What’s your take on Star Plus’ revamping?

Star Plus has been in the news since a while. The channel is going to revamp its shows programming, post the IPL. Many ongoing shows which are going good in terms of viewership will be pulled off air. The reason isn’t much clear. One can guess the TRP race affecting the show’s running time. The hit shows like Ishqbaaz, Ikyawann, Meri Durga and Naamkaran are the next to go off air. Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara has already got off-air on 2nd February, with an abrupt and unclear ending.

The fans of DSJZ got much disappointed with the inappropriate way the show made a leave. The shows mentioned above will be bidding farewell to its fan till May 2018. It will be quite upsetting to miss the favorite shows and actors who have won viewership by their hard work. Star Plus aims to get fresh content with new stories and new actors. The channel will begin with a comedy show Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai. Its promo is already on air. Promos of upcoming shows will be seen in February. What’s your take on Star Plus’ revamping? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. It’s fake news.star plus channel confirm kiya hai kya aisa kuch bhi nahi hone wala hai

    1. Riana

      Dear I hope your words come 100% true…


    If they want to end, end shows like yrkkh, yhm, tsmspj etc.. or need even end channel…. They are really painful to watch and even new shows will dragg same

    1. Mona146

      true yhm sard dard hi nahi ankhoka bhi dard hai

    2. really are you crazy yrkkh is the best show and good trp not like ur fav shows of course star plus will end them because they are boring now and stupid there is no rating at all.. so what is the need of them.. not be just a typical fan be logic not just because you love some tv show you will hate others

  3. they have already ended a lot of shows before just for trp . but this move is terrible , there are many loyal fans of these shows . are they not ending yeh hai mohabbatein and yrrkh ????which have been running for so many days? all will feel very bad if they end shows like namkaran and ishqbaaz because ikyawan and meri durga are very new shows and people would not have bonded with the show . will not be able to see namkaran ending so soon……please namkaran fans , watch namkaran in tv..may be they will change the decision if the trp increases

    1. Mona146

      naamkaran is nice yaar both naamkaran and ishqbaaz got a lot of negativity but there is hope for betterment but if nothing can ever good then better to shut off starplus also.


        Yes both shows are good but writers spoil kr rehe hai or writers se story bhi sambhalne me bhi nhi aa rehi hai

    2. **not days years. Nearly 10 years for yrkkh or may be more than that

  4. What going on?naankaran is the best

    1. Pavithra1616

      Yes nk is the best…

    2. the best in what!!! go and watch shakti or another show you will find that nk is boring now and stupid story or you just love zain so you will find the show interseting

      1. Lool, I don’t think yu watch Naamkaran, it has unique storylines unlike the one you watch. Yeah, you like YRKKH, doesn’t mean you insult NK. Naamkaran is so different and not typical, so don’t try calling it boring.

      2. Do not call it stupid please, it isn’t. If you throw another insult at NK, I will be forced to argue which is something I do not want to do. Not all people like it cos of Zain, it’s the story. That’s why people are commenting about it.

  5. Riana

    Btw i am spotting saathiya was the only show which gave star plus trp…Its always first at the trp chart…though due to star plus nonsense decission of pulling off sns is really fruitfull for me…as i cursed them…though saathiya ended i am happy but sad too as i am a true fan of it but let it be happen bcoz of its nonsense and disgusting tracks coming day by day…and now AFTER 7 MONTHS of saathiya’s ending…every show is ending just that show is not able to give trp…I CALL STAR PLUS A TRP BEGGAR NOW !!…Ishqbaaz, Naamkaran they are really good shows i dont care of ikyawann and meri durga they are disgusting now !…But atleast Naamkaran should stay…its so realitistic show…And also Ishqbaaz, They changed the time slot and bring it at the evening slot…so that it can compete with other shows…Basically i would say, star plus is too rapid they are ending shows awkwardly and incompleting…like they did with ipk…just bcoz the show didnt reached to the trp chart they ended it…BUT WHY AREN’T THEY ENDING THAT YHM its BULLSHT !!!…Just bcoz of getting more trp…soo this is the difference between Zee, Sony, Colors, Sab & Star plus…! ?

  6. I am just really not getting why starplus wants to end such good shows like ISHQBAAZ and NAAMKARAN when it has such a huge fanbase??….Please STAR don’t end these shows as I am a very very big of fan ISHQBAAZ??

