Whats is ur view about current track in Ishqbaaz


Hey everyone! Its me Alish one of the huge fan of ishqbaaz as you all.

Here I am posting an article just to know ur views about the current track.

Recently Ishqbaaz showed a huge drama amid Shivaay,Anika an Tia where Tia claimed to be pregnant with Shivay’s child.Leaving In shock the whole oberoi family.Except Pinky none of the family member is willing to accept the news.Anika is sure about the fact that The child is not of Shivay’s but of Robin’s.Even this time Shivay is sure about Tia’s lie but he is confused resulting he will pressurize Anika to divorce him and to leave the house.But Anika realizes that he is doing so just to save her from the miseries.Anika wont let him be alone.

Shivay and Anika love blossom have although Started but Tia huge dramatic step will surely effect their lives. and with the help of his lovely dewars OMRU soon She will be prooving the truth of Tia and her motive.

Although we know that story will quite take some time to progress yet we can wait to see the twists and turn among Oberoi Family.

So what are your views about current track? ? U can comment even what you are thinking would be the next story.

Do comment guys about ur reviews as I m posting an article for the first time.Do tell ur opinions about the track and its upcoming story.:-)

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  1. I think it’s stretching too long. We’ve been waiting so long for Tia to get exposed and she still isn’t. I wish someone would expose her quickly and soon. Otherwise I’m loving the shivika scenes.

    1. Alish

      Yeah exactly Jill shivika scenes are lovely and are only hope to watch the show..else they aren’t introducing the Om’s pair also not showing Rumya’s scenes..

  2. Tia is a boring stuff and does not Please us to watch the track,in fact mostly an irrigating character who is not at all usefull for the serial as We hate such unprofessional actors being put up for Tia role, her looks are also disgusting , stop her role from this serial as your TRP rating will go down very soon , if TIA continues on the show

    1. Alish

      U r right she is really a headache.
      But I love Navina Bole just hate the character of Tia.

  3. Tia could have been so easily exposed in the same way as Shivaay was..but just to extend it, they didn’t come up with the video of tia and Robin who were there in the same room sometime before ..her track could just have ended ..but now they even killed Robin to make it difficult for Anika to prove her a cheater ..this is really a stupidity as how can a girl on her own so easily do all the rituals of her late husband without anyone getting single clue about it ??.not even the resort staff . .do you think we are dumb ??
    I am a huge fan of ishqbaaz and don’t want it to get off air due to people loosing interest in it ..please do something to keep people glued to their TV sets ..please!!!??

    1. Manu24

      Plus her and robin’s pic was on social media (remember when anika saw that)
      Well how come nobody ever saw that pic..
      It is shown tia has a huge fan following.. no one ever came to know about this..
      Plus a murder happens.. brother of the tia kapoor dies and nobody comes tobknow about this..

    2. Alish

      U r very much right Mansi even I said this before to..It was so easy For SSO to find the truth as now he trusts Anika too..but the writers as usual want to extend the story.:(

  4. Manu24

    Well i think they have ruined the anika’s character..

    She was so bold.. so strong.. now she is crying that to all the time..
    That day she said “you have snatched away my self respect.. jeete jee maar dala” such big dialogues but then when shivay says I m sorry she melts down so easily..
    Her self respect was high earlier where has it gone now??
    Just for trps they spoil every character -_-
    I hope tias track ends soon.. but anika should take her stand after divorce.. i want to see old anika but new changed shivay..

    1. Alish

      Right Mannu they really showed some unrealistic things I mean if they had revealed that Robin’s real name was Dushyant why tia and her mum keep him calling Robin.plus why none of the OF member notices about Robin’s absence.Common media have such courage to ask about personal matters but wont any of them focus that the brother of bride was not in the wedding..seriously crap thing.

      1. Manu24

        Plus no one is asking tia and her mom that where is robin.. so much happened and the brother is nowhere to be seen..

        All the time there is security in oberoi house.. but when anika was being kidnapped where were the gaurds?? None of the gaurds were there..

        Khanna had time to make the video but he could not call om dadi or anyone to stop the marriage..

