What’s your take on Milan’s entry in MATSH?

Milan is the new entry in MATSH. Shakti Arora has already donned the roles of innocent Ranveer and then a changed rich smart guy RV in the show. Ranveer has not got a tough competition by his lookalike Milan. He is actually a psychotic individual, who hates women along Ranveer. Milan tries to trouble Ranveer. He has done all the wrong doings and blamed Ranveer of having a short term memory loss.

After Ranveer cleared that matter, Milan is now trying to take away Ishani from Ranveer. The marriage twist will be seen in its Maha Episode. There are many viewers hooked to know whom does Ishani marries in the mandap. The groom swapping drama was also prevailing in the track. Milan would be sending Ranveer to police station for the crimes he has done till now.

Milanโ€™s truth will be known to Nimisha, who would then try to speak out the truth to Ishani and Ranveer. Nimisha will be having a good entry during Ranveer and Ishaniโ€™s marriage. She would stop the marriage. Milan would be replacing Ranveer in the mandap to ruin his love. Ranveer and Milanโ€™s confrontation scene got interesting to watch. Ishani is not aware of Milan till now. It will come as big shock for her to know about Milan. The viewers have to gear up to know the marriage twist in MATSH. What’s your take on Milan’s entry in MATSH? Let us know in this fun poll and you may leave comment as well.


  1. sree

    Nice twist…but plz put rv inaction, for last few days he seems alittle put aside. Any way ur usual way(dragging) will spoil the new track.so plz reveal milans story soon…and let him also end up being good.because he has our ranveers face…
    And compliments to the whole crew for the exelent work…

  2. K.praveena

    Plz don’t end this show. I love soooooooooooo much rvishani. Colors gets a beautiful unique story line like meri aashiqui. I can’t see end this show for a short time. Bcoz this show got a huge fan of so many people not only hindi audience also gets tamil audience equalily. Plz don’t stop this seriel. Create some more track.

  3. sona

    Don’t like Milan track…hwevr show must continue with ishveer together …put dome out of d box track without separating leads.

  4. chitu

    Nice soap but often making ishveer apart…. there are often problems coming when they reunite…..hating such twist…reveal milan truth soon ,,,,pls

  5. Ramya

    I would love to c rv and ishaani together not Milan and ishaani.also I am waiting for the maha epi
    But y has rv not got into action.

  6. plz dont end matsh .this is our favourete show.huge audience have the show in diffrent part of the world.in malayalam .kerala matsh have infinite fans including me.plz unite ishveer.plz show will continue intresting another track.dont repeat ishveer sepration any more.plz end these type milan track.I LOVE MATSH and ISHVEER

  7. haya

    There is nothing more to show so came up with a look alike….

    All serial pairs have to go through a series of struggles one after other…..

    Almost all serials have these tracks in once in a lifetime….

  8. I don’t like this twist .ranveer exist as helpless role&no one know what happening.i think milan is the continues of bomb blasting drama occures before 6month.if it is like that make it as a open competition between milan &ranveer. ……..milan track is not at all an intresting one according to me

  9. teenu

    Pls dont end dis show…we need dat first ishvr drama like frnds and hus wife drama… Funny and love scene.. End dis millon track I cant see like dat worst carctr wid ranvr… So end dis track.. And and pls show other lowly track

  10. NIBIR

    I hate MILAN,but if milan varalana,indha show-va epdi eduthutu poga mudiyum?apdiye ishveer love scenes-oda mudichida mudiyuma?no na?so milan vandhadhu nalladhu.adhukkunnu,romba naal idhaye izhuthkaadheenga.SO,GOOD MILAN RAISED INTEREST ๐Ÿ™‚

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