What’s your take on Sasural Simar Ka?

Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka has been going on since long. The viewers like Simar and her smart ways to tackle the way. Simar has been challenging the world’s evil to face her. Simar is ready to fail any witch, Naagins and black magic. The show shows how a simple housewife turns into a strong evil fighter, just by her devotion in her Mata Rani. The Bharadwaj family is supportive of her. Whenever any trouble ends, the family gets a new problem before having good time. Airing Mahaepisodes meant to have some closure of the vamps, but did not add much progress in the storyline.

The current track shows Indravati attacking Prem. She has captured Simar and Roli in the pots. She threatens Prem to kill Simar and Rolu. Guru ji throws his locket to stop Indravati for some couple of minutes. Simar appears infront of her family, which gives them a big relieve. Simar gets confident and determines to save Roli. Before they reach home, Indravati welcomes them. She states about Roli, who will never come back to them. Indravati has cast her spell on Roli and made her invisible, by which Siddhant can just hear her. Siddhant breaks down being unable to see Roli. Simar has to deal with Prem, who is fed up of problems and taking a bad step. With so many problems in Simar’s life, Simar is busy inviting more. Just because the show is loved for the evil magical drama. What’s your take on Sasural Simar Ka? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. I love this serial too much and don’t want it to end so soon let it run for at least one more year. Many feel like this only I hope so.

  2. Its becoming over dragging it shown in the promos like simar is going to put an end to indravathi in maha episode but what happened simar just came to home. Before episodes guruji said like if u open the temple door matarani will fulfil their wishes then what happened with roli again dragging.
    Badi amma said that goddess living in the temple is having powers that are 100 times greater than evil powers then this good power cant bring roli back. To get back roli again simar should fight with indravathi.
    Temple is opened but indravathi and badi amma were not at all afraid. It is shown in the previous episodes like if that temple is opened it will be an end to both dayans. They are still confident on their powers.
    When this track will come to an end
    Pls finish up soon

    1. Fully agree wid u koi sense nh bnta in k serials ka

  3. Bardash ni hota Aab ye serial. Bas karo yaar. Dese writers think that viewers are stupid kuch bhi dhikha do.

  4. its over dragging..hating it too core..bt i dont want this serial to clz..then i vl miss my rosid…i dont want to miss rosid..

  5. I’ve never known so my issues in a family!! This has gone looking as a real story!! Time to end it as the writers are desperate for a story line. Story lines are not making sense anymore!!

  6. @ shyamala– everyone loves this serial but over dragging cant see. This part should end fast
    Now it is showing Prem doesn’t remember anything. Sid try to show family photo but even Prem dis agree and try to commit suicide.
    Still how many twists.
    Thinking like it is going to end but there will be another twist.
    How much dragging yaar??

  7. ya I love this serial so much.I don’t want to end this serial.however its drag also I will continue watching because of roli and simar

  8. I love dis serial tooooo much plz don’t end dis serial

  9. The whole itself spreads superstitious belief which should not be encouraged more.the track itself is not practicl but has many logic sequence missing.like u might have seen indrawati and badi amma geting blessing from someone tat was someone important right tat person was not at al mentioned.in past wat indrawati did to premar was not mentioned.and also who made indrawati inside a painting was not known …

  10. From my pov simar’s performance was nice be it a sincere bahu loving sis affectionate wife she did her part without any flaws but track was not good …

  11. I like the serial. But i am angry when they sometimes show the evil are able to defeat god powers. For example, when some days when they tied badi dayan with matarani chunri, she was able to free herself but dont how.

  12. sorry to comment on d daily soap without ne idea about it – other then d above description

    hopefully things like ‘hatim’ r more helpful & even interesting for magical – things & creatures ————- atleast they r devoid of saas bahu nonsense & more importantly there won’t b spreading of superstition

  13. This is not possible in real life which they are showing in sansural simar ka and qubool hai… these both should end now inculding sath nibhana sathiya, diya aur baatti, yeh rishta kya kehlata hai, dream girl and many more… and bring some stories like zee tv, and tv, sab tv and sony as these channel shows have great shows…

  14. If sasural simar ka is going to be dyan and maha dayan story, discontinue this serial

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