What’s your take on Thapki Pyaar Ki’s new track?

Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki has got a short leap. There are many differences seen in the show. The major thing is Thapki’s change in looks. She has got the makeover, which is completely opposite of her good looks. Wearing spectacles to hide her reflecting in her eyes, changing costumes to adapt to a new identity, Thapki has turned into Vaani Oberoi, a rich business tycoon. She has come back in Bihaan’s life with ulterior motives of revenge. She has lost her baby, and wants to make Bihaan and Kosi pay for it.

Thapki is unaware of the fact that Bihaan still loves her. Bihaan has identified Thapki and wants to prove to everyone that Vaani is actually Thapki. Thapki assumes Bihaan’s hatred for her is responsible for her child’s death. Bihaan did not meet her when she informed him about her pregnancy via the letter. Thapki does not know that Kosi has swapped the letter and did not let Bihaan know of his child. Kosi is responsible for their separation, sufferings and tears. Dhruv has made a re-entry in the house and is backing up Thapki by thorough support as a friend. Dhruv is repenting for his bad deeds in the past. Thapki and Bihaan’s love story took a U-turn. What’s your take on Thapki Pyaar Ki’s new track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Frankly speaking after reading the spoilers i was not at all interested to watch the show after the leap but then when i did saw the epi , yes it is interesting and much better than the previous track. But the question is why are things made so complicated like that? Love the change in Thapki’s attitude which was much needed. But the reason behind the change is not completely justifiying. She is doing a great thing by punishing kosi and Bihaan, well she should have understood why will he abandon her when she was pregnant? She should have thought that maybe somehow he didn’t get the letter. That was kinda wrong. And Bihaan well maybe because what others said he believed but he is also wrong very wrong in his pov. Like how can he slap a lady and that too his Wife for that, and also blind faith towards kosi that’s not all right! Hated the way they shaped his character. But after leap only positive is that he still loves his Wife. Overall i think what the story of thahaan portrays a shade that why education is needed? Bihaan is an uneducated guy, that’s why he did so much mistake in the past despite being a good human being from inside. And after the leap, Dhruv character is good like finally he is repenting and helping Thapki.
    I know some Tpk fans will again fight whether should be tharuv or thahaan one is right in their pov, even tharuv fan. For me still a thahaan fan because thahaan have the chemistry and story for tharuv they do have chemistry but no story. The story of a stammering girl and uneducated guy is not bad, but the way they are shaping the story with negativity is ridiculous.
    Overall it’s a roller coaster show

  2. Desperating….

  3. After leap…it is quite interesting that Thapki has now become bold and strong n taking revenge frm kosi devi…..let’s see what happens nxt.

  4. Tapki n Bihan, their marriage made in Heaven..yes going through a rough patch which is interesting..but they should be together in the end…the earlier episodes show God always side with them n bring them together..so they should be together or else it doesnt make sence…he should break off his engagement with the other girl whose character is unnecessary in this show. Tapki and Bihaan have a very good chamestry. A good ending is needed. And thanks for bringing Druv back…his pairing with Aditi will be a good move. Kosi and Sharadha should be punished for their crimes. Salute to all actors and actresses for their good acting skills. Bravo..

  5. Hi, I am from Indonesia. Let me tell about my opinion…I love this serial but I can’t understand Bihaan’s character. He has spent a lot of days with Thapki. He should trust his wife bcz he knew Thapki so well. He lost his heart and brain. Then why Kosi doesn’t pay attention with his son John? How about John? Is he still alive?if yes, he should come and thanks Thapki, tell everyone about his mother’s plan to kill Bihaan. Of course, Dadi should tell the truth! Why did she lie abouth Thapki and make Bihaan more missunderstood? Why does she keep silent until now seeing the chaos. Why Bihaan can’t see their real face during the two years? Its too long time to know someone face. Bihaan become a foolish man. I hope Bihaan will know the truth from Dadi and John. Then Bihaan realise his big sin to Thapki. Bihaan should punish Kosi n Shradha (not Thapki or Druv) then persuade Thapki with many ways to apology him and give a second chance. Please make a lot of missunderstanding clear soon. Tq

