What’s your take on new leap track in Qubool Hai?

Zee TV’s Qubool Hai organized a special sequence titled Rangat-E-Eid to celebrate the festive occasion. Several popular actors from different shows entertained viewers with a lot of dance and drama. According to the track, the Eid celebrations continue, Sanam sees Shaad enter the house. She is left thoroughly confused when she sees Shaad enter the house again. Aahil is expecting Sanam to return to him and is content with the fact. Shaad meets Aahil and wishes him on the big festival. Seeing Shaad, Aahil remembers the previous night where he saw Shaad’s lookalike in the bar and New Sanam helping him out when he was unconscious. Shaad is shocked to see his lookalike standing with Sanam.

Shashi Kapoor is confronted by Shaad, who aims his pistol at her and declares that she is under arrest. A shocked Sahshi Kapoor has nothing to say but to stand still. Her fears turn into joy when the Shaad standing before her turns to Murtuza, Shaad’s lookalike. Shaad visits Shashi Kapoor’s party that she has organized in the joy of Eid. He wears a mask to remain undetected to Shashi Kapoor. Shashi Kapoor shows up before her guests along with Murtuza, who too is wearing a mask.

Qubool Hai stars the lead actors Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti. The makers of the show have decided to take the plot ahead by 20 odd years in order to bring some freshness in to the story along with some new characters. Karanvir Bohra would be leaving the show. Along with him Amarpali Gupta and many other characters will be seen exiting the show. The only faces to be retained post the leap will be the two female leads, Surbhi Jyoti and Additi Gupta. New male leads will bring a new zeal and energy in to the show. What do you think about the new leap track in Qubool Hai? Let us know in this poll.


  1. nika

    Enough of these leap I’m bored it should better end pls no leaps let that new soap radhakrishna come

  2. Naina201

    again and again !!!! i’m fed up with those leaps….
    i just hope that the finish corretly this track before going to the leap (reunite aahil and sanam)

  3. noor

    We want only ahil and sanam to reunite. We do not want another leap. We are the fans will stop watching QH. What is gul trying to do. Please end the show with good note.

  4. QuboolNahiHai

    My god!!!!! WTF???? I would say this is the 1 of the sucking serials evr and evr! None can compete this one yaar!! Every one still remembers d magic created by Asad & zoya.
    First Asad-zoya got seperated!!!! then Rehaan-seher & finally the heart of the story Sanam-Aahil is also getting seperated!!!! crap, crap and crap!!! U guyz hve seperated all beautiful jodies!!!There was a time when every1 was mad about qubool hai & now we r turning mad bacuz of qubool hai!! Morover these leaps yuck they suck yaar!!! stop it!! please unite Sahil!!

  5. tara

    What utter rubbish! These writers don’t know how to finish what they started. A bunch of unrealistic plots and unhappily ever after…I am most upset…VERY disappointed!

  6. Sonya

    I am always open to new leads and leaps in a show to get out of the monotony. I thinks its an excellent idea.

  7. Richa (titli)

    Yeah whole bunch of crap just end it now and i wonder wthr surbhi di will take anothr avatar aftr leap as someone else’s child ?

  8. meeeeee

    omg seriously?>????????????? watch the show for so long to see sanam and aahil reunite and finally together and this shit now happening? come on writers, ….zeeeeeeeee tvvvvvvv plez take qubool hai off air, its going no where.

  9. Nakshu

    I never seen any ridiculous show like this, often changing characters, making double roles, taking leap….wanna learn these things from this show only. Dono when this crap going to end….. Always evilness filled in this show.

  10. [email protected]

    My word what crap another leap end the damn serial. The least the producers of this show can do is give us a good Sahil end. Karanvir pls don’t leave.

  11. Amy

    Nooooooo i dont like this new leap please please please dont take out karanvir bohra from the show take aditi gupta out instead

  12. Basma

    Stop this stupid leap .. I’ll never see Indian seareas ever again.. How could you be so cearless of fans like that?!!!
    Respect our minds and our feelings and make it happy ending and finish the show..

  13. F#@!k u !
    This so blo*dy idiotic stupid RETARDS!
    this isn’t fair why r they taking aahil out of the show he is literally the one that we hate to love!
    that new sanam and sanam should be taken out of the show if I was gul khan
    blo*dy HELL!

