What’s your take on Thapki and Bihaan’s romantic beginning in TPK?

Colors’ Thapki Pyaar Ki was going through much family and court room drama. Bihaan was assumed to have stabbed his Bau ji. The entire family stood against Bihaan and ended ties with him. Bihaan and Bau ji had a heated argument over Thapki. Bihaan’s mind was very much against Thapki, after Shraddha broke out the truth to Bihaan about Thapki fooling him.

Bihaan was angry on Thapki’s lie to give their marriage a second chance. His love and emotions ended for Thapki for a while and his anger bursted infront of his family. Thapki broke his trust and all her goodness turned blank for Bihaan for that short span. With Thapki standing with Bihaan in tough time and having belief in him that he can never hurt his Bau ji, made Bihaan fall for her again. Thapki has dealt with the situation with maturity, bravery and calmness. She has proved Bihaan innocent in the court and also got justice for Bau ji. This made Thapki a star in Bihaan’s eyes again. Thapki has won Pandey family back.

Bihaan has recently confessed his feelings to Thapki. He asks Thapki to reciprocate love. While Thapki is unsure about her feelings and is taking time to realize love for Bihaan, the family got together to help Bihaan getting his love. Thapki would also confess love to Bihaan. There would be a new start for ThaHaan in TPK now. Their romantic story will get a rocking beginning soon. What’s your take on Thapki and Bihaan’s romantic beginning in TPK? Let us know in this poll. You may also leave your opinion about what you like the most in Thahaan’s love story, their eyelocks, romantic silence, Thapki’s jealousy or Thahaan’s love confession.

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  1. bihaan ki deewani

    i want to see thahaan romance n interesting scenes not the fact where shrada ruins their life

  2. krishnai aka ww

    their nok johkas are the most funniest and cutiest thing which i love…… a lovely pair…….

  3. We r enjoying it a lot cute scenes but I hope they won’t drag the love confession and want mOre nok Jhok n romantic scenes after their love confession too it’s so good love this show a lot nowadays as the pair is already one of my fav 🙂


  4. Thahaan romance

  5. We want more thahan romantic scenes…

  6. I want more romantic scenes of Thahaan


  8. I want to tashan wala and nok jhok scenes……..

  9. serial is going good and trp decreases its not cool

  10. what about dhruv yaar? he is introduced as main lead but no one seems to bother about him?

    1. Yaar, it had been clear long time ago that dhruv was never the lead…….he himself cleared in an interview that he knew he was not the lead…actually bihaan’s character was introduced later but he was already chosen from the starting, actually manish goplani aka bihaan was signed earlier than jigyasa aka thapki herself , for the show

  11. The only reason I chose to watch tpk was nok jhoks, the only reason I love thahaan was their ego(tashan ) fights…I know they are in love with each other …but I still want some cute fights……and one more thing ,do whatever you want to do with the story CVS but plz never ever ,ever show us some misunderstanding b/w thahaan ,

  12. Want more thahaan love scene’s

  13. Thahaan love their nhok jhok,lollipop….
    iam very happy atlast thahaans much awaited confession is full filled..

  14. Thahaans love life with strugles…
    and also mrge they were alone in mandir…could be in forest that’s better too…

  15. Shraddha need to stay away from our most loving Thahaan she is such a evil mind cannot see anyone happy. We want more Thahaan romantic scenes.

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