What’s your view on Nehalaxmi Iyer Aka Saumya exist from Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi?

First there were rumors of Neha’s exist from ib and dbo but she said that she was on a short break from both the shows.Later this news came true when Leenesh Mattoo shared a message on insta when they shot the last/goodbye scene of neha.They were the cute couple of ib and dbo and fans named this couple as RuMaya. But sad news for fans that Neha has left the show and new girl will be coming in rudra’s life.As i know neha left the show because she was not getting the scenes in both the shows. But there is also a news that Neha aka Saumya will move abroad to pursue higher studies. Her exit will make space for a new girl in Rudra’s life and the girl will be none other than Mansi Srivastava.

I hope that this couple will win fans heart like GauriKara.All fans of Neha will Surely will missher and during the integation episodes of Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi, which will be aired next week (22 May to 26 May), a fresh love story will begin. We presume that, Nehalaxmi’s last scene will be shown during the episodes too.So we all fans wish Neha best of luck for her Future.
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  1. I think neha isn’t really leaving the show. She even confirmed in leenesh’s live video that she’s not quitting but just temporary leaving. Rumya will be back soon.

  2. Sairan

    I really wished Neha didn’t leave the show in fact I saw on one side wattpad.com a photo came with stated that leenesh has said that Neha will not leave the show but when I saw the live chat on YouTube I came to know that I don’t think so that its true Neha is going to leave the show I will so so so so much she is so cute such a darling girl was so amazing just because of Gul she has to leave the show leenesh and subha also wanted to leave the show but they were somehow convinced​ not to leave the show then why wasn’t​ Neha

  3. Well…. I will most certainly miss neha… I can’t believe she left the show ?..
    But let’s see how things proceed with manasi…. Nothing can be said.. ?
    But I wonder how Rudy can get into another relationship when he is already married.. I agree that they don’t consider the marriage to be valid and all…. But divorce shud be der na!! And its said she is going abroad….. That means neha can come back if things go for a toss.. So fingers crossed ?


    But I heard from IB and DBO team that it is just a track that Neha is not quitting the show. The new girl I mean Mansi makes Rudra realize his love for Soumya. Is it true?

  5. she is not quitting let’s hope for an interesting misses(rudra miss somu) track

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is a sad news… Neha is leaving the show…
    I read a spoiler… Which says that Neha is quitting the show because she waited ishqbaaz for one and half years and gained nothing….
    Wishing a bright future for Neha and hoping she will come back again on television…

  7. On instagram leenesh was live and in that Neha said that she is not quitting the show

    1. She is just on a break or I guess gul ma’am is waiting for right track to start their story

  8. Mehakchalag

    Yay nobody is lefting the show.I m waiting for lee live chat as he said in his insta story he will be on 1:00 and i wait for 1 and half hour he didn’t come.And i get offline for eating my lunch.I missed their live chat.I m very upset for this.And very much excited for mahasangam.

    1. i saw his live chat neha confirmed twice that she is not leaving infact no one is leaving the show all the ishqbaaz and dil bole oberoi cast were together along with director n all and were having lunch…leenesh and neha were on diet so they were not having lunch…even khanna ji was online he showed the liitle view of it then he went inside the set and was showing that all as he had a shoot….even siraj sir said that in this mahasangam the whole oberoi family will be together…there will be fun,shock,excitment,everything…he also said that aap log ko maza aayega…..n in one news i read that bua maa will turn villian she will be against whole family

  9. she isnt quitting she confirmed in live chat and mansi will make rudra realize his love for sumo

  10. Neha is not quitting the show.. she is just on a break.. wese esa to gul ma’am ne ishana ke character ko leke bhi kaha tha but at the end ishana’s character had scrapped off by creative team… fingers crossed hoping rumya will be back soon…

    1. bt gauri is gud replcmnt…..mansi is nt gud

  11. no.she is not quting at all.she will be back after some reak.it is confirmed by Gul khan.so lets be happy and enjoy .

  12. Yar look….duniya ki koi bhi ladki laa kar leenesh k saath pair up kr lo …bt wo jamegi nai …kyoki we already accepted neha and lee….nd secnd thing ..aap story ko itna aage laa k …marriage krwa k baas ye nai bol sakte ki we were good friends ….this thing doesn’t make any sense rather u should start concentrating on rumya story line other then searching a new opp for lee

  13. I like Neha and she is not like every other skinny heroine and she stands up for herself. I hope she will be back, but above all I hope the writers will provide a fair environment for her to return to. I was initially excited about Dil Bole Oberoi because I thought it would give us more of the Ishqbaaz world, but both storylines tend to lag and all of the characters we love are not getting screen time and that frustrates me. Also, we are all confused about the two different storylines continuing simultaneously and yet not coming together. I hope no one else makes the decision to leave, but I would not blame them if they did.

  14. Plz don’t leave d show Neha……
    We love u…..

  15. Sanjanagarg

    I love rumya and i will not be able to adjust with mansi opposite Lee. I love rumya

  16. Gayathri.visu

    Really Neha is not quitting? If yes I m so happy. She looks so cute n Rumya pair also. Hope she will be back soon. I can’t accept Mansi-Lee pair!

  17. Navz

    I really hope that neha doesnt leave d show..she must come back. I love rumya a lot and ifff( i hope that this doesnt occur) neha leaves show then i cant see rudra with another girl..never!!!

  18. thank god neha is not quitting the show

  19. Rumya are the best …love them??

  20. Cheequ

    Neha, I hope the last chat on Leenesh’s IG was the truth and we fans will wait for you to come back. This Friday episode with you and Leenesh was epic! I loved evey bit of your screen time and want more of Saumya in the story. Saumya, you character is the best and as love doctor and Saumya you have given a smart, compassionate and role model to young girls.
    Wish you all the best Neha for whatever you do.

  21. Neha is irreplaceable. Rumya is amazing. And Mansi looks better as grey character. I don’t think she will look good opposite Lee. I have always watched this show just for rumya. There is nothing left for me to watch in the show.

  22. Mona146

    All the while i have been waiting for neha to come onscreen but now they made it appear that since leenesh blamed her falsely and accused her of problems in house, could not accept marriage as she was a moti or he is not yet a grown up so it is ok for makers. In a way they are supporting his narrow mindset. they should have shown their breakup in a meaning ful way. It is like he dumped her without knowing her value

  23. Rumya is the interesting track of the show …i love rumya track…we are eagerly waited for their track…when at last its gonna happen, Neha had quit the show…plz try to make neha back to show…if she need break then ok..but dont quit the show…please neha don’t quit this show …And soumya and rudr are sweet couples …plz dont go…u both are seeing very nice…and neha , if u need break then take,but dont quit this show…i love rumya…i love ur scene …plz neha change ur decision …and stay back

  24. Pls neha don’t quit…u and rudra are bubbly and cute pair in screen…..

  25. Rudra n soumyaz pair was suprb y did they changed that… They looked sooo cute together

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