What’s your reaction about Manmarziyan ending?

Dosti…Yaariyan…Manmarziyan will go off air on August 29, 2015. Tere Sheher Mein which airs on the 10pm slot, will take the slot of ‘Manmarzian’ from August 31. Sumit Sambhal Lega will be taking up Tere Sheher Mein slot. Manmarziyan which launched in April this year, is set to wrap up in four months. The show failed to generate good stable ratings. It was much appreciated for the content and lead actors. It turned interesting after Arjun and Radhika got married.

According to the ongoing track, Radhika tells Arjun that she will foil his and Nandini’s plan. Neil tries to console shattered Samaira. Arjun tells Mala that he wants to take Radhika to his house. Nandini welcomes Radhika at Arjun’s house. Nandini shares her worries with Arjun, who then tries to console her. Arjun curses Radhika for creating a mess. Nandini provokes Samrat and Piyali against Radhika. Radhika writes an email to Samaira. Nandini stops Radhika from spending time with Mala. Neil and Samaira get drunk. Arjun and Radhika share some romantic moments. Samaira reaches Arjun’s house and vents her frustration on him and Radhika. Radhika asks Arjun about his plan to kill Samaira She takes him to Rana’s house to prove that Rana had intentions of killing Samaira. She shows the secret room to Arjun which turns out to be storeroom. She fails in her attempt. Samaira asks Neil to marry her. Arjun and Radhika get locked in the room. Samaira panics on waking up next to Neil. Nandini opens the locked room and questions Arjun and Radhika. Samaira asks Neil about the night before, as she has forgotten everything. Neil clears Samaira’s doubts


Arjun, Radhika, Mala and Nandini go to the temple. Radhika and Arjun perform the puja. Nandini plans to hurt Mala. Arjun saved her on time. Radhika and Mala get thankful to him. Arjun apologizes to Samaira for his mistake and professes his love to her. Neil is shocked seeing Radhika in the office. Piyali has an argument with Radhika for her misdeed against Samaira. Samaira stops Piyali from firing Radhika. Samaira confronts Radhika for ruining her relationship with Arjun and humiliates her infront of everyone. Radhika cries and Arjun gets affected by her insult. Radhika questions him about his pity and feelings for her. What’s your reaction about Manmarziyan ending this August? Let us know in this poll. Share your views about the show in comments section below. You may state your favorite star of that show.


  1. hoymonti

    Manmarzian is the most amazing youth centric show. Which different other starplus saas bahu melodrama serials. But starplus in this amazing show and running boring dirty saas bahu serials year by year. .this is their nayi shoch..

  2. Maryam

    Please add more time. Let Arjun and Radika confess to admit that they love each other. And also let the good person of Arjum come out. Lastly we want to see their love style.!

  3. ami

    Nooo……. Pls don’t end this show……….i just loved it…….don’t want ardika to end…..

  4. Sakshi

    This show is a feather in d cap of star plus. I don’t think any other channel has shows like dis dey play only SaaS bahu types. dis show has marvellous plot, talented actors n is nt dragged ever. wid Every episode story moves further wid lots of twists n turns n freshness. Star plus is doing blunder by taking it off air n continuing its other programs which r dragged since don’t even kno wen .
    Jus a suggestion u can change d time of d show but plz don’t stop it. It’s unfair to us. We want more of aradhika n neilsam

  5. raashi

    Please don’t end the show…though the story has deviated from the basic concept, yet its better than all the other pathetic saas bahu sagas served by the channel. Love the show primarily for its actors- cast is awesome and so is the bgm. Want the show to continue however hope the cvs improve the storyline a bit.

  6. Ruchika

    Please don’t end this show.
    Give some time to the writers of manmarziyaan so that they can write better.
    Please give them a second chance.
    As life is all about second chance

  7. Devi

    Already sp has decided to end rhis show we are feeling so bad for this news. By this pole is there any change in ending this show, will they extend the show

  8. Satvinder Kaur

    I personally dnt want this serial to end.. The serial is getting interesting day be day and you guys are now to shut it off.. It’s actually not done.. This serial is worth watching and worth TRP….

