What’s written in my destiny? (Arshi, thahaan & sharuv) episode 2


Episode 2
I am back with another episode. This ff is story of arshi (arnav & khushi), thahaan(thapki & bihaan) and sharuv(shradhaa & dhruv) .
Here we start,
Thapki’s POV
“dii like roses and mom’s favourite are lilies. Don’t forget to take it.” his voice was continuously echoing in my mind. “Where you wanna go bitiya?” Driver uncle’s voice brought me into present. I realize that I was sitting in car from long lost in my thoughts.
“To the flower shop first.” I reply.
(After some time)
I get down from the car and looked at those giant gates. Carefully holding flowers I went towards it. I saw dusty nameplate on side wall. I cleaned it and now name appears clearly “Vishnu prasad raizada” reading it only one word can came up in my mind. “Nanaji” I smiled a bit looking at sky and quietly open the gates. It felt like I entered world’s most beautiful place. I can hear only wind blowing,bird singing and rustle of leaves. Sweet smell of soil after rain give me inner peace. Two paths were made at little distance. One was clear and straight, going towards a house. Beautiful and old fashioned house but still strong. Trees were planted on both side of trail. It made the house looks more beautiful and special.

“Maa, when this little plant will grow?” Little thapki asked to her mother while planting. Her face got dirty, but she didn’t know.
“when my thapki will grow up and became like her sister then this plant will converted in a tree….” she pinched her nose. Arnav and Anjali were planting tree besides them. Both laugh looking at thapki.
“What…???” Thapki asked angrily.
“Just look at yourself…..” arnav pointed towards her face. She realized and got more angry. “Acha…” she smiled and take some soil and apply it on arnav’s face. Anjali and thapki giggles. Arnav got angry do same with Anjali. Now thapki and arnav giggles. They start fighting and made each other dirty.
“Kids….stop” maa shouted but they didn’t listen and keep on fighting. She took water pipe and sprinkle water on them. Firstly They get shocked but then they enjoy it. Trio took mud and shouted together, “maa….ab aapki bari. (Mom, now it’s your turn)” they run behind maa. Then they dance in artificial rain.
(Flashback ends)
“They’ve grown too fast.” I said to myself and smile. It’s our nanaji ‘s house. The place and the moment bring some flashback and tears in my eyes.
In a hospital room.
Little Thapki: (angrily shouted) why didn’t you tell about it??? Why?
Arnav: (crying) you were in coma, Thapki. From last three months. This all happened in between.
Nani: thapki beta, you need to take rest. Please sleep.
Thapki:(shouting) they can’t leave me. They can’t leave me like this. I don’t believe anything you say. I want to meet them.
She get up from the bed.
Nani: beta, please don’t do it.
Thapki tries to run but feel down and got unconscious.
Nani: arnav, call the doctor.
Thapki keep saying “maa….” In her unconscious condition.
(Flashback ends)
I wipes my tears, put a smile and walk towards the second path. It has flower vines on both side. Smell of jasmine cheers me up. It was a small path so it didn’t take much time to reach my destination. My legs slow down. I saw them.
“Okk…. I’m sorry I’m sorry. I’m late this month. I was sick. I’m not lying. U know I can’t lie to you. I know you are still annoyed that’s why i brought this roses.” I put roses near dii.
“Don’t worry maa, I didn’t forget about you. I brought lilies too. See here.” I put lilies near maa. And they remain silent as always.
Nani: here we are.
Thapki saw two tombstone. “In memory of anjali raizada” and “in memory of shantidevi raizada”
Little Thapki: what is this Nani??
Nani: it’s memory. Whenever you miss your maa and anjali, you can come and meet them here. It was arnav’s idea.
Thapki: where is he? Why didn’t he come?
Nani: he was busy. Don’t think much.
(Flashback ends)
I took dry leaves from surrounding and clean the place properly.
“Maa, dii do you know today is first day of my college. But I really don’t feel excited about it. Do u know what happens last week….. ” I smiled at them and keep talking.
POV end.
Some guys showed doing masti in theater room. A guy took mike which was actually off.
“Hello….hello… mike testing 1 2 3” he tap on mike and start singing. His face showed.
“GIRLS hold your hearts…… it’s your boy….. DHRUV SHARMA” he imagin girls around him clapping and cheering for him.
“Apne karam ki…..” He blushed while singing.
“DHRUV ” a girl shouted who was standing in the door. She was wearing black shorts and a white low neck T-shirt. Her curly hair were freely playing on her shoulder. Her jewellery was helping her to look more hippie. Dhruv was stunned by her look. At her every step was showing her boldness. She came near him and hold him by neck.
“How could you start music practice without shradhaa??”
“I…I…I love u” he said unknowingly.
“WHAT…???” Shradhaa screamed hell out.
“aaaa……” dhruv trembled in fear. He got an idea and start singing, “AAA…I love u….i love u….meri soni, Meri tammanah, jhut nahi hai Mera pyaar…diwano se ho gai galti…..jaane do yaar.”
Shradhaa laughed then start beating dhruv. “You…..you scared me.”
“Thank god i got saved today.” dhruv thought and smile.
“It’s not my mistake. You are the one who always misunderstood…….you know why that happen because you are a stupid. me and love wo bhi tumse. Na baba na. I would rather choose neem juice than you.” dhruv shouted at her.
“How dare you call me stupid….??” sharadha shouted back.
“Because you are a stupid.” Dhruv made faces at her. She clutches her jaws.
“JUST STOP IT BOTH OF YOU.” rahul screamed. “I’m so sorry Rahul” she said in really seductive voice on which Rahul didn’t even pay attention. Shraddha blush looking at him.
“Let’s start the practice. We’re already late.” dhruv got angry and sad seeing shradhaa’s face.

