What’s your take on Vrushika’s exit from Ishqbaaz?


There is lot of buzz around Vrushika Mehta’s re-entry in the show. The actress is not seen in the show since many episodes. The track got shifted to Omkara and Riddhima’s love story. Things are getting better between them. Ishana’s entry was made opposite Omkara and the love story was going on well initially. The couple were titled IshKara by the show and the fans as well. Omkara and Ishana’s track would have grown well, given more onscreen time to get accepted by viewers on fair scale.

Omkara and Ishana’s track had good drama. With their melodramatic argument, Ishana is nowhere seen. Vrushika’s fans were waiting for her re-entry in this recently started hit show. The track of Ishana and Omkara were not going right according to the makers. The track then took a backseat. The viewers won’t be getting to see Vrushika in upcoming episodes. The show is now focused now on Shivaye and Anika’s track. The fans of IshKara are not much happy with Ishana’s character removed from the show, as the love couple was very much definite. Vrushika’s sweet and filmi blabbering character was much appreciated. Her fans would be missing her out. She is no more a part of the show. What’s your take on Vrushika’s exit from Ishqbaaz? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

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    Ishkara is the best

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