  9. ahana

    pls dont end dis show its really vry vry grt why this saas bahu sagas run for such a long time nd manmarziyaa which is d best show of sp is getting over unbelievable 🙁 🙁

  10. sandya

    This show is too good different Rom Saas bahu it’s on friendship please do end this you can end old boring serials and shift its timing or even end tere shear mein which is also boring

  11. Aahana

    Plz dont end this show u can change its time slot
    Give it a time slot of 6:00 to 6:30 as mere angne me is of 1 hr
    Definetly trp will increase by changing the time slot
    Try it once plz star plus plz plz plz give atleast one chance to manmarziyan

  12. Big Boss

    Just look at the comments of this serial and other never ending boring drams like “Saathiya…” etc… How come Indian viewers have gone bankrupt in not appreciating this new concept and still clinging to boring and family drams?

    Then we curse, we dont get good serials…We get what we deserve….Dont drag Man Marziyaan but run it for some time

  13. Fatso

    Sad to know that Star+ is ending a nice no conventional show.
    It seems their audience is not fond of such shows only scheming Saas Bahu saga is polpular like SSEL and Sathiya and MAM etc . Fedup with these bakawas shows, please continue Manmarzian .
    Shame on the channel to discontinue a nice show with excellent actors and story line.????

  14. lreena

    Our reaction is devastating. How can sp do it.What’s curse sp for that.sp will never get a good show like manmazian. Will lose trp day by day.MOST IMPORTANTLY WE WANT MONICA AND AHAM AGAIN AND AGAIN.

  15. Maliha Ahmed

    For me this serial was really a breath of fresh air. Its about young generation and their dreams. I liked the actors actresses, the set design, each every little elements of an advertising agency. The costume, colour scheme of orange and pink. It would be a great loss if the show does not continue. I eagerly wait for the show the whole day.

  16. Ira afroz

    I’m shouldn’t be end like this.
    Manmerziayan is such a conceptual drama for all youth.It’s should give another chance to raised it’s TRP.
    It’s has great story line, fantastic cast and their mindblowing acting.

    It’s a humble request from audience to run this show.
    Manmerziayan Is Just Rock.

  17. haya

    Nothing can change the decision of star plus programming team….still hoping for a miracle….plssss give some more time…… Not much but some more months….

  18. Riya

    Ohh no plz don’t off-air that show
    . It’s a amazing show for youth generation.it’s a unique story line and its the only one show which is perfectly different another shows.
    The another shows are also depends upon saas bahu story line but that show really different….

  19. udani elpitiya

    pls dont end this show.its really very interesting…star plus pls cont.this show…..:'(:'(:'(

  20. Sandy

    Please don’t end this serial, the best on any channel now. Bored of these four weddings and a funeral saas babu dramas and the unrealistic joint family system.

  21. kaamini

    The show is a perfect youth centric one far awat from the cries of the usual saas bahu soaps, on which star plus is so depedent. If the show has not garnered enough TRP ratings, it means the show was not promoted well by the channel and the time of telecast needs much to be considered. Ending the show not just means disappointing all Manmarziyan fans, but also they are creating a mess in the careers of the artists who have been commited to the show in the last few months forsaking other good offers that might have come their way. The channel could have found ways to improve the trps by changing the time slot or better promotional techniques. Not a good approach of handling by a reputed channel like Star Plus.

  22. plz don’t end d show it is best show i hve ever watch … so much people r requesting for it why doesn’t sp n makers r giving positive response … that sumit sambal lega n other serials on serials on sp is cmpareless with our manmarziyaan …plz plz don’t end d show …. my mamma even did not undrstand hindi properly she is even addicted with manmarziyaan ..why people will nt lve it if it telecast in right time n repeat telecast ….. most of my frens family n even my bros lve it …it is great show …

  23. krithi

    Star+ plz don’t end dis show. One of the best show ever. Plz plz…. The trp drop will be becoz of time ie 10.30. Just give this show one more chance. Change its timing. Plzzzzz. And telecast repeat at least 2 times a day. That to in a convinent timings. Not mrng 8am. Plzz try……:(

    • Riya

      You are right krithi the rtp drop only on one thing”the show timings”
      If star+ change the timing and give a chance again then it will be have a great trp…..

