What’s your take on Udaan’s current track?


Udaan started on Colors with a strong subject on bonded labor and their struggles in life. The show started really well with the concept being the limelight. Little Chakor becomes Kamal Narayan’s bandhua before her birth. Her struggles in life begins when she is given to Kamal Narayan to serve his family as a bonded servant. Chakor never gives up and her fights against the dominant ruler of Aazaadgunj begins. The track went on interesting and brought many inspiring tales connecting Chakor’s childhood.

After the generation leap, the show got its lead stars. The leads won a big fan following by their wonderful chemistry. The show progressed a lot in story, but the concept of bandhua/bonded labor is still very much evident. Sadly, the point of Kamal Narayan winning over everyone is still working. This time, he makes his own son Suraj a bandhua to punish him. Having seen a huge number of episodes, the show gives the same drama dose of tear sheds, torturing scenes and violence on bonded labor. A relief comes as Suraj and Chakor have become a couple recently. Their romance and support is the good thing to watch in emotionally draining scenes. Do you find Udaan’s track going interesting? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Its interesting because it still revolves around the main concept of the show and the main reason to watch this is the bandua theme as still exists in India and sukor chemistry. Udaan is nothing without the above terms. Its good to spend our time on a show that brings awareness instead of Saas saga
    Looking forward how sukor fight against kn?

  2. Srilatha Balusu

    Yes it is interesting track now.. Even though tragic track want to see Vijayendra Kumeria power full performance as suraj.. He is already rocking as Suraj.. So this is better opportunity fr him to show emotional side of Suraj.. And it will be treat to watch his intense performance.. And definitely it will be more interesting when we get Sukor romance in this track!! Yes I’m looking forward to this track. May be short and temporary win fr Kamal Narayan but after this I am sure Suraj will be emerge as strongest ever.. So hard times a head fr Kamal Narayan

  3. We know that recently udann was not focusing on its main concept but now with this bandua track the expectations are way too high and vijay will rock in this track in between this there will be some sukor scenes which will be a treat to watch!!
    Love Vj, SuKor

  4. This is only show i read updates of after ishqbaaz.. Other shows have same old drama only these two are differnt for me till now ??

    1. Aqua

      same here, I have come across this show recently… I loved the sukor chemistry… and I thought imli was feisty with her gun hehehe

  5. Interesting as its main concept of slavery is still alive and the lead couple sukor chemistry is worth watching i love udaan from starting?

  6. It’s interesting . It’s true tht it’s hard to tolerate the toture bt sukor chemistry is worth watching .

  7. Yes…very interesting track.Bonded labour still exist in India and my expectation are very high from this bandhua track.Vijeyander as suraj is already rocking by cool and swag attitude.It will be treat for me to watch VJ’s emotional and intense acting .udaan is very different from other shows.It bring awareness instead of saas bahu drama…I m waiting to watch how sukor fight against Kamalnarayan.Loads of love to VJ and sukor .

  8. Udaan is the best show ever seen.Thank you udaan team for making udaan show with great concept…BONDED LABOUR…Brilliant!!!??

  9. ya right guys udaan is the best show .and sukor rocks..

  10. Yeh it’s interesting

  11. yes it’s very very very interesting . it’s having a wonderful concept “bandhua”.after the leap it just rocking. Kamal Narayan re-entry is holding the concept and giving other characther to grow.chakor and suraj’s present track is mind-blowing .lot’s of love to all the cast and crew all udaan.YOu all are doing a brillaint job

  12. Sukor rockzzz?

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