  14. jg

    this started off so good. i liked it. and now ANOTHER leap all you can think. to redo it all again. it’s not the leads. it’s the chemistry the actors bring with their characters and relationships, and the mini-medium lovely, fun stories linked within the main plot. i like the sanam-aahil rehaan-seher plots. you ruined it with the multiple wives and dark crap and 50 million outside kids looking exactly like whoever just dies ’cause it’s the same actor. why not freshen up by making the mini stories and bringing in you ‘zest’ that way. but always focus on the REAL main characters and their bonds. you really think just bringing in some new actor or actress, usually to ruin things just as they start being interesting and fun and, yes that ‘zest’, you say you want with the leap thing is going to do anything but lose you at least (this) one viewer.?! believe it or not i like depth to the characters and stories, not a billion-overlapping-confusing- fusing- any- old- how super spider webs(!), but enough to make the show enjoyable and satisfying and Entertainment (not the confusing torture you’ve made it now). please just clean it up, even if you have to backtrack to when it was good. like the it was before you brought tanveer to crazy and started the mess-up like the zoya-asad one. can’t you, i don’t know, just make it all like a string of thoughts when she first discovers about sanam, tanveer being able to see, having the eye operations right then and there, and while driving and snapping out only to realize she’s going to be, yes, hit by the truck. and just let her die in a car crash and then let things come out quietly, but no sold baby stuff, razia’s dead from old age. you can still do a cool twist on the kidnapping, but bring you new friends/family/villians/bit-of-competitioin-for-the-romantic-jealousy stuff, problems (but no nonsense how-is-that-even-possible ones) to work out (and put you zest in there?!) and so different characters and different shades of the main characters are seen and how they evolve (but please even if to bad, not too long, redeem soon enough..or…spider web thing again) in and out for the mini-stories, in THIS one (i LIKE this one best, what can i say), the first can be the medium i’d say fall-out from everything coming out and then , quickly enough, please stop dragging!, letting it go and moving on, more in the the direction it was then, that was the nicest part (at least for me), and doing new twists on the other cool parts and mini-storylines and new ones.
    but no, another dreaded 20 year leap forward. i’d say leap Back somehow and put it back to where it was fun to watch. i mean it is supposed to be entertainment, you know get away from reality and let some lovely romantic fun adventure in you life, for half an hour?. i mean you can bring in the other characters with new personalities and priorities, not always money grubbing and cheating and dark crap,(always eventually), and evil stepmothers/mothers-in-law, jealous-to-the-point- of-ruining-the-family and the show, like always. if you want fresh, you gotta do it right and do it full and stick with it.
    even my boring life isn’t THAT boring i need a show so overboard and too long with the wrong stuff and not enough with and of the right stuff, i’m reading better (by far takes) fan-fictions, or just turning the station or tv off and listening to music instead..!
    please try to fix it back….? i do like the show and the actors and most of the old main characters of THIS line. i’d like to be able to watch and smile and happily anticipate the next episode like i used to. now i read updates first to see if it’s just a half-hour wasted, so i do something else and just don’t even bother with that one.

  15. Chris turnbull

    I feed so disappointed, qubool hai was favorite zee serial. I have even got friends and family to start watching it, i they av become favorite qubool hai fans. Please dont go Ahil that’s Karanvir, please please please, i love me some Karanvir, oh no please. Unite ahil and Sanam#. From ur # 1
    Jamaican fan.

  16. Akshay

    they think that public will like these leaps in the show but no its not correct if kvb leaves the show there will be no sense to watch it as it was before happened when ksg leaved the show

  17. heena

    that’s disgusting… what the hell is writer doing… ahil dead.. the serial is becoming hell seriously..

  18. There is no need for next leap..just finish this track perfectly..unite ahil-sanam nd remove all villens..then end the show..there will be no interest in seeing that ahil died n sanam survived n working hard for 2 time meal and sanam 2 is njoying on ahils money..n sanam is living somewhere..viewers are watching this show just because of karanvir aka ahil..

  19. Plumpyyy

    Whoever likes wasting their time…its fr those…plzz..its a request..if u want ur time to b wasted then watch qubool hai!!! The viewers hav lost interest in it a while ago…!! They think bringing leaps in d show will catch viewers eyes…bt nope..they r highly mistaken..!! Viewers just want d show to end!! Plzz throw all d villians n end it in a happy nope CVs..remove that crap of leaps n showing shitty tracks to viewers…!!!
    Some watch it only coz of KVB…

  20. Mahi

    This is the one of most wicked drama ever !!!! Why the hell are you all keep on dragging this serial ??? Do you all know that nowadays people hate to watch this qubool hai!!!!! For godsake just reveal the truth and end this
    blo*dy drama !!!!!

  21. Kavi

    I love qubool hai. My friends also watch qh. We r big fan of qh,kvb & also surbhi.20 years leap idea realy too good.We r waiting new story. But plzzzzzzzz don’t chance kvb.

  22. Kristelle

    I feel Surbhi Jyoti has shares in Zee TV or something……they won’t end this show for anything it seems….once she available to be in it. lololol. I am in agreement with everyone….End this filth.

  23. kp

    yaar phir se leap what a crap always this serial disappoints me firstly they killed asya asad and zoya my fav couple and now they killed my hero kvb not even they think of uniting sahil jab dekho negativity no positve in this serial they are playing with viewers after leap i just watched bcoz of only kvb aur le lo leap iam not going to watch this crap isse be behataar hai ki shut the show

  24. jg

    just been thinking…
    “Divine” hands—God…?,
    witch (white or dark)—enchantment, “real” magic, storybook land, fairies pixies…?,
    just don’t match up in my head.

  25. jg

    why not delay just a bit and do a spin on this fanfic (with the author’s permission, of course πŸ™‚ ) in the end. (never mind my comments ;)) or just read the fanfic by this really great fanfic writer darkice712 (just do a google search for the name for the blog; the story is called “while you were sleeping” :)). great idea, loved it. and make that the happy end in your head. it’s what i’m gonna do. no leap watching for me.

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