  24. stardust has boring shows like suhani ek lalki daadi is boring and da theme is da same man marziyaan is different sam chaasni arjun an neil is a pleasure to watch i am 6t0 yrs old but love watchin this soapie tell da ceo of stardust to air it in a earlier slot please i am from South Africa and this show is really a hit in this country

  25. esha

    plzzz star plus plzzz wake up…..why r u still stuck on these stupid sas bahu serials…..if u have to end such a shows like nauc manmarziya then why did u brought them….??? then why u guys always spoke about “rista wohi soch newyi” if u can’t change ur thinking????? why

  26. daisy


  27. Sirisha

    Please don’t stop this serial… Please change the timings. It’s really sad that star plus is not giving chance for youth centic show…I love this serial…will be waiting to watch it..its much better compared to other saas bahu serials ..please change the timings… I see only this serial in star plus…star plus is doing a biggest mistake by ending the show ..all the other shows are just dragging from years

  28. Bhavya

    One of the best shows on starplus..all the characters are well played..story seems to be very interesting.plz do not end the show.we just love Manmarziyan.

  29. Annie

    Star plus never wanted this show.. if they elly wanted then they would have done anything just to save it.. such an amazing show!!”I just luv it… donno how will I stay without watching mmz.. hate starplus for this.. nd 1 more thing. Ur new show which is replacing mmz wiil not get any trp and it will end in 2 mnths!! I curse it -_-

  30. advs

    I love this series …. I don’t visit this site much but make sure to watch mmz everyday …even my mum and grandma watch this and praise the concept… Its such a lovely show and i am addicted to it… Please Sp give mmz its fair chance …. I m really upset as whichever show i watched and am watching is ending… First nauc ….then warrior high…….now both mmz and kyy are going to end… So heartbroken.!!

    • Please don’t end this show…Star Plus is gonna do huge mistake by ending it… Why good thing can not last for long??? Please don’t end it…Do some more episodes!!!

  31. Maha

    Can endure this news. I love this show. I used to wait throught out the day to watch this serial. Star plus you cant do this. Pls dont end MANMARZIYAAN. It really possess huge youth fans. Plsssssssssss dont break all our hearts……… Dont end manmarziyaan,,,,,,, Its our humble request………. plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  32. fan

    Plsssss don’t end d show
    I love ardhika scenes very much. I know there is some new show coming at 10pm and TSM is coming at 10:30pm but even if u air DYM at 5pm we’ll watch it. So pls change ur idea of going off air we want the show plsssss consider our requests star plus please

  33. Riya

    All Indians entertainment channel likes ztv,starplus,colors,life ok,&tv, all are just interested to show SaaS bahu wala serials
    Why they don’t think now a days many youths are interested to watch the drama but not SaaS bahu wala.
    some unique story such as manmarziya, kesi ya yaarian,NAUK etc
    . So its a humble request don’t end the show . Star+ plz think about something youth………

  34. Mamatha

    Please don’t end Manmarziyan. Instead change its timing. Better to show this between 6-9. Not getting trp because of unusual timings. I am 100 percent sure all will love this show if you change its timing .. Superb story line, acting and direction. Seriously I hate star plus for airing some stupid shows and ending DYM.

  35. Mamatha

    I am really shocked, how can a channel end such an amazing show like Manmarziyan. So unfair!!!
    This is the only show I liked after a long time.

  36. prasanna

    how can anyone end a best show like this?Its a teenager show ,teens love this show .pls starplus plss do telecast this show.we’re not gng to watch that ‘newone_sumit ….’.pls dont end manmarziyaan its really a good story of a girl’ radhika’. trps r lessbcoz of timings thts it its nt abt the show its really good one.You can end SNS .der is no teenshow like this bfore pls dnt end this abruptly

  37. meenu

    Don’t end the show . ….It is such an amazing show . I love Ardhika very much. It is d only one show 4 youth . I really love d show . Plzzzz…..starplus don’t end d show

  38. Priyanka

    if you wants to off air any show.. please off air YRKKH & SATHIYA & THIS so called drama serial YHM..
    don’t end this show MANMARZIYAN… good actors good story & also good theme of this series

    all day they are doing over drama.. over acting & all.
    nothing is interesting in those melodramatic serial..

