What’s your take on Mayavi Maling’s current track?

Star Bharat’s Mayavi Maling has been bringing in a lot of surprising twists for the viewers. The story is much intriguing. The evil influential characters like Madhumali and Angad play their game quite cleverly, in order to get the throne of Maling. They have an aim to destroy the pure lake of Maling, whose water has the far most power of ending the demon clan. Madhumali is the Queen of Demons. She wants to protect her clan by taking over Maling. She realizes that her dreams can only be fulfilled when her son Angad becomes the king of Maling and declares about drying the holy lake of Maling. She waits for the day when Angad gets crowned by Maling King Shil Aditya.

However, Madhumali and Angad receive a big shock when Shil Aditya fails their motives and crowns his eldest daughter as his heir. Pranali becomes the Queen of Maling so that she can assure peace in her province. Pranali gets married to Angad and faces a tough time when she is compelled towards her responsibilities. The show brings interesting twists with return of Madhumali with a new identity of Kalindi. What’s your take on Mayavi Maling’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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