  6. its interesting how thapki is determined to take revenge on bihaan without knowing that he is innocent…he didnt read that letter she left for him..i wish this letter thing disclosed soon so that we would see wt will they do that it all happens bcs of their misunderstanding and less communication…m looking forward for thapki’s revenge on kosi and that shankar…shankar is unnecesary character in this show…cant see her in between thahaan…i hope bihaan and thapki will chuk her out of their lives

  7. Actually after a leap the episodea are quite interesting. But Bihaan wants to find it why Thapki is acting like a Vani and he wants to know about the truth of his wife’s pregnancy and his child’s death. Then he want to take revenge without knowing to Thapki, Kosi, Dhuruv n Shradaha. If it happens it will be quite interesting and Thahaan’s love will be long lasting forever.

  8. Thapki and bihan are inspiring story of the family with god values. Bihan and thapki haved positif moral and positive character both. Bihan love his wife very much, his merriage value, his merriage with thapki, and his family very much. Bihan and thapki always fought each other but Bihan and thapki are made for each other to solve any problems in their live. Bihan Always support thapki live. Bihan and thapki merriage by God by heaven. So saved thapki bihan merriage. remember!! seven around agni for seven of birth. God would have side them to save their merriage. Save Meaning full value of merriage. Thapki revenge Bihan…. What bihan mistake??? He misunderstanding thapki because Kosi planss. Plisss make dady maa tell to everyone that Bihan and Thapki have misunderstanding because kosi plans. Dadi ma at previous have idea brought thapki and bihan together. Make bihan realise his mistake and make thapki together with bihan. Thapki and bihan always holding their hand to handle many problems. Yes i love thapki wil be stronge and I love if bihan change his illeterate. Dhruve should make thapki and bihan united. He do this for repenten and thanks to bihan. because of he saved from Vashu ma when she shoot by gun. Audience are interested in positive characters of bihan and thapki. They always care their merriage vallue, their families,and love each other. make bihan to find the truth of khosi ma…Please make misunderstanding clear soon. I love Drhuve and aditi scenes…

  9. yes.I agree with u riska.what about john?I think if he still alive means he was paired with shraddha.because she like john.and I am waiting to see bihaan expretion when thapki said about she lost her baby to him.otherwise tpk is interesting. and I am dhruv fan.aditi is better than thapki.so I am very happy this pair.and I hate Sankara.because she was going close to bihaan.

  10. This track is better than before.Sankara was unnecessary character & waste of time.I love you thahaan.you both are rocking.

  11. Except dhruv everything is fine..Y this Sapola??? We are not Mahaan aatma’s like Thapki and Bihaan..So cant even bear him for 1 minute..:( Manish is as usual the reason to watch..Really thank you Cv’s that you are atleast giving Thahaan scenes..Otherwise Suffocation ho jata dhruv ki wajeh se..B phor Bihaan pandey,B phor Bahut handsome lag rha ho aap leap ke baad..:)

  12. Throw out shankar forever

  13. Bihaaan became more handsome is only I liked and Thahaan ladta rahe bina wajeh …Acha hain…Atleast Thahaan scenes toh mil rahe hai..Warna maine toh socha tha DHRUV SAPOLA KI GEET GAYENGE CV’S…

  14. Hi…I from Indonesia this is a second my favourite drama from India after jodha akbar.I like thapki character bihaan and also balvinder ji and of course dadi maa I like them so much.but after leap 2 year the story being unnecessary with kosi maa drama sankhar who wannabe thapki.and I have some questions why after 2 year dadi maa she didn’t tell to everyone the truth about kosi maa especially bihaan where is vasundra John and thapki parents? who’s read the letter for bihaan from thapki.I agree with thapki as vani oberoi want to take revenge from kosi maa cos she’s the reasons why bihaan slaps her and throw her out from pandey nivas and then she loses her baby by accident.and please don’t separate thapki and bihaan they should be together again and about druv sir it would be interesting if he pair with aditi.credit point for Manish and jygiasa they are so brilliant as bihaan and thapki character.

  15. i love the leap

  16. Love Thapki pyaar ki

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