  39. Sona Mohan

    Guys what yo do..I dont know whetherstar plus os hearing us..i possible trend in twitter to #SaveManmarzian @[email protected] @StarAnilJha @jaya_misra…to dave the show..please

  40. km

    Please do end the show its very refreshing….Arjun and Radhika are too good a couple….Whats the hurry…..Better stop those sick family low iq serials…

  41. km

    Please DO NOT end the show>>>>its too good for words especially Arjun and Radhika….Preferably change the show timings and re telecast atleast thrice a day in case star is looking for high trp….In any case it is much easier to watch the on hotstar rather than tv these days.

  42. Pls don’t END d show I lob ardhika n dis is d only serial dat my sis n I watch 2gater !! Instead of dos puking oldie serials live mmz don’t end it or quit it !!PPPPLLLLLLSsSSsSS !! !!!

  43. Hi star plus .many serials which have ritual cultural in TV but manmarsiyan is the only one of the youth program.many youths also want to see this show for long and long time.arjun ,radhika everyone like them very much

  44. Don’t end plzzzzzzzzz 🙁

    manmarziyaan is my favourite serial ever :/ 🙁

    I love u arjun n radhu

    :* :*

    will miss u guyzzz

    ❤aham sharma ❤???????
    the best actorrrr ????

    love u manmarziyaan team n will miss u guyzzz badly ??

  45. Hi star plus.manmarsiyan is my favor serial.many serial which have ritual.but manmarsiyan is the only youth show.this generation also want this show.as well as we like this show very much.mainly Arjuna and radhika’s pair.they r really,………..super.pls continue this show

  46. Jasmine

    Please do not end the show… I stay in a little town in Papua New Guinea nd I love this show. Me nd my friends go crazy 4 this show….. please!!! We love manmarzyan, we love u guys!

  47. Riya

    Really that’s a amazing show
    In the interview both Arjun and Radhika say that show drop the trp so its going to offair ,but I cant believe I think many people like the show only one thing the show timings create some problem some time.

  48. starplus i really hate you, manmarziyan is my one of the favourate show,this show have some great msg that must follow every youth generation,so starplus plz dont do this to us plz change your stupit decision atleast change the time we request you plz…

  49. Janu

    It’s really sad… Never thought this show would end so soon. Because after Arjun and Radhika marriage the show became more interesting. But sad it’s going to end. Hope to see this combination very soon

  50. Hari

    Please don’t stop this serial. It’s the only serial which all would like to watch. What’s the use of stopping the show which motivates the young minds. If this show stops sp will lose so many fans. Just try for a change in time slot and I am sure it will show a dras tic change in the trp.

  51. jasmin

    This show is different from the other show on sp .This should run for couple of months more. All the actors are doing great. The lead pair is awesome. Have no idea y they end this???????. Hope to see some more romantic and cute episodes!!!!!!

  52. charu

    Oh yar plss dnt stop the serial..this serial is interesting and going soo good..best in this serial is unexpected twists..loving to see this serial..plss plss dnt ens the show..

  53. suman

    Hannn hannn SATH NIBHANA SATHIYA …. jaise sadhe hue show dikhao…. or dikhao bakwass show ….. ache show hata do …. blo*dy non scence producer ….. TRP badhani hai to 10:30 se timing 7.30 kar do I BET BAKI SABHI NON SENCE SERIAL SE 10 TIMES ZYADA TRP hogi…. par kya kare kuch gawar log 5 saal se sathiya dekhte hai is lie WO chal raha haiiii SERIAL are for GAWAR generation (sathiya types) it proves k kitne gawar population hai

  54. nish

    100% agreed all gawar ppl only can bear saathiya n ol yaar really ur written each word up is so correct that I guess ur the souls voice of all us mmz fans . Really n u blo*dy foolish star plus just shut up those sns n yrkkh n yhm n ol those stupidity.

  55. Good to end it . Coz this serial started with ads which say that a women has her own individuality and has to discover it herself and achieve many things in life rather than just becoming house wife. It showed Radhika saying ” Before I want to become someones wife , I want to become something.” But we havent seen anything about this theme in serial. We expected The show to show Radhika excelling in her career with her writing skills
    We thought its a thought-provoking story which would highlight on woman empowerment. But it turned out to be a routine daily soap with the same old love and family drama.
    So better end the story rather than dragging when there is no storyline.

