What’s your take on YHM’s new twist?

There is a new twist in Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Raman will be seen marrying Shagun. The new promo of the show reveals Shagun breaking her Karwachauth fast by seeing Raman’s face. Ishita gets heartbroken by Raman’s move. This twist will be brought by Mani’s shocking murder. Adi gets into an argument with Mani over Aaliya’s matter. Adi hits Mani with the vase. Later, Mani gets murdered by someone else, not Adi. Raman goes to meet Mani, and finds him dead. Raman gets blamed for Mani’s murder. Someone took advantage of Raman’s publicly threatening Mani.

Raman wanted to make things fine between both the families. Raman and Ishita were trying to balance Adi and Aaliya’s married life. Ishita believes Raman can’t kill Mani. Aaliya and Shagun will create havoc in everyone’s lives. Shagun will be losing her memory and regard Raman as her husband. To get things under control, Raman decides to marry Shagun to make her life normal. Raman will be leaving Ishita. Ishita will also her consent for Raman and Shagun’s marriage to save Raman from Mani’s murder blame and get Shagun’s life back on track. The mystery of Mani’s murder will be going on. Adi and Aaliya will be seen living happily again. What’s your take on YHM’s new twist? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. it’s not like that on vase someone else’s finger print will be there and shagun will meet with accident thus forgetting her memory and raman and ishita will help her as she will forget 10 years of her life

  2. Maybe it’s all shagun’s planning including mani’s death for getting back to bhalla’s family…this nikhil might have helped her .


    What kind of police they have, who don’t go for forensic expert..
    Anyway its better to end this show now.. as its more mystry all time than mohobattein

  4. aGain d same separation…..y dnt dese separations end…dat same mmry loss story in yhm also…?

  5. azuka nkwonta

    Hitting Mani with a vase is still an act of murder, ishita’s up bringing is very bad. CVs is always trying to save that woman so that she will look like an angel. After seven years leap ishita and Raman especially ishita planned and removed shagun from that bhalla house and snatch pihu away from her. I don’t like the memory loss I would have wanted shagun to be away from that house and punish the bhallas very well. They always make shagun a bad woman while they make ishita a good woman is that fair. The mystery of the murder is not over until they show who actually stabbed Mani and prove to us that the vase that adi hits on mani’s head did not actually kill him before he was stabbed.

  6. Guys u all r forgettng smethng big.this is ekta kapoor show so defntly heronand heroine wnt unite plus multiple marriages for hero and heroine aftr all dis drama nly dey vl unite

  7. when will this bakwas show end? they come up with so unrealistic stories….how many times will shagun marry again? nobody gets old or gets tired of marrying in this serial :@

    1. Exactly ???? m thinking probably I should fake my memory loss n claim to be someone’s wife…. Wat say???? ???????

      1. not a bad idea 😀 some celebrity or rich person 😀 😀

    2. What kind of show is this??
      Even after Rama -ishita’s great grandchildren entry in the show,these two will get seperated,and Raman will get married to another buddi??
      This Loop will be going on again n again??
      Let God save the viewers of EK shows

  8. bakwas stop seeing long ago

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    Yeah Ishimaa was saying Shagun as her “Samdhan” few episode back and now see the truth..that Shagun can never be that. Soutan is always sautan. By the way team always gives important to Vivek , now ask him to handle the Mani murder case too. That way he will be in the show and close to his wife.

    1. Nivika

      Astha u r saying right…vivek shld handle this case…since missing him very much…

    2. Riana

      Soon one day will come when entire bhalla family will be killed including Ishimaa n police will arrest Raman for all this?????…I just mean to say baseless story…

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Not exactly police Riana…its ACP Abhisekh Singh @Vivek Dahiya. I was once fan of this show till the second leap of one year, but now There is no more Mohabbatein for Yeh hai monabatein like you said.

      2. Riana

        True…YHM HAD BECAME HORRORBATEIN !..??…I was too in love with the show from first episode…but as we all know that our Ekta Mata is awesome in destroying famous couples of her shows…

  10. Hey astha n shradha u here also… so lovely to c u both… its interesting let’s c how the story unwinds

  11. Riana


  12. Riana

    They Ended Saathiya…i think they should yhm first…

    1. Riana


  13. Reruru

    Kind of irritating…have nothing to say more than this…

  14. Its really irritating and headache serial

  15. Ananyagour

    If they would concentrate on adilya story or ruhi. This show will get better yarrr……
    Adilya is a young couple so they should show their story and ishita n raman…..
    They are sass n sasur now. Then also

    Ishita – nhi Raman mujhe show ki tro badhake……mahan banna hai ???

    I don’t know why they separate ishita n raman well,at least fight n arguments are not the reason this time
    Some times I feel show should be named as yet hai jhagde ???

    Why the hell she is not ending the show
    Still showing
    Bhuddha, bhuddi mota, moti

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