What’s your take on Swaragini’s current track?

Swaragini has been showing track on Sumi/Sharmishta and Skekhar since a while, after things got fine between the leads Swara-Sanskar and Ragini-Laksh. Sumi’s pregnancy has become an awkward and unwanted situation for Shekhar’s mother Parvati. While Shekhar, Swara and Ragini were supporting Sumi, Parvati did not wish to get her next grandchild in her lap.

The show is currently showing the trauma of Sumi, when she loses her baby. Sumi is rushed to hospital, where doctor informs Shekhar that they could not save the baby. Shekhar and Sumi break down knowing the unfortunate news. They are not aware that their baby is alive, and Parvati schemed all this fake news.

Ragini did a lot to keep the baby protected from bad sight, and was acting to be pregnant to save Sumi from hearing taunts. Even then, Ragini could not succeed to help Sumi completely. Sumi is seen walking on roads in search of her baby. Parvati’s true side is revealed, as she is the one who does not want Sumi’s baby to become part of their family. Parvati bribes the hospital staff to lie about the baby’s death, and to send the baby very far so that Sumi and Shekhar never reach their child.

It has to be seen whether Shekhar finds his mother’s truth and gets his child. Swara-Sanskar, Ragini-Laksh got busy to find Sumi-Skekhar’s youngest child. The track looks very dramatic, still keeping both the pairs together in this task. What’s your take on Swaragini’s current track? Let us know in this poll. You may even leave a comment to state your opinion on show’s track and possible changes.

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  1. Honestly i am not liking dis present track at all…i mean it seems as if the writers are out of stories and twists and that’s why dey have put up all dese unnatural stuffs. So i feel that the focus is always to b kept on SwaRagini.

  2. Like evrybdy else.. i watch the show for entertainment. Current track is too oainful to watch.

    ?the beggars mafia is a REAL issue… there r ppl who kidnap babies and use them for beggin. NEVER PAY BEGGARS WITH MONEY..ESP IF THEY HAV CHILDREN WITH THEM. GIVE THEM FOOD OR OTHER COMMODITIES tht cant b sold bt r required for daily living… coz wat usually happens is there wil be a leader who will collect this money and use it. Its of no use to the child insted it promotes kidnapin by thse mafia.u may think ur bein kind. BUT UR NOT!

    As a mothr… my heart goes out to all the children on the streets.esp the ones who have been kidnapped from the love and comforts of their own mother’s arms and are thrown onto the streets for beggin. Hope the world becomes a better place.

    If they try to spread awareness thru the show… fine. But pls dont drag this for another episd n show the baby on the street in the scorchin sun just coz writers need to drag the show further bt r losin positive creativity! With all due respect to the real issue.. i cant watch a drag with this theme!!!

  3. This track could have been good but to be quite frank, Swaragini’s creatives these days aren’t executing tracks in a good way. I watch Swaragini mainly for the four leads, especially RagLak but these days they are showing way to much Dadi and Parineeta revenge, and boring pregnancy/baby drama. When we fans asked for intense tracks, SwaSan fans got a memory loss track which was ruint by Sahil’s irritating character and RagLak fans got a fake pregnancy track which was illogical and it was more of family drama instead of RagLak. And now instead of showing more of the couples, it’s still family drama ???. Why can’t the creatives stop being so ignorant and just focus on the couples more. Because to be honest Swaragini fans want to see cute, romantic and intense scenes of RagLak and SwaSan. I just hope these types of scenes come quickly because we fans will be much more happy and the TRPs will increase xx

  4. Mica

    i luv the way it is.
    i luv gadodias’s bonding to solve the problem.

  5. Sanjanaagrawal

    I nust hate this track …. I loved that memory loss wala track and rajat track ..means I loved all the tracks but this one I hate it …… plz juat focus on lead

  6. yaa current track and different track and sharmista acting is surperb for me her acting is awesome more belly teju acting at least the track is meaning not like swasan track out of the head and one more we can ragini is right as we aleardy many more her become surrogate mother of daughter child in news then why can’t a daughter can do anything for her as if ragini is not done done that dad I is gonna kill the child


    Should end now… can’t bear it anymore.

  8. Jwala

    current track is irritating like hell.. they sidelined swasan totally. only sumi shekar dadi.. utter crap. nonsense track

  9. Anniya

    Totally crap…..completely side line swasan, its look like dadi, is lead. I am not watching

  10. i am sorry to say, but i really hate this track.
    first of all, when someones child gets in the 20’s
    they get quite old… at least like 50 years old.
    thats actually quite old and no 1s mom so old
    looks so young. i get it that they can’t put really
    old actors but still showing sumi pregnant is enough
    of a drama. i personally hate this track. it doesn’t even make
    sense of them having a baby. its just my opinion and i just
    feel awkward and do not wish to see this track,
    lastly they are also keeping the leading couple on side
    which is just enough for me.

  11. Rekhavv

    Sumi getting pregnant, OK their are a little chances, that child being healthy at this age, afewer chances, the child being premature no chances of his survival.

    In this condition, sumi’s child would ha e died. As chances of down baby and chromosomal anomalies increases. And then too if the baby is premature and had a traumatic labor the chances of his survival decreases very much.
    Also every serial shows, DNA test getting changed and babies getting exchanged at hospital and reports getting changed. Its like hospital is the most unsafe enviroent and doctor and nurse r their just to do wrong.
    And I hate when anyone can do DNA testof any one. HGuys court orders r required for DNA test and no body temper its result as it is a very profile matter.