  56. I hate sp jst bcoz of trp dey r ending sch a nyc show actually sp ki badle name rakhna chahie tha sb (saas bahu) bcoz till now har ek youth bazed series ko saas bahu vali show (jo trp me highest hote hae )k lie off kar dia jata hae 4 ex (nauc) n iss bar bhi vohi hua

  57. manmarziyan fan

    I think it’s very unfair. .they should’ve given this show another chance. always good shows end fast.

  58. Riya

    Khawahisho pe likhi dil ki ye arjiya
    Kese yah manmarziya
    Nafraton men mila men tujhe ese tarah,dil ye sambhalne saka…………
    My favourite track…………

  59. hai star plus i love manmarziyan serial very much its fabulous my favourite serial ever plz dnt end this show.The couple of arjun nd radhika s superb its going very very very good plz dnt do this

  60. I love this show. ..love the romance between the arjun and radhika and love Sam and Neil. It’s a pity this show is coming off. Hoping to see rads and arjun together again in another serial if possible. Maybe this time with rads being the city girl.

  61. rosy

    Cudnt gv a proper reactn to sp….cz agar mujhe koyi kuch karne k liye bole toh main kahungi ki SP’s members who r only nd only sitting nd doin nothng worthfull,productve,
    creative by running saathiya nd YRKKH for years aap log chullu bar pani mein dub maro….
    Aftr manmarziyan ends i swear nt to see evn 4 1nce ur channel….nd friends we shd boycott sp nd its shows even YHM….Cz its da 2nd tym we r facing dis injustce…1st NAUC n nw DYM…
    Aap Sp wale toh thk se actors ko respect nahi derahe toh khaak hume denge…
    Agar experiment hi karna hain actors k saath dnt lauch a shw wid such so called names nd stories….de deserve to b paid attentn instead of those where evn if 100yrs pass out characters never grow old….

  62. Genevieve

    Pls consider views point. Pls don’t end this show. It’s really cool. Love the actors, awesome vibe. Show that makes u smile

  63. shaki

    Do you want to know my reaction?? I’m extremely angry with this stupid channel!!!!! Why cant they give place to unique and youth shows?? I’m really gonna unsubscribe STARPLUS in September. It is the 1st thing i’m gonna do in September 1st morning. And that will be my REACTION to their action. They at least must’ve tried changing the time slots. What is the TRP they are expecting from a show which runs at 10.30pm?? don’t they have researchers? Cant they see the popularity manmarziyaan have gain online?? Cant they see what the fans have done to save their favourite show? We, as fans must know they don’t care about our entertainment STARPLUS only care about money and popularity they gain. We are the fools to watch their unrealistic tv soaps.

    • shaki

      By the way. I’m from Sri Lanka. I watch manmarziyaan everyday 🙁 its hurts too much to hear about the unexpected end of my favourite show.

      • m.hifam

        I’m also from sri Lanka.it’s an amazing story which is different fro other routine teledramas.my kind request is don’t do a foolish thing.

  64. Dnt end d shw dis is d nly show for youngsters to watch on starplus ,v just get happy watchng it nd u alwys keep on ending such shows dis is really not done, v want manmarziyaan

  65. Priyanka

    Plz we are very entertain by this aftr iss pyar ko kya naam doon shw ..This serial fill our heart like love,frndshp,dreaming!doing smthng unique in lyf.. This serial too much encouraging serial really in starplus i only watch this show if u try to stop this am totally leave ur channel…i warn u starplus channel..

  66. Akankhya

    Plz dont do this… Plz stop any of dramastic shw.. I need this eagerly if u stop this it would totaly unfair with viewers choice n liking lovly shw this am everyday want to watching even on sunday..

  67. manika

    plssssssssssss dont end the show…its amazing…why cant channels show decent and logical show like manmarziyan…for stupid family shows, good serials like these have to end,.. very disappointing….