Thapki came outside and make a call to driver. She was lost in thoughts and keep walking. Road was wet due to rain. Sky was still dark. A bike on high speed come and splash mud on her. She was in shock, she got angry and scream high. “heeyyy…..”
The guy(bihaan) looks back. He laugh on her and keep looking back. A puppy was crossing road, he come in bihaan’s way. To save puppy bihaan move his bike but he slipped. Thapki run to him and help in to get up.
“Are you okay?” thapki show concern.
“Gajab……” he looked at her evilly. “I fell down because of you and you are asking me… are you okay??”
“What….” thapki looked at him angrily.
“B for bihaan Panday never met with accident but because you…my records got broke today”
Thapki: it wasn’t my m….m… mistake. If you keep driving without looking f… f.. forward then this will sure gonna h.. h.. happen.
Bihaan: are you a chuk chuk gadi??
Thapki gave her weird and confused look.
Bihaan: stopping at every station. Hehehe
Thapki: listen M…M…Mister…..
Bihaan: No….. now you listen….if u dance and scream on road like a monkey then of course anybody will see.
Thapki: i wasn’t dancing you fool. I…I…if you are driving it doesn’t mean that no one is walking on r…r..road.
Bihaan: if you walk in between of road without looking then it’s not my fault medam……
Thapki: what u think of yourself??
Bihaan: B for bihaan Pandey.
He start taking step towards thapki giving his killing look. Thapki steps back in fear but due to sleepy road she lost her balance and about to fall but bihaan hold her. Raining started.They share an eyelock. Driver uncle come there and asked “what happened thapki bitiya?” both get separated.
“Where you been uncle?” Thapki said worriedly.
Bihaan takes his bike and leave giving thapki angry look. Thapki do same.
@shanti nivas
Thapki entered.
Nani: he bhagvaan, thapki bitiya how this happened? Are you okay?
Thapki: (lying) I just fell down due to rain. I am okay.
Nani: did you get hurt?
Thapki: no Nani.
Nani: okay, go and change.
Thapki nodes and leave.
@panday nivaas
Bihaan come and vasu saw him.
Vasu: bihaan beta, I thought u were going to college. Why did u come back? What happened to your clothes??
She clear mud from his face.
Bihaan: maa, I’m good. Nothing to worry.
Vasu: then explain what is this? Did you got slipped again??
Bihaan: yes maa. But….
Vasu: (get emotional) how many times I have to tell you not to drive fast?? Why don’t you listen to me? If something bad happens today then….???
Bihaan: maa…. (Shake her) I am okay. If you say than I will do push-ups here. I am totally fine. But please don’t cry.
Vasu: okay, but you have to promise me that you will drive safe. Promise?
Bihaan: promise. Now can I go and change??
Vasu:(kiss him on forehead) okay. I will make coffee for you.
Bihaan: thanks maa.
@khushi’s room.
Khushi was working and she saw her phone ringing.
Khushi: hello
Payal: khushi……I have a great news.
Khushi: please tell me fast.
Payal: I got a call from Mr.patel that he wanted us to supply sweets in his daughter’s marriage.
Khushi: really? That’s a great news. Thank you Devi maiya.
Payal: wait…. We still didn’t have contact confirm. Some formalities still remain.
Khushi: what kind of formalities?
Payal: Mr.patel is in Delhi for only today. He asked us to meet him in hotel paradise. He will taste our sweets then we have chance to get contract.
Khushi: listen, this is really big opportunity for us. Just give me 30 minutes I will be at shop.
Payal: okay come fast. Meeting is at 2.
Payal cuts the call. Khushi get up and take his purse. She saw her mom-dad ‘s pic. She gets glad and take blessings.
@bauji’s room.
Bauji: Khushi bitiya…
Khushi: yes Bauji. (Enters in room)
Bauji: beta, give this papers to my office. And told them I am not able to come today.
Khushi: what happened Bauji? Are u okay?
Bauji: just head ache. I will get well if I sleep for sometime. Don’t forget to give this papers.
Khushi: okay bauji. I will tell maa to make Ginger tea for you. See you.
Bauji: take care.
So guys this was second episode. I hope you like it. I will add some arshi scene soon.
I am going through stress. (Uper se TPK ka current track giving me more stress)
do comment. Tell me your thoughts. Thanks for reading my last episode. Keep supporting. And last……. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY.
Take care. 🙂

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