    2. Alish

      Hahah manu really!! I can see u r really frustrated with what happened on marraige day but dear relax.After all its a daily soap and writers wont clarifies each and evrything else how will story progress.:-D

      1. Manu24

        yeahh..kinda frustated..
        cause a little logic is not bad for health!
        but yes..daily soaps are like this only..:D

  5. Pls expose Tia very soon

    1. Alish

      Yeah plzz..?

  6. Huh !! Tia’s pregnancy drama is quite boring…. I wish she is exposed soon …. and shivika track is really awesome but just because of tia I’m hating the track.. ??

    1. Alish

      Me too Suma..just hope for the best.:)

  7. i guess tia’s exit in the show would be nice. cos the makers of the show are stretching ..and the serial ishqbaaz will loose their viewers..its a quite good show but…now its kinda seems the story is stretching. so pls end tia’s drama fast.

    1. Alish

      Obviously Tia’s exit would definately work out.They have a lot of topics to show on how can they be attached to one story only.I mean common Om and rudra Soumya and ??? Are also the leads.They should also be given equal space but no..they loved to ahow Tia all ovr

  8. Ruksy

    The track is quite interesting. It’s nice to see that shivaay does care for anika a little bit.

    1. Ruksy

      It atleast shows more shivika working together.

    2. Ruksy

      Tia getting exposed is dragging tho

    3. Alish

      Right Ruksy track is intresting but I want Tia’s exit soon also a onscreen scenes of Omru and their partners

  9. I just hope Tia’s truth comes out soon. I hope Shivaay realises his love for Anika. Maybe Shivaay forces Anika bcuz he already has a plan. IB is not like other serials, it will not stretch the story for too long. But fingers crossed!

  10. Alish

    Hope so princess.Maybe it will be a plan of Anika and Shivaay to expose Tia.Fingers crossed too.

  11. Just beciz of those shivika scenes in ishqbaaz the trp was improving every week..last week it was 2.6 which is quite good..Bt then thry started that tia’s pregnancy crap so I thnk that would affect the trp a lot..The makers actually are confused and dnt really knw what to do..Anika is cryng everyday and shivaay is manhandling her as if a woman can loose her fignity and self-respect for a guy who himself is a coward and hypocrite..I dnt lyk shivaay at all beciz inspite of being a buisiness man he cn b easily manipulated nd cheated..He is a coward nd has no self-respect..Gonna stop watching the show

    1. Oh kaya well said.But plz dnt stop to watch the show.Just hope that all this crap solves soon so that we could get some sweet family moments.

    2. Alish

      ? Kaya..but dnt stop watching it.

  12. Sandyaaa

    Actually they have degraded Anika’s character.I did not like Saturday promo either. Shivaay actually did not apologies Anika properly and did not accept his feeling either to her then why she has to do such things for shivaay. She should have some self respect that is the good quality of Anika. Now it is changing like typical hindi seriak where women does everything for men and he doesnot even bother to respect her and her thoughts.

    1. Alish

      Bilkul thk kaha well said Sandhaya they should show some self respect of Anika as it was bfore their marriage.I mean its obvious if u even love someone You wont allow them to play with ur dignity. No matter Shivay care for her saves her but that doesn’t clarifies the blame he put on Anika.Hope everything would get fine soon.

  13. I think divorce track has some hidden intention:-)Donno when omru gets well so that we can watch that witch lady baba getting exposed ??? what else i want that old bubbly Anika back with her self respect and everything ?

    1. Alish

      Right saidha even I think so that this divorce track has some hidden motive.They want to make tia belive that they are separated.so they could easily find her hidden motives.well If so causes then it would be love to watch the upcoming tracks.:)

  14. Sakthi gayathri

    Hi….it really became boring track …. Please quickly expose Tia and make new series although with shivika love blossom…..Rudra and Sowmya marriage secrete out and accept by Oberoi’s….Make few series Priyanka and Ranveer… I don’t y all serial negative role name start with ‘T’…..Plse move on character in serious around 25epsiode Anika try to expose….But shivaya exposed….I hope make sure the serious lead new change with shivika love blossom…..

  15. Hating this track . Just hoping to see tia getting exposed soon . Hate this character of tia . They r just prolonging this tia story . Anika tried to expose tia but could not . At least omru should be able to expose tia. We want more shivika scenes without the hindrance of negative people .

  16. TIA’S exit is getting too stretched…I like the serial coz of its fast moving track too

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