  68. m.hifam

    Pls don’t end that.it is quite different from other traditional serials in star plus.after Arjun and radhika got married it is very interesting.I strongly believe if that writers can put some new twists with this it’ll catch up a place in ranking.pls don’t wind it up.I love arjun & radhika couple a lot.even Sam & Neil.its good story.after all it is started on April which is a short period still.so plzzzz




    • riya

      Truly said……..
      They only encourage stupid saas bahu clash like SNS DABT YRKKH …..
      That was not enough now they r gonna begin another sagas bahu clash serial that is SUMIT SAMBHAL LEGA

  70. Syona

    Indeed I agree saathnibhama sathiya shud graciously end. Also ye rishta kya kahlata hai. Whyyyy manmarziyaan. Little modification in plot and timing will improve the TRP ratings of the show. Plz dont end.

  71. lavanya

    plz star plus and manmarziyan team plz plz plz don’t end the serial.. this is the only serial i watch.. i want to see it more.. there r so many boring serials which has been running for last 7years…..ur not thinking about to put full stop on those shows. thn why manmarziyan???plz on youth demand plz dnt end the show..

  72. parul

    I really like manmarzia it’s really good to watch a run and radhika together. I don’t understand that sp is making it oof air. According to me in today’s date it’s the best show that star plus is showing. All those sathiya an, diya and bati etc are rubbish. Anyway, if the producer has maid their mind in making it off air, I know we can’t stop them. But radhika, arjun are simply superb. They have perfect onscreen chemistry. I like Neil performance as well. Samaira is gorgeous and justified her character pretty well. This is really a new generation show. I wish I can see many more episodes of manmarzia but….. anyway, all the best to arjun, radhika Neil and Samaira. And yes double thumps up to radhika and arjun for their stupendous performance.

  73. Sherri

    Please don’t cancel this show,it’s my favourite show on television…I’m from South America ..this show is the best ,not your typical in laws drama..please save this show

  74. Pls for d seck of d viewers pls sp shuld reconsider n continue wit ds film it’s so amazing bfor I was tinkin am watchin sp jst bcus of Yeh hai muhabbatain. Bt was wrng wen I strtd watchin manmarziya it was superb pls sp I know u can change ur decision pls reconsida it plzzzzzz. Bcus am only watchin sp now bcus of ds show

  75. Kittu

    Plz dammit.. dont end the show.. I dnt understand the serials which we start liking you people end up.. same you people did with ek hasina thi.. I will not watch your stupid mohi serial

  76. Twinkle

    Plz guyz dont do this am big fan of this shw guyzz plz take care about viewer choice plz i beg u plz plz plz

  77. Little

    Guyz plz dont greed more trp if u keep some pesence am as a viewer telling this this show vill come in trp chat soon ..but stop this shw plz..

  78. maria christodoulou

    Hope they will change their decision ..dont stop this serial..we all want towatch it..there are other serials of this channel which must end ..not manmarziyan..

  79. ammukarithik

    plz Dnt end dis serial …seriously we all anjiying Arjuna n radhika acting….so cute couple….plz plz font stop it… love u guys keep rocking

  80. kfar

    I don’t think the show should end. It has a refreshing concept and the music score is awesome. Sad, that although with the constant protests of the fans, the show is still ending 🙁

  81. Jyothsna manish jain

    Plz do not end the show…. This is the only serial I watch… I love it.. Its a request plz continue… Nice chemistry between arjun n radhika, there is lot more to see.. Wanna see them together… Plz plz plz don’t end the show….

  82. Sapna

    Plz dont stop dis serial ..dis is my fav serial..its different from dat typical saas bahu serial…em vry sad after listening dat is will soon go off air…i love all d actors in dis serial …they are doing xcellent job…plz carry it on…

  83. Anshu

    I want to cryy a lot;(.plzzz dnt stop this serial.or plzzz start it on another channel plzzzzz.do smthing.its the worst decision of starplus to end this show

  84. World traveler

    The problem with the serial is that it fails to sustain any interest after the marriage. The fun, plotting and suspense prior to the marriage all became a damper since there’s no real theatrics or drama. If the story has to sustain interest, there has to be drama in the story beyond romantic dialogues – either a twist or suspense or end it gracefully.
    At this current point in the serial, I’ve stopped watching it

  85. K.P

    This is like killing myself. Its our humble request let it go as it was going..
    Nisha and cousins was also ended up without reason.
    After that this is the only serial I love to watch, please don’t put any comedy show replacing this one. We have sab tv for all comedy shows. Extend IT PLS…. Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please ….
    We Love u Arjun Radhika Sam Neil and Bird Song…!!!!!

