What’s your take on TSM’s Amaya and Rama’s marriage track?


Mantu expresses his love for Amaya. Amaya gets happy to know his feelings for her, even when she kept her promise towards Uma. Amaya distracts the Rama’s family to help Gajanand in arranging the food. Rama overhears Rachita telling Amaya that she doesn’t wish to marry him. Amaya tries to calm Rama and gets spotted by Sneha. Dev tells Sumitra that Rachita is not Rishi’s daughter. Gajanand overhears Sumitra and Dev’s conversation. Amaya follows Gajanand and hears his conversation with Sumitra. She finds out that Rachita is Sneha’s illegitimate daughter. Gajanand requests Sumitra to not break Rama and Rachita’s marriage.

Sumitra makes horrible conditions infront of him to give away Mathur house and make Rishi’s daughter marry Rama. Gajanand gets a heart attack. Mantu and Amaya admit Gajanand to a hospital. Amaya transfers the house to Sumitra to hide the big secret of Rachita and Sneha. She tells Sumitra that she has tricked Sneha into signing the papers.

Amaya makes Rachita unconscious and takes her place in the mandap to marry Rama. She sacrifices her love for Mantu by her decision alone without confiding with Mantu. Sumitra lies to Sneha that Amaya has gone to the hospital to see Gajanand. Amaya gets married to Rama and then gets caught while performing the marriage rituals. Sneha is ashamed at Amaya for her doings and demands for an explanation. Amaya behaves rudely with Sneha and lies that she loves Rama. Sumitra convinces Rama to marry Amaya and he agrees by her few statements, without knowing about Rachita. Rama does not talk to Rachita and completes marriage rituals with Amaya. Rama questions Amaya for marrying him. Amaya gets furious on him for marrying her on Sumitra’s word. Mantu confronts Amaya for marrying Rama. Amaya tells she never loved Mantu and breaks his heart. What’s your take on TSM’s Amaya and Rama’s marriage track? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Bahot bakwas hai…. Kuch bhi kar diya nai story…..kidar she kidar track laake rakh diya….and bahot zyada bahu ko ill treat karna dikha rahe hein….

  2. Nonsense twist.now like any other starplus serials,amaya and Rama will slowly slowly start loving each other and mantu will turn into a psycho lover who will try to win amaya from rama

  3. Kuch BHI ..Rubbish track hate it don’t watch the show anymore 🙁

  4. they used to tell to amaya and mantu romance will shown.they never showed it and upon that this non sense twist what a bhakwas twist

  5. So……..you want our take on the Amaya-Rama marriage fiasco!!!! Its an absolute sham! The show has built up a potential romance between 2 very popular characters, in Amaya and Mantu!!! Then what……….they have decided to make Amaya marry Rama!!!!! Its a complete turn in direction……like the weather changing.

    Now what is the result……….Mantu is hardly in the show anymore, Amaya has turned into some sort of 1 man army trying to defeat everyone, and in the process, has lost her character, and tramples over her family, and Rama who is just annoying. Ooh well……at least we have Rama’s beautiful relatives……..yeh right!! They are more annoying than watching paint dry. All the good work done to build this show up, has gone to waste. There is nothing positive about this show.

    The show has made a mockery of love, relationships, belief and realism!!!! This is all because of Rama marrying Amaya!!!

    1. lazy lavender

      agreed…it’s awful

  6. This serial has NO SPINE………. Public is outraged!!!!! with this CRAP on screen.

    Prime time par aiise mockery of relationships hoti hai har episode mein twist …writers/directors/producers/starplus have a social responsibility but NO dikhaoo jo masala ho….. love….. then marrige triangle……… then love again……. can’t keep a story straight focused on other aspects of life like career

    SUCH IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!

  7. This stupid. How cn a girl’s self respect can get maligned for something she had not done i really don’t know! In serials it should be shown dt they are fighting against this evil!Instead of marrying and losing self respect! This serial started with a good concept nd continued with that same old love drama. And about rama and Amaya’s marriage – its its totally bakwas! As falling in trap can never be the solution

  8. Hopeless!!! it was one of my fav serial but because of this nonsense there is nothing left..already stopped watching

  9. lazy lavender

    the storyline has gone bizzare…i honestly don’t like the bullying of amaya..it is so awful to watch this part. this mother in law/daughter in law bullying is horrible to watch..

  10. lazy lavender

    what happened to the other girl who was in love with mantu? forgot her name..

