When He Fell for Her (Adni FF) Part 18

Part 18:

The moment he saw Chandni unconscious against his heart, it felt like his heart will stop beating, he started to get a sinking sensation like something was dying within him to watch the girl he loved most in the world in such state, he realized that he could never see her hurt or in pain, he would surely die because of the heartache if something had to happen to her, he felt as if the air had been knocked out of his lungs and a sharp gasp of horror escaped his mouth.

(Note: Guys please try to put up with my maddening love for music as I like to express the emotions and feelings of my characters through the songs I find fitting the situation so here is another one:



Don’t Take Your Away From Me-Vast

“I am looking for an inspiration

And I think I found it in your heart

It’s the kind of thing you get when you’re not looking

It’s the kind of thing you had from the start” “Chandni, wake-up… Chandni what has happened to you? Please wake-up” he pleaded to her, tried to bring her to her consciousness gently patting her cheeks, afraid that if he patted her face with the pressure he might hurt her.

“Put me on a ship that is sinking

On a voyage to an untamed land

Take away the freedoms I wanted

I understand

Please, don’t take your love away from me

Don’t take your love away from me” When she didn’t respond to him, he lifted her in his arms and took her to Naani’s room “Naani open the door” he shouted loudly though he hadn’t reached there yet, “Naani open the damn door!” his agitation was touching the clouds now. “Cheeku has gotten into you? Why are you shouting like that?” Naani asked him in a worried voice when she opened the door of her room. “Naani Chandni is not well; she has fallen unconscious again… I don’t know what to do…. I’ve tried to bring her to consciousness but she is not responding to me… Naani if something happens to her, I will die too… Please do something… Please…” he pleaded to Naani in a broken voice with tears quickly falling from his horror-stricken eyes.

“Please don’t take your love away from me

Please don’t take your love from me

Please don’t take your love from me” “All of this is my fault Naani… It’s my fault… I’ve ruined her life; she is suffering because of me… I hate myself Naani… I hate myself” he was still holding Chandni against his heart, afraid that if he will let go of her he will lose her.”Cheeku! You are scaring me; tell me exactly what has happened between the two of you now?” Naani asked in an agitated voice. “Naani I was in a bad shape from yesterday, Chandni took care of me and I lashed out at her to make her hate me, I didn’t want her to care for me, I don’t deserve it, but instead of inflicting suffering upon myself I’ve hurt her” there was no way that he could be calmed down until he could see Chandni was fine.

“Put me inside flesh that is dying

A ghost that wanders without rest

Buried by desires and weakness

I understand

Please, don’t take your love away from me” “Cheeku you have inflicted suffering upon yourself, watching her in pain is your worst suffering… Do you have any idea that by doing this you will worsen the matter… Let go of the past, my child… Let bygones be bygones… Try to move on with your life” Naani was trying her best to put some sense in him “settle Chandni on my bed and call for the doctor to check what’s wrong with her… why she has fainted” Naani told him with a stern face.

“Don’t take your love away from me

Please don’t take your love from me

Please don’t take your love from me


Hmmmmmm” He placed Chandni at Naani’s bed very gently as if she was a fragile doll made of porcelain and with one hard movement would break into million pieces. With longing eyes fixed on her beautiful yet pale face, Advay gently stroked his fingers against her cheek “I’m so sorry Chandni, please forgive me… I didn’t want to hurt you… Every time I try to hurt myself, create suffering for myself, I try to inflict pain on myself but every time I end up hurting you… Please just come back, just be fine… I can’t see you like this, please wake up…” he pleaded with her in the heart. “Cheeku, call the doctor my child, Chandni will be fine” Naani’s voice brought him out of his miserable thoughts. 30 minutes later their family doctor reached there to check Chandni, though she was conscious now neither Naani nor Advay were ready to take any chances with her health. Doctor asked both Naani and Advay to come outside with him to discuss Chandni’s health. “Mr. Raizada there is a very serious problem I don’t how you react to it but she…”

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