  7. Ambalika sinha

    Please bring some good n positive changes in yhm.. so much of negativity n sadness is going on in yhm
    Even ishqbaaz deserves some happy changes

  8. Please don’t off air ishqbaaz it’s one the best trp running & most favorite show that many of watch don’t do like this

  9. This is totally upsetting!! They are ending Ishqbaaz too! Then what about dbo? Ishqbaaz is the best show! Naamkaran too! They are ending such good serials then why not yhm????? Yhm is dragging since so many days but it’s still on air. What’s the special? Because it’s dragging?

  10. noooooooooooo……..

  11. Yeah dis stupid revamping is crap star production always does dis revamp dier channels as if its a small thing n how can dey end Ishqbaaz like dis apart from trp it has a huge fan following n viewers I think dey should change its time slot n make it a little earlier den I hope its trp will increase.Why dey don end yrkkh which is just showing de same things which happened with Akhshara n now with Naira where kartik is alwayupset with Naira like a small kid n his dad always angry n insecure with her without any understandable reason n also yhm in which first Raman hates Ishita n again loves her positive becomes negative n den again positive n keeps going on n now dis marriage stupidity in dis age he will marry again.Naamkaran is also a gud show but I’m a crazy n big IB fan so luv it more n like others I also don’t give a danm 2 rest of shows.But please Starplus its a request not only from but all of us who luv IB a lot n r a very big fan of it like dat don end it please n guys please do watch Ishqbaaz as much as u can 2 increase its trp n save it please it’s a humble request 2 all.

  12. This is so disheartening???? and extremely annoying????………
    I won’t speak about the shows like “Meri Durga” “Ikyawan”, As I don’t watch them…….
    But I am a die hard fan of IB…… No matter how tied up I am, I managed to see all the episodes…… IB is the only show that I watch on TV in the present times
    Within just 2 years of running, this show has gained so much of success and popularity not only on national but even international platforms……. With its fresh content
    Namkaran is also doing very well??……..
    This show has got a very good content and connects really well with the people …….
    Then how can star plus even think of pulling *IB* and*Namkaran* off air……..
    They are such great shows.!!!!!!!…..
    If the star wanna revamp then why they don’t pull off Yrkkh( which has probably been running from “Baba Adam Ka jamana”), yhm (which has been dragging the same hate- love story over and over again, Not to forget with the leads often landing on jail,be misunderstood, come back,confusions get cleared, begging for forgiveness, happy reunion and then someone else will die/ murdered, some else will be taking the blame, go to jail……. On and on….. Same sort of track repeats!!!!!)
    I don’t possess any hard feelings with it’s decision to revamp the channel, but my aversion is towards the declaration of pulling off the latest shows with immense success rather than the older and dragging ones!!!!
    I hope and pray????that STAR would make a wise decision in this regard!!!!!
    PS- I don’t intend to hurt anyone with my words regarding the significant shows as I am well aware of the fandom each of them possess!!!!! The opinions formed are clearly individual(mine) and may vary from person to person……

  13. First u have done this stupidity to star one after so many names u finally named it as star bharat. god only knows how many people are watching that damn channel and now this. U again proven that such lame move s that you can only use by this revamping or whatever thing u are doing to star plus.

    I just wanted to kick them who has taken such ridiculous decision for no reason. Star plas ,have they gone mad to do such thing like that to our favorite shows all the four whether it may be ishqbaaz, naamkaran, ikyaawan and meri durga .why don’t u shut other serials like yhm and yrrkh,why to shut those serials those who have more fans nd viewers.such a coward move star plus, just for trp sake that’s falling so low that u can never imagine.

  14. Pls don’t end yrkkh… yhm.. Pls don’t end them. ?

  15. Pavithra1616

    I am heart broken hearing this news.. What is the problem with star plus?? I don’t understand them?? What do they think they are doing?? They are ending ishqbaaz and naamkaran?? The best shows which are loved by all.. For me both are good but nk is my favourite.. I can’t imagine nk going off air.. Omg!!! Avneil?? What about them?? Nk is one of the different shows.. Please don’t do this star plus… Please..

  16. Why ishqbaaz
    They should end yrkkh which has no storyline and yhm with a pathetic storyline

  17. It would be really good if they closes yeh hain mohabbatein first. It’s a crap serial. They show anything in the name serial.

  18. AIHA19

    it doesn’t matter if they end yrkkh and yhm but not ishqbaaz and naamkaran. it would be more good if yhm and ishqbaaz would be back with a new season because the current track is not so good.

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