When destiny become cupid (kanchi fs) by Niyu Shot 8

Hi Kanchians , hope u are all fine . I am glad after knowing that this one fs is favourite of many of u . I really feel it’s my luck only as I write crap. Sorry for late as I am busy because boards exams are coming near.


Recap – Sanchi ignore Kabir to prove Isha & Pragya wrong



He is checking files in his cabin but his mind is not present there as he is busy in thinking why she is ignoring him. He decided to ask from her directly inspite of wasting time.

He is searching her but she is nowhere. He notice that she is busy in talking with her besties. He move toward them .

Kabir : Dr.Sanchi I wanna talk with you .

Sanchi : Ya, Pragya What were u saying ? ( directly ignore him).

Kabir : Are u here? Am I looking Mr.India to u ?

Sanchi : Let’s go Isha & Pragya , We have a lot of work .

Trio leave from there & he is pissed off with her behaviour . Though he don’t like her but he is missing her usually chatterbox mode.

Isha : This is very bad Sanchi …..Just look at him , How innocent he is ?

Sanchi : Isha …..Let me complete my bet

Pragya : Accha Maharani hum haar maante hai . Now Go & talk to him ….He maybe some work regarding to patients.

Sanchi : No,not now …..Wait for sometime.

Isha : Sanchi , We get in big problem if Dr.Kabir get to know that we are doing this.

Sanchi : You are such a coward ….. Don’t afraid from him ….

Pragya : Pagla gayi hai ye ….Humein bhi apne saath le saath doobegi .

Sanchi : So , What’s the big deal in this…..Friends give their life for friendship & u both don’t do this.

Pragya : Ha toh jaan hi le lo tum ….?

Isha look at Pragya with great shock.

Isha : Why are u talking about taking & giving life. Look , Sanchi I don’t want to die. I am not getting married yet & also what about my beauty treatment ? ?

Pragya & Sanchi both patted their forhead.

Veer : What are u guys discussing ?

Sanchi : Nothing much….About Khadoos .

She tell him everything.

Veer : How u get guts to fight with Hitler.

Sanchi : Natural talent ?

They suddenly notice that Dr.Kabir coming toward them . He stand in front of Sanchi . He hold her hand & drag her into in his cabin while others are shock.

Kabir : What are u doing ?

Sanchi : What I am doing….Just talking with my friends. Don’t tell me that this is also banned in this hospital .

Kabir : Don’t become over smart.

Sanchi : I don’t need become….I am already smart than u ?

Kabir : Why are u ignoring me ? Tell me for the God’s sake .

Sanchi : Why it matter to u ?

Kabir : First u answer as I asked first.

Sanchi : Then , I don’t tell anything …..

Kabir : If u are angry from me for the last night incident , then I am sorry for throwing water.

She is shocked as well as happy because she don’t expect sorry .

Sanchi : Isha is right…..You are so innocent .

Kabir : What ….

Sanchi : I mean you are not that much Khadoos.I am not angry with u , it’s just a bet to ignore u with my besties.

She start laughing .

Sanchi : But if u apologize me , then I forgive u after all I have a very big heart .

He smile seeing her.

Sanchi : Friends …..I mean I am fed up from our usual fights .

Kabir : Hmm…Friends but You only start fights.

Sanchi : What are u saying Hitler ? I am always start & u are such a gentleman ….right ? ?

Kabir : Yes I am…..Do u have any doubt .

Sanchi : Yeah …in ur dreams only.

Their argument is still going on , no matter they become friends.

Precap –

PraIshVeer locked Sanchi & Kabir in store room.


Hope u guys like it . Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors . Press like/dislike according to ur choices buy give the reason of dislike in comment as i want to improve. Do comments if u have 2 min for me . Keep smiling.

Loads of love
Niyati (Niyu) ?

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  1. its amazing
    update soon
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    1. Niyati

      Thanks for ur comment as well as wishes ….Yeah, will update soon & lots of love ? ?

    2. Niyati

      Thank you sp much dear….Glad to know that u like it…Lots of love ? ?

  2. Its really nice…. All the best for ur exams

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      Thank you dear….Glad that u like it….Thanks for ur wishes & lots of love ? ?

  3. Nice one. Post next one soon

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  4. --Jia--

    Awsome epi di

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      Thank you so much lil sis…Glad to know that u like it….Lots of love ? ?

  5. Anhsaa

    &Best Of Luck for your exams.

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  6. Wow thats amazing thank god u came back with this ff I was missing u and ur ff so much now pls post the next one soon

    1. Niyati

      Thank you so much dear for your comment…..Glad to know that u miss me ….Ya, will update today only & lots of love ? ?

  7. Niyaaa

    Hi niyu amaz epi chotti…. just Loved kanchi’s cute nok jhok… I know tere board exam h? but we r missing u nd ur ff?..thats why we r forcing u to post nxt asap???.. So postnxt asap? when u got time..till then bye tc lovvv u nd allthe best 4 ur exam???

    1. Niyati

      Thank you di for ur comment & wishes.. Glad that u like it….Theek hai main post karungi aaj hi ? ? ….Lots of love to u ? ?

  8. Aafiya

    Awesome.. Amazing… Kanchi scenes was beautiful…
    Waiting for the next update.
    Post it as soon as possible .
    Take care…
    Precap sounds good…

    1. Niyati

      Thank you sweetie for your comment….Glad to know u like it….Yeah, will update soon & lots of love to u ? ?

  9. Anu88

    So so amazing and outstanding and mind blowing episode yaar……. precap is fantastic yaar……. post soon yaar…….tc dear

    1. Niyati

      Thank you so much Anu for your comment…Glad to know u like it…Yeah, will update soon & lots of love to u ? ?

  10. Ziyarasheed

    Nice one dear. But I felt as if you rushed in a bit. Loved the way Kabir dragged away sanchi???
    Post next asap

    1. Niyati

      Thank you Ziya ….Glad to know that u like it & I want to complete this as soon as possible ….Lots of love to u ? ?

  11. Thank god u came back I was waiting for it from so long and it was amazing post next one asap?

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  12. Dhruti

    hi niyu,
    superb episode………………mind blowing………………i just enjoyed kanchi’s fight and how sanchi ignore kabir…………..ha ha ha it’s awesome and loved the way kabir drag sanchi……………..awwww………………
    post next one asap……………….and please be regular………………tc………………….love you a lot…………………..

    1. Niyati

      Thank you di for your comment….Glad to know that u like it….Ya, will update soon & lots of love to u ? ?

  13. Swethaa

    kanchi’s fight omg loved it…hahaha
    missed you alot…post next one soon…love u..

    1. Niyati

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  14. Awesome episode niyati . All the best for your exams .while reading the episode a continuous smile was there on my face..If possible update it soon please plz plz plz plz plz??

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