when I fall in love (ragsan nd swasan) episode 30

Hiiii darlings tnk u very much for ur beautiful support

Sanky:laksh plzz its personal u plzz stay away for some time

Laksh:its ok (giving rag r u ok look)

Rag signed him with eyes that every thing ok

Sanky saw this he became more anger

Rag:Sanky just listen
Sanky:no today u listen nd I will talk .it is her mistake nd this time she should realise that .every time you can’t defend her

Rag:ok enough ya it is her mistKe but it was our mistake too .the sound will come only with two hands .if she didn’t like me with u then its better we stay away

Sanky:y??u wil act life long??
Rag:wt is there to act after this project iam leaving from hear bso there wil be no problem

Sanky:leaving??but wt is the need she knows the truth

Rag:that’s y she is. Felling insecure for u

Sanky:insecure?but y??
Rag:because she is ur wife ..
Sanky:even u r my wife but u never feel that
Rag saw him for his shocking question
They have a beautiful eyelock
They come to senses
Rag(with lot of difficulty):because she loves u .
Sanky:nd u??(with a concern)
Rag:I think I should leave now nd she left from there immediately
Sanky(to him self):wt happened to u y r u expexting her to love u .no Sanky u can’t make swaras misunderstanding true .ohh I forget I should go to hospital

He to came out
Laksh nd rag were in standing nd both were happy .Sanky was not ok with their closeness

Laksh:congratulations they said ok for this project nd they were ready to give us some time

Sanky:woww its a great news
Rag:congratulations Sanky
Sanky:u too .k will u come to hospital
Rag was about to say yes
Laksh:no no she promised me that she will come with mee today soo…

Sanky looked at rag .
Rag(in mind):if I go with him dii will misunderstand again it is better that I should go with laksh
Rag:ya I will go with him u carry on
Sanky felt bad as she choosed Laksh insted of him

Sanky:looked angryly at her and went away

Scene shifts to hospital
Sanky reached nd saw swara
Sanky:sorry I was late ok wt did doc told
Swara was tensed nd she was not listning him
Sanky:wt happened y r u soo tensed wt did doc said he looked to dp
Swara:noo nothing come lets goo
Sanky felt something fishy
Sanky:wait u r hiding something??
Swara:hidingg??nooo y will I hide ?
Sanky:don’t lie to mee I know u r hiding some thing nd he turned to dp nd asked:will u plzz tell me wt doc said
Swara signed him to not to tell
Dp:sorry swara I will tell voo doc told that she have blood clought in her brain
Dp:nd ya they should do operation nd
Swara interepted
Swara:nd for operation I have 90 %cances to sucess but 10% it may fail
Sanky was shocked

Scene shifts to rag
They were in restaurent
Laksh:ok what will u take
Rag:plzz stop all these tell me y u bought me hear
Laksh:to spend some time with u
Rag:now stop ur nonsense I should go
Laksh:u didn’t replied to my question
Rag:which question
Laksh:do u love Sanky
Rag:have u gone mad I love him how can u think like that
Laksh:don’t lie to mee I know u better
Rag:no u don’t know mee nd I don’t love him if ur nonsense completed I will leave
Laksh stood up nd went to her nd sat on his knees
Laksh:atleast tell to mee u can feell relax .I can see in ur eyes love for Sanky which Iam waiting from years
Rag was not able to control her feelings nd hugged him emotionally

Scene shifts to tani
He was returning from school in another car
Tani to driver:bhayya I am very hungry I want to eat noodles plz stop the car naa

Drive:if madam comes to know that u eat outside food she will kill mee

Tani:I won’t tell to mammaa plzz
He stoped at the same restaurent where raglak were there

Tani:tnk u bhayya u wit hear I will eat nd come fastly

He saw rag lak and was shocked
Episode ends
Screen freezes with shocking faces of tani nd Sanky nd hugging position of raglak

I know its small but sorry today there is lot of work
Urs darling pavani


  1. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Very nice di, I loved it, and it was too good…simply superb! And by the way I have started writing a short FF on Ragsan, “Objection my Lord! Ragsan (Few shots)” I hope di you will read it!

  2. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    nyc di ….but dont make tani hate ragini bcoz of what he saw….and sanky is feeling bad…really feeling bad for sanky…ragsan really suffering a lot di…

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        Di this is not fair..u know na i can’t take suspenses…then how could u do this to me…???to ur sweet sis..and u said surprise… Now my head is gonna blast by thinking abt that…kuch kripa karo na apni behen par….pls update next part asap…dont make me wait alot…i cant take it di…

  3. Azure


    |Registered Member

    nice one dear….i guess her operation will go successful….but being close to risk is going to make her worry about sanky and tani and push ragini to take care of them…i don’t know…i love making predictions…i am sure whatever it is will be good.

  4. anamica

    hi di! how are you? all good? it was simply amazing! hahah sanskar is getting jealous of laksh! he feel bad when laksh is arround rag! he don’t like! i hope soon this dumb head will realise that he love rag! hahah! but seriously my poor baby ragini is suffering a lot! i hope she get all the happiness in the world! hahah i am saying like ragini is a real person! i am exited to know the reaction of tani seeing raglak hugging! but seriously i love your ff! your ff is really very nice! di i know that their is lots of people troubling you with their comments (bashers) pls di don’t take them seriously! don’t take it to heart! i know its hurt! you know bashers don’t have brain they are simply stupids! di in life their are 2 type of people: 1st : who like you and 2nd: who don’t like you and will make sure that your life become hell ! if you stick to people who don’t like you you will never go ahead! just erase all negative person from your life and you will see your life so beautiful! i know di you are strong thats the thing i like the most about you! you listen to your heart! you don’t care about what else think of you! di are awesome! di how old is your son? he is too cute (i saw him when you put his pic on the cover of your ff) take care di! love you!

    • Pavani



      Tnk u anamica darling nd ya don’t worry iam strong I give explaination to them as my duty it is their wish they read it or not nd ya my son’s age is 2 1/2 completed from wed he will go to scholl then I will become more busy

  5. Kavyaa0755


    |Registered Member

    my favourite writer is upto something new i am so excited…..hope you remember me i am kavyaa 0755 from wattpad…after reading your red srings of fate i was waiting for your new work…..so happy today.

  6. Amna

    Amazing appi. I m really liking this jealousy game. I hope tani will tell this raglak scenerio to sanky.??l m really insane.?

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