  86. Ashi

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad.. itz a very famous show in Sri Lanka as well… we have kind of fan club amoung us… to talk about it every day.. 🙁 gonna miss the best show evrrrrrrr…. Star plus plz think about manmarziyan season 2.. do something for your young fans.. they need something like this show.. not typical TV showz :/

  87. Aafreen

    Please starplus dont stop this show let it continues at 11pm l just love this show allott….please dont end this show….

  88. Mridusmita deka

    Plzzzzzz really don’t end dis show…y people r so dumb always watching dat saas bahu type serials…all aunty public..yeh rishta kya kehlata hai..wat an bakwas since so long it’s been der..y don’t u end up dis type of serial..manmarziya is an youth serial, v youngsters like ol dis serial..plzz don’t end up it’s an request…

  89. Star plus really think of it…bring some new youngsters show, n dis serial was an youngsters serial , y olws dat typical saas bahu..why??…everybody doesn’t like ol dat everytym…dat typical saas bahu shows, u ppl keep on stretching n stretching it bcums so damm boring…plzzz don’t remove dis..the characters in dis so modern energetic…v don’t like everytym aunty ones…only gossips aunty talks n ol…think of it star plus plzzz

  90. vishahkha

    hey plz dont stop this show….luv u arjun ,radhika,neil ,samaira.. it was a hatake concept….. plzz do continue….. get back soon….

  91. Kalpana

    Pls psls plsss…..dont end it …I love this serial….really upset to find it missing….pls pls dont end…..

  92. Plz don’t end this show.Its a perfect 30min doze.I love the script,cast .plz its a request. Ajjust it any other timing but dont end the show.my favourie plz plz plz.

  93. Plz don’t end this show.all other shows on starplus are sas bahu based .this show was the only one that had its on uniqueness and gave us variety.plz don’t end this show. In such short span they couldn’t prove themselves.we demand its extension.its a request.

  94. Ahana Chatterjee

    plzzzz dont end this serial .. its such a good serial for us youngsters .. plzzz dont end it plzzz

  95. sanmathi

    shocked to hear feeling so sad. my sister will not accept this please create new episodes with aradhika and telecast it even 11.pm pls pls pls ……

  96. Rs sb

    Seriously u end good serials like this and let boring crap serials yeh rishtaa kya kehlataa hai and diya bati continue!

  97. kriti

    plz do not end this show plzzz…… we all love this serial’s current track and story plzzzzz!!!!

  98. Tanu

    After such a long tym i hve cme across such a nice n beautiful serial. The story line,actors n screen play was awesome. For Godsake don’t stop this show. It was one of the best show whixh starplus hs ever displayed. We are not interested in that stupid reality shows Or saas bahu Saga. Requesting channel to continue this show.

  99. Mona

    Please starplus continue this show. It ws an amazing concept. We loved the actors, they wr all so fresh n natural. Plz for heavensake continue the show.

  100. Shayeri

    Pls dont end this show..this is the only drama serial in Star Plus gen y and x can watch….pls resume it

  101. shruti

    plz restart this show em a big fan of this show dis useed to b mine one of the favourite show i cnt bear dis plz…..

  102. shilpa

    plss restart the show manmarjiyan plsssss ye bhut galt kiya star plus walo ne plssss restart karo plsss……

  103. Manmarziyan fan

    Show already wrapped up but atleast make a comeback as a season 2 for the lovers of the show pls

  104. veda

    I guess sp was in hurry to end manmarziyaan as to arrange a slot for sumit sambhal lega
    Its fair enough sp but seriously do comeback wid season 2
    Manmarziyaan is d best serial…

  105. Anat

    I’m from Nigeria, manmarziyan is one of my best show on star plus. I don’t want it to end now, I want it to continue like for one year. I love Arjun, Radhika, Sam and Neil. Love u guys

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.