  11. What is the message here? That a well educated ,smart girl decides to take on all troubles of her family to protect them? And in doing so, marries her sisters’ fiance’ , hands over the last memory of her dad to her in-laws and remains estranged from the very family she is out to protect. DUMB! here is what I or any well educated girl would do- engage my elders into the conversation. Tell my mom , my grand parents and siblings. Let everyone be unanimous in the decision and next step.
    Secondly, if I saw pictures of a sibling in a compromising position (such as Rachita and Rama) and she is denying those pictures then I would take the matter to the police. There is no shame if you have not done anything wrong. And before getting her married to Rama, I would have sat him down and questioned him on the photos. Odd that no one did that???
    Third, if his crazy mother threatens to call the media over the legitimacy of a sibling , a normal educated girl wouldn’t just hand over her life. She would fight for her family and tell the woman to first get proof. Does anyone have any DNA to prove that Rachita is not Rishi’s daughter?
    This is an extremely regressive and disappointing take on the modern day woman. I feel like I am watching a show from 80’s and 90’s. Heck why don’t you just get this girl to commit Sati and be done with it?
    The modern Indian woman does not buckle like this under pressure. She will rally and fight and not accept the injustice being met out to her. Amaya is acting like a uneducated and insecure girl. Want to protect your family? Be by their side and not distanced from them. Give your elders their due credit to fight. And Gajanand ji…are you for real? You would allow this to happen? My grandfather would die before he allowed such injustice on his grandchildren.
    So please..spare us this saas bahu drama. We have seen and heard the same lines over 20 years…

  12. this show started with such promise. it grew very popular with the younger viewers. the paris a Amaya and Mantu and Rachita and Rama were one of the best in recent years. not the gissa pitta sanskari pairs of akshara and naitik and suraj sandhya. that the old aunties love. these pairs were young with nothing in common. yet had a mesmersing chemistery. the show was building up nicely with mantu confessing his love for amaya. the makers could have takes this serial to so many routes without breaking the jodies. they could have given Rama a character build up. by showing him accepting Rachita despite her illegitimacy. this would have strengthened their bond. they could have showing Mantu morally supporting the mathur family. and both girls Amaya and rachita getting stronger facing this crises together. the track should have turned towards dev’s truth and his hand in causing rishi Mathur’s downfall leading to his death should have been reveled by amaya and mantu working together.
    Amaya marrying Rama made no sense. sumitra’s illogical demands made absolutely no sense. a mother destroying her own son’s life just to humiliate a girl who did nothing wrong by standing up for her family. is it the makers intentions to show that girls should keep silent when somebody tries to insult and humiliate their families. this track is disgusting and unwatchable as it defies reason. Amaya and rama marriage has only made the serial negative and listless. with the pair having 0 chemistry. this pathetic track has lost , the show all its loyal viewers , who were die hard Manya and RARA fans.
    what was once a very promising show has turned into a sorry soddy mess that is not worth watching. unless they rewind and bring the originals pairs back together and the story back on track. and by getting rid ASAP of Rama’s extended family. this show will go off air soon

  13. This used to be my favourite show but now I hate it…Where us our bold Amu????

    1. lazy lavender

      ya i agree was my favorite show too..but now ugh

  14. I meant is

  15. the makers of TSM have heartlessly sabotaged their own really good plot and storyline serial by introducing the new and twisted track of Amaya and Rama marriage. when there was no need for one to take the story forward. rather is has stagnated the plot of the story, with no way and no direction to go. its a pathetic waste of a perfectly good show. i feel sad that the creatives have such stale and boring imaginations that they can’t come up with anything original and positive. star plus and the production house seriously need to upgrade their writing team, and bring in younger and fresher minds into their creative teams. please fire the writer who came up with this prehistoric track. of a 21st century educated girl stuck in a 20the century plot. women all over the world but mostly in india have made progress, I wish indian TV had made progress too, i wish they had taken into account the sentiment of the modern woman of india. as the character of Amaya was suppose to portray. not this blemmering idiot that she is now. who cant even stand up for herself. and is a slave to her MIL evey wims

  16. This is crap!! I do not watch this show. The only reason I came here was to give my piece about how they cruelly killed the show with this twist.

