What’s your take on Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji?

Star Plus’ Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji is a sequel of Diya Aur Baati Hum. The show is slowly catching up by the leads’ chemistry and interesting story line. The viewers would be missing out Anas Rashid and Deepika Singh in the sequel. Fortunately, the other cast makes the viewers get the feel of DABH. The story revolves around Kanak, Sooraj and Sandhya’s daughter. She is deprived of Bhabho’s love, unknown to the actual reason why Bhabho hates her so much. Rathi family does not know the mystery behind Bhabho’s hatred. Even by repeated attempts to figure out the reason, Bhabho does not reveal anything to the family.

Kanak prays to get such a life partner who bridges the gap between Bhabho and her. She has hope to get a sun, who would end all the darkness in her life. Kanak’s fate brings her to Uma Shankar. They connect many times, without seeing each other. The story takes a shocking twist when Bhabho gets Uma Shankar and Kanak married. Kanak gets on her journey to win Bhabho’s heart, while Uma Shankar helps Kanak, being the unexpected strong support. Both of them lay a new example of loving and supportive husband and wife, just like Sooraj and Sandhya. What’s your take on Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

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  1. Mary christodoulou

    Want to see exciting epis, action and love.. Hope it won’t get boring…


    Bore as this leap is just like season 1 with little difference that its now about kanak and uma shankar.. rest will be almost same…

  3. My parents watched DABH season 1 and after this season 2 came on the tv my dad finally realised that this was season 2.

  4. It’s like serving new Vine in a old bottle!! Totally copy paste from DABH-1! They are using memories of Suraj and sandhya to gain some popularity! Nothing is new! It’s similar to season 1! But season 1 ended with amazing 1487 episode but this stupid new show will never even touch 800 episode mark! I bet!! If star plus have some little guts then they should stop showing SurYa’s scenes!

    1. hey! we both share the same name! 🙂

      1. Aarti32

        Hey, can u tell me when Ved first met payal?? I mean in which episode??


        Sorry no idea.. I do not watch show

  5. I DON’T LIKE THE HERO. his face is an insect.
    If they change the lead i may watch it.

    1. NABANITA626

      Well said….me too want the same…

  6. I DON’T LIKE THE HERO.replace him

  7. I think dried cricket insect suits better, Shraddha ?

    1. ha ha ha 🙂

  8. Aarti32

    Dis Uma Shankar’s dharm rant is very boring..In which century is he!! I wonder how our bubbly beauty Kanak will handle dis pandit?? he’s utter boring..
    I’m liking Meenakshi n bhabho’s fight..Meenakshi gives fitting replies to dat oldie, who is hell bent on punishing innocent ppl..
    Ved n Vansh r my darlos?? luuuuv them?
    Meenakshi’s helper is more like a grasshopper..Keeps hopping n jumping all d time around d house??
    Babasa n golu r also funny n interesting..But Vikram’s kaand was unexpected!!

    1. NABANITA626

      Hey are you a Gauti(gautam gambhir) and kkr fan?me too…….

      1. Aarti32

        Yaah!! U seem Bengali??

    2. what is vikram’s kaand?

      1. Aarti32

        Dat Pawan is vikrams illegitimate son

    3. NABANITA626


      1. Aarti32

        I’m marwari

    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hi Aaru remember me? ? Wow u r also a KKR fan me too looks like we have a lot of similarities

      1. Aarti32

        Fatarajo right??

    5. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yeah right ft ???

  9. Looks like dabh 2 is more like an insect story with all kinds of insects are playing roles ?

  10. I hate Uma sankar’s mentality?He is too much boring..kanak is adorable?

  11. Yeah, this Uma shankar is so boring. They should change him it will be more interesting.

  12. How bhabo become so old? Her hands was shivering always and she cnt see anything properly. Kanak, ved, vansh are her grandchildren only. May be they have age around 60-65. But in other serials of star plus shows tht women doesnt get old even they great grandchildren’s child. They stand properly and make drama also.
    Why bhabo get sileNt nd soo old.

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    I actually like season 2 more than season 1 for some reason ??? but Uma Shankar is so outdated yaa like this is 2017 and he’s like 1970s even sooraj was more modern than that Uma Shankar. They can make his character more interesting. But I like Kanak ??? And as for ved and vansh i think makers got confused which is ved and vansh like if i compare their childhood especially i thought vansh will become IPS officer since he wanted to be one as a kid but turned out to be ved but I like vedansh too. Meenakshi’s character and Bhabho’s character maintain the charm
    Btw I m absolutely loving all the 4 shows of star plus doopeher though i don’t watch all the episodes. TSMSP is my second fav among the four after EAAB

  14. Where is todays written update???

  15. What is this yaar… sab ke written update aa gaye.. sirf TSMSPJ ka hi nhi aaya…. ??? Amena where r u??plz post Todays written update…?????

  16. season 2 is boring because uma and kanak are very bad actors.
    I miss suraj sandhya alot
    Diya aur baati hum is the best and will remain the best forever

  17. I hate uma shankar’s mentality but other than that the show seems interesting

  18. mary christodoulou

    IS VERY NICE SHOW!THE ACTOR WHO IS PLAYING UMA IS SOO HANDSOME AND HES VERY GOOD ACTOR.hope the makers will make some changes and put much more interesting ideas that people can watch with excitment,Hope theyll put more action,emotions with love and everythimg..

  19. I had extremely high hopes for this series as I absolutely loved DABH…but a few week into this new series surrounding kanak and I am left utterly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong…the casting is great, the actors are brilliant but I am so annoyed with the storyline. I don’t know who agreed to the script but doesn’t anyone else see what’s wrong with this story. The writers have glorified the idea of taking a girl against her will and force her to marry a random stranger!!!! The entire village who held her captive might as well have raped her with the way they think. The makers of the show have decided to use upbeat and positive music in the background when these horrid scenes take place. My blood boils when I see things like this and I hope kanak stabs that bastard Uma Shankar in his sleep. By showing this type of storyline the show is encouraging this type of behaviour in real life. I thought star plus was going somewhere with its “nahin soch” regarding women but storylines like uma and kanak cannot be good for society…it’s just WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!
    I just hope the writers do something big to show how wrong this is and i pray kanak does not actually fall in love with the dipshit Uma unless he is severely punished for what he has done first.
    I’m hoping kanak’s mum (sandhiya) is actually alive out there somewhere but comes out of hiding from a secret mission only to kick Uma’s arse for taking her daughter! Seriously I can watch bullshit like this…and the writers of shows like this need to bare in mind that their audience in some parts of the world are easily influenced…don’t give the world ideas it doesn’t need!!!!
    As the show makes me so mad I have to now stop watching it until I see a trailer of it improving to something plausible. Disappointed!!!

  20. Rupali Agarwal

    When wil kanak start talking to uma shankar i am very much eager to see their love story they r very cute ???????

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