What’s your take on And tv’s Queens Hain Hum?


And Tv’s latest show Queens Hai Hum focuses on the lives of five Delhi housewives. Maya Biyani is the founder of Queen’s club. She discovers the concept of ‘me time’. She runs a salon in Delhi. She wants the Queens to feel their individuality. She creates the Queen’s club. She gets her four best friends. They all have a fun time and shed all inhibitions. Maya believes that a woman should feel beautiful to look beautiful. Shreya Dixit Rathore is a model by profession, who gets married in a royal political family. By the life transformation after her marriage, there are lots of restrictions on her. She joins the Queen’s club. She gets the title of bold queen.

Akanksha Banerjee Jha runs an NGO. She is the Krantikari Queen. She wants to bring a change in society. She fights against system for women equality. She loves all the Queens and her family. She is the only earning member in her family. Jhanvi Seth is the Corporate Queen, who shows tantrums at office. She is a workaholic and a party animal. She decides all the themes of Queens’ party. She convinces all the Queens for her ideas. Tanya Tandon, nicknamed TT is the homely kitchen Queen. She is the soul of the club. She does not have children. The five women love to spend their time together by stealing time away from families and work. They all have different lifestyles and personalities. Even then, they connect well and have a strong bond. The show has bold content. Queens Hain Hum airs at 8pm. The concept is very different, having the tagline, Bold thodi zyada hai, Sharmati thodi kam, Real thodi zyada hai, Fake thodi kam. What’s your take on And tv’s Queens Hain Hum? Let us know in this poll about your opinion on this show. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. It is some what different from usual daily dramas in telivision
    The theme sounds good
    Concept also


    Show is based on fresh conept… hats off to its writer for thinking so unique show.. but this show is not a family show as you can’t watch it with family around you..


      As it has some things which are common in metro cities or big cities but being with family some things make embrasse young generation infront of elders and little children ask meaning which you can’t tell them

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