    1. Lightsabre

      Thse ppl dont make much medical sense nywy.even memory loss one was bogus! N wat kinda falthu hosp did they take her too?! Usually parents wil b shown the dead fetus. Wr was the doc n the other labour rm staff? Hw cud nobdy hav knwn the baby js alive? Wrs the neonatologist… sinz a premature baby ws xpectd. Who made the discharge summary ( coz wayy more ppl than 1 crazy nurse wud hav to b involved in a conspiracy like this). Ah… forget it. Way too many blunders. Besides… usually babies r” kidnappd” by beggar mafia ( sad though)
      .. As if its a profit to pay so much n get a premature kid frm hosp… the baby wont survive enof to return the paid amt!!!!!

      1. Rekhavv

        And yes u r alright that they can’t keep dead fetus with them. This serials r making fun of medical science. Plastic surgery, DNA reports, wrong reports, fake reports and amnesia track where the lead forget what they actually need to forget but remember everything else.

      2. Lightsabre

        True. I started watchin show recently so i sort of rushd thru al the episodes in a month or so thru utube. I dnt knw abt plastic surgery track.lol. wel.. i did see tht ragini has a “special ” drug tht got absorbed thru toothpaste and made swara obey her commands… or sumthn like tht ( i saw the flastbak in latr episodes)?. Sci- fi serial

  12. JITHA

    i personally hate this track….i am swaragini fan and i watch this show only for the leads ……sumi getting pregnant at this age is a really awkward thing….and they tell it is their pyaar ki nishani and what nonsense…..swara is shekhar and sumi’s daughter she is there na as pyar ki nishani or whatever phir unko iss umar mein aisi kya zaroorath pad gayi….but i ll appreciate ragini’s effort for her mother that is really commendable,even though a bit dramatic no daughter in the serial history would have done it…the current track is just focusing on sumi shekhar and their baby,dadi parineetha …..etc no importance for both the leads…..i feel likesumi and shekhar are the main lead and not swasan and raglak…their characters are just sidelined the only job they do is searching for baby or whatever….actually i stopped watching the show after the revelation of ragini’s fake pregnancy…..iss track ke end ke baad hi mein serial dekhoongi…… and cv’s should realise this track is making them a huge loss among the audience i hve seen many people who has put a hold on watching the show till the current track ends ….so pls do something and end this stupid yet awkward and weird track soon…

    1. Lightsabre

      Yes.. raginis effort was for a noble cause. Bt cud it hv worked? Wudnt ppl xpect her mom to b arnd durin her pregnancy n delivery. How long cud sumi hv hidden her belly… she wud hv had to stay away from ragini n maheshwari parivaar from 6th month onwrds. Sinz sumi is old… thre r chances of an anomalous baby… stil birth etc… hw wud raglak hv managd to hide so much.
      I think the plot was illogical. Easier wud hv been to say ragini has some medical issues sumi volunteered to b the surrogate mother. So tht way the public wud hv thot of sumi as a hero.
      Bottom line: illogical plot as usual

      1. JITHA

        yes that was a good suggestion and during that time swara had also lost her memory so sumi could have become surrogate mother

  13. Vyshu10

    its boring and getting overdramatic….they are sidelining swasan

  14. better if something good happens with ragini…

  15. It is totally worst.. importantance should be given to raglak.tejaswi&namish are also leads they are not side characters…u named the serial swaragini but not swara the mahan…

    Y Everytime only swara will be loved by someone not ragini?? doesn’t she looks gud to anyone…or else yu r thinking that no can love her..??

    If swasan track is coming..then not only swasan raglak fans are also watching….u r thinking bcoz swasan only serial will run… obviously no…then raglak fans will switch off their TV’s bcoz….u r showing so much parshiyality… can’t ragini handle a single situation by her own…..by giving side to truth….only swara swara swara swara…

    My whole lane stopped watching this. bcoz of parshiyality….u had done raglak marg in hurry….

    Doing so much ….swara swara swara
    Gappa bass it’s my opinion 4 truly

    1. Lightsabre

      I like swasan actually … bt yeh.. i hv noticed hw they make swara way too much of a saint . Shes scolded sanskar .. ragini…infront of evrybdy wen they do wrong. Bt in real life if a luvd 1 dos a mistak… we wil talk 2 them privately n solve matters rathr than insult them b4 evry1 n play hero. Also i saw an episode wr she slaps her bhabi b4 evry1 ( n the slap part ws fun) bt then says “sorry… aap mujhse bade ho” . Tht ws odd… i mean… if u wana slap.. ok.. slap. Y say sorry as though u didnt wana slap ur elder infront of evry1 bt sum1 made u do so . Kuch jaan pochke karne ke badh sorry bolne se kya faida.
      Sinz i startd seein serial only a month bak… i initially thot ragini is an antogonist. Bt nw i like her… shes more human… makes mistakes… uses her brain. Hindi serials make the leads like ” devtha” .no offenz to swara fans… just givin the writers a suggestn to mak it bettr.

  16. Boring . Nonsense

  17. Tasneem

    Totally irritating…. Side lined swasan almost no scenes between them… And swaragini are just focusing on the other people except for their husbands…only full of sumi’s crying… Shekhar’s consoling… Dadi’s scary evil face… Swara ignoring sanskar…. Ragini being jealous of comparing her with swara… Pari’s evil plans…there is almost NOTHING special about the current track.. And getting sumi pregnant from the beginning was a wrong thing we want some track between swasan some scenes between raglak some things like old swaragini

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