  17. totally awful! cant see it

  18. True luv amaya said Mantu is my true luv
    Where is that so called true luv now?
    She is flirting with Rama yukkk
    Wht TSM wants to show us no respect no importance for any relation.
    Where is revenge now
    Amaya to apni hi luv story bnane chali mantu ka khyal 1 bar hi use nai ata kabhi afsos nai hota wht I did
    Agr track aisa hi tha to phle mantu amaya ki itni achi unforgettable chemistry kyun dikhayi
    Ab jab show chal pda inhe smjh nai aa rha kya kre kuch b dikha rhe hai faltu ka
    Koi sense nai koi logic nai
    Sick ppl
    Indian culture ki kitna ganda impression de rhe ho sare logo ko
    Kaun ae planet ka hai writer n producer
    Plssw mind it NO MANAYA NO TSM
    Ok Mantu is heart of this show not Rama
    N amaya akli is show ko hit nai kr skti faltu me heroin na bnayo use
    V luv Mantu amaya as couple only
    Baki kuch nai is show me
    If possible change this backward track
    N if nt possible show band kr do
    V want entertainment not Rona dhona saas bahu track.
    Grow up u need to change ur mentality


  20. this serial has no turning point at all. such a nonsense track is going on.yuck.

  21. lazy lavender

    so are raman and amaya going to become a couple?

  22. So the Nanaji did not have a heart attack when his own daughter had an illegitimate child and married against his wish but he does not so Amaya can give the kurbani.

    The mother had no problem having an illegitimate child, running away and marrying…and the daughters are now doing all the kurbani work to pay for their mother’s philandering ways.

  23. No one could have told the truth to the two main lead guys? These are the modern educated women of today !!! Kudos!!

  24. Amaya used to say true love true love.. where is dat true love went…
    compare to Amaya UMA’s character is better at least she is struggling to get her Love .

  25. To whichever person who has brought this insensible lame uninteresting twist to the serial ! I thought Amaya was a girl from Mumbai who had studied in Paris ! An open minded girl ! A girl who was a fashionista ! And wore the best clothes ! A girl who was passionate ! Ambitious! Did what she wanted to always ! A girl with a very strong will power ! And look what you’ll have done to the serial ! Now she listens to
    Taunts from stupid ladies ! Wears sarees! And is got married just like that ! What is even going on ! I think it’s high time the makers of this serial realise that they have ruined this serial ! Please do something about it and bring back sense to this serial ! Otherwise in no time you’ll will have to bring this show down !

  26. I used to follow this serial until this stupid unwanted twist!!! They started out showing how educated and modern women cope in a tier II city and face challenges. Rather than focussing on their career, growth and love tracks, they have made it another saas bahu, self sacrificing nonsenical trash!!! Trash is the best word to describe the serial now!! STOPPED Watching it the day the marriage happened!! Sad.. that people start out in a way that they are providing us a different story and end up in the same self sacrificing nonsense!!! Would suggest others also to stop watching such non sense!!!

  27. i always watched this show bt wth such nonsense twist of amaya’s & rama’s marriage…this such become worst. really must say that star plus all serials are becoming worst wth its unnecessary twists…either it’s tsm yhm sns etc… tere sheher me when started evrythng in the show was unique.all foreigh shoots.an open minded educated nd so pretty amu..etc etc..bt now writers made this show worst..the show now showing same bakwas track of saas bahu revenge.humilating agn ng agn by such gwaar saas to her so called mahaan bahu nd her family…. i already stop watching the show until same track is going on….i’ m fully agreed wth all my frnds who said anything abt the show nd star plus’s writers..m definately sure tht if such crap is going on in the show. the day will nt far when show comes to an end..

  28. Hahah…one word to describe this disgusting show…CRAP! They started wid a good base bt d foundation became weak! Stopped watchin it long long ago!!
    That gal’s name ws uma…

  29. What the hell is going on this show…..
    blo*dy director ka dimag grazing karne ke liye gaya hai kya….
    A kind advice for the director
    Mantu & Uma ki shaadi karwa do and show ko offair kar do ….

  30. We want manya. rama and amaya jodi is just like pani may tel dalna jasi hai. plz, change the track.
    reunite manya.😢

  31. This is my favourite show but nowadays I can’t understand what they are showing………they broke mantu and Amaya Jodi….this is very bakwas idea of show maker….so now I’ll hate that serial I didn’t watch that serial

  32. Story line toatally ruined! Its all rubbish. The chaaracter of each actor has take turns- no idea what the story writer is doing.

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