so?? Anyways great update ??

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