When destiny become cupid (Kanchi fs) by Niyu Shot 10

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Recap – Saanchi & Kabir get trapped in store room

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Sanchi & Kabir are still locked in store room & waiting that someone open the door.

Sanchi : This happen because of you .

Kabir : Excuse me , What’s my fault in this ?

Sanchi : I don’t want to see ur face.

Kabir : What do u want ? I di plastic surgery on my face.

Sanchi frowns & move toward him when she get trip & fall on him.As a result , both fall on the floor .They both looking in each other eyes . They compose themselves . Kabir get up & forward her hand for her. She grab his hand & get up.

Kabir : Look Sanchi , We get trapped here & nothing can solve with fights.

Sanchi : Well , you are right .

They both sit on the nearby chairs. Both start talking with each other & they don’t get to know when they fall asleep.Sanchi put her head om his shoulder . In morning ,Kabir wake up & look at her.Some of her hair strands falling on her glowing face. He stuck her hairs behind her ear & admired her cuteness. She get disturbed by his sudden touch , She wake up & kook at her condition .She look at Kabir with great innocence.

Kabir : My shoulder is looking pillow to u ? .

He said with fake anger .

Sanchi : I am sorry …

She said embarassedly .

Suddenly , they listen the sound of someone opening the door. They both composed themselves . They look at ward boy . Both leave from there in hurry while stealing glances of each other .

Kabir is thinking about the previous night . A unknown smoke appear on his face . On the other side, Sanchi in her hostel room thinking about Kabir with a smile .

Pragya : Kahe itni battisi dikha rahi ho ? ( Why are u smiling this much)

Sanchi :No….Nothing …

Isha : Where were u last night ?

She asked as she don’t know . Sanchi choke on her own gulp.Pragya give her the glass of water . She drink it .

Sanchi : No where …I was working whole night .

Isha : Ohh…

Pragya : Ohh……

They both said in unison at the same time while suppressing their laughter .

Kabir is suddenly remember about Veer that he told him that some problem happen in store room. He called Veer.

Kabir : Dr.Veer, Can u told me what is the problem in store room last day.

Veer (in mind) : Ohh no…..Now, u start doing preparations of ur last rites Veer.

Kabir : Dr.Veer …Give me answer now .

He gulp down in fear .

Kabir : You know Dr.Sanchi was also present there & then someone locked us in storeroom.Is it’s ur prank ?

He ask with angry voice .

Veer : Nope ..Not at all Sir.I don’t know What Miss Golgappa was doing there ?

Kabir : Hmm ..You can leave now .

Veer rushed outside .

Veer : Bach gaya Aaj mein ( I got saved today)

He start dancing some sort of tribal dance in happiness outside the cabin while the while staff see him like this as they see a alien ? ? .

He stop in embarassment & leave from there .

Precap – Sanchi & Kabir dance with each other in Hospital Party.

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