when I fall in love (ragsan and swasan) episode 11

Hiii darlings I will bee regular from today I returned to my inlaws house after a long break .I enjoyed my vaccation very well nd from today there will bee swasan story plzzz ragsan fans plzz don’t stop reading enjoy this also as a ragsan fan its very tough for mee to write swasan scenes but I dared to write soo plzz enjoy my story love u all the readears of my ff

Next day
Rag:plzz tell mee bulbul I want to know the truth
Bulbul:which truth
Rag:about their marriage nd what happened actually
Bul:first u tell mee what do u know about ?
Rag:I don’t know what happened as I was in abroad for my studies then one day I came to know that someone married my dii forcefully nd dii left house for him nd went against dad nd due to that dad health was spoiled nd when I returned from there after an year dads helth became critical so we admited him in hospital in same hospital I saw dii nd was shocked then after consulting doctor I came to know that there are many complications in her pregnency before also but now due to some one throughed her on a stone her head got hitted by a stone nd her bump bounced with ground thats y (she stopped nd realised what she is saying )(rag in mind noo I should not tell her that dii diialive first I should get confconconformedanksansankyht for my dii diinot)my di ddid nd they saved tanish then I took care of him nd he became my world

Bulbul:u only know what others said but u don’t know what actually happened first u should come to know about Sanky

Sanky s chaild hood
Sanky was a orphan .he used to work in a daba .one day a gangstar his name is raj(raj from ek hasinaa thi).as he was a gangster some other gang planned to kill him nd this was listned by Sanky he immediately ran from there nd told to raj .raj came there with his family (his wife nd his daughter).so he tried to save his family nd our hero Sanky helped him by hiding sakshi(wife of raj).bulbul(daughter of raj)
After fight
Raj:thank u very much beta
Sanky:its ok uncle I just did this to save u .as u r head pf the family nd they (pointing to sakshi nd bulbul) can’t live with out u .I know how hard it is to live without a family

Sakshi:u didn’t have parents

Raj:don’t say it again from today we r ur parents

Soo like this they adopted Sanky nd sanky is the son on a big gangster raj

After some years

A boy is shown beating a guy
Boy:how dare u followed my sister if she told that she don’t like u then also y r u following

Boy2:because I truely love her nd I never misbehaved with her I just follw her so that not today any day she will recognise my love

(Now the faces of the two boys shown
Boy 1:Sanky

Sanky:how dare u to talk against mee iam advising u to not to follow her nd u r arguing with mee sanskar raj goenkaa

Sanky again started to beat him nd puu fell down .suddenly Sanky felt a tight slap on his cheek

Sanky hold his cheek with a shock nd saw who who have guts to slap him

Yes its none other than our swaraaa
Screen freezes episode ends with shocking face of Sanky nd angry face of swara
Tnk u for ur love nd support
Urs darling pavani

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  1. plz end swasan track soon

    1. pavani darling

      Hmm tnk u lovely darling u will see ur fav pair story after few episodes till then u have to wait a little nd sorry for dissapointing u

  2. you took a long time to update it pavani <3 ed it

    1. Sry priya darling I will bee regular from now

  3. superb as usual u rocked it

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      tnk u preethi darling

  4. 1st time reading this ff…want swasan track plz don’t start ragsan track m fed up of ragsan

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      Tnk u neoline ya there will bee more swasan scenes but sorry to say it there will bee more ragsan scenes

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