What’s your take on YHM’s current twist?

Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein gets another rocking and rough love story of Ruhi and Nikhil. Ruhi has faced a heartbreak before. She was cheated by Niddhi’s brother Suhail, who faked love to trap her in order to take revenge from Raman and Ishita. Poor Ruhi has to bear another jerk. Nikhil fell in love with Ruhi. After Raman’s constant enmity, Nikhil has lost interest in Ruhi. He is now determined to use Ruhi and take revenge from Raman. Nikhil was defamed by Raman. He fell in his daughter’s eyes. He holds Raman responsible. He plays the same game to make Raman fall in everyone’s eyes. Nikhil’s plan to trap Raman gets failed. Ishita shows her belief in Raman.

Raman has taken wrong steps to secure Ruhi’s future. Nikhil’s counter answers proves that he is not trustworthy. Ishita doesn’t want Ruhi and Nikhil’s marriage to take place. The family promises to conduct the marriage so that they don’t lose Ruhi. Ishita leaves everything to fate. She wishes Ruhi gets to see Nikhil’s true face. Nikhil aims revenge from Raman and Romi. He wants Raman to cry after seeing Ruhi’s humiliation. Simmi and Parmeet suggest Ruhi to elope from home and marry Nikhil. But sadly, Nikhil has no plans to marry Ruhi. After this heartbreak track, the show is going soon to take a leap. What’s your take on YHM’s current twist? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. I n feel it’s just waste of your post

  2. It is realistic, as opposed to other tracks. It shows what happens in reality when children get older and end up wanting someone in their life who is not good for them.

    1. I completely agree with u zeba.

    2. It’s a very realistic track. This is what is happening in real life to parents as today’s children don’t always listen to their parents and feel they know what is good for them.

  3. TuttiFrutti

    Garbage show




    end this show
    it is dragging

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