What’s your take on Sony’s Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dahgey?

Sony is bringing a new show Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dahgey. The show will be starting in January 2017. Eijaz Khan and Niyati Fatnani will be seen in lead roles, along with Benaf Dadachanji in a negative role. Jia Mustafa will be playing a positive role of the lead character’s elder sister. Eijaz will be donning the role of Mukhi Singh, who stays in a village, but is very broad minded and good hearted person.

Mukhi loves Saanvi (played by Benaf Dadachanji) since his childhood, but could not marry her due to certain circumstances. Mukhi hires a matrimonial bureau to find a suitable girl. He fails to to move on in life by forgetting his love Saanvi. The new girl in his life, who meets him to find his prospective bride ends up marrying him, after knowing his great ideals and earthiness. Mukhi gets married to the new girl in his life, while Saanvi marries another guy. Saanvi catches up with Mukhi’s life after her marriage. Saanvi then tries to break up Mukhi and his wife. The show will bring a love story where Mukhi will be torn in dilemma between his past and present. Eijaz will be returning in a lead role with this show. The promos already started airing and created a buzz. What’s your take on Sony’s Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dahgey? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Can I say something . This “mukhya” story has been aired before. As the story has been told here I would like to know a few things. If a person has a childhood sweetheart cannot marry the same why would he marry somebody else? So he does then why would the lady ex lover want to break the relationship. It makes mockery of marriage . Cannot understand the knot in the story. They had better give a good explanation for the same. In any case the story is a bit disgusting. IMHO

    1. Mona146

      true to certain extent. I love Ejiaz khan performance but he looks quite aged compared to the girl portraying lead role.

  2. I can only it sounds confusing!

  3. To Mona146 I am not commenting on the actors actresses young old etc etc. Just the story that is what I am talking about.

    Girl can be young /old man can be young /old But triangle? it has to have a proper reason. There are triangles in real life too. But purposely marrying off her childhood sweetheart to some one because she “cannot” marry him(why?) and ruining a young girls life knowingly. Even that is digestible. But even after that when she cannot marry her boyfriend. and you marry him off to a girl you are going and breaking that marriage. That is the stupidest nastiest crudest thing ever. they are making a story out of 101 ways to ruin a woman’s life by marrying her off to your own sweetheart. is that what it is? and in all this the male character looking old the girl looking young all this has nothing to with the story which is crude

  4. what happened ? why nobody is answering for my comment? the problem is not any “actor” actress. they do their job. What is there to “rave” about anyone?

    The main story line is crude. When the girl is talking to the mukhya in the promo the woman who comes to “look” on the pretext of giving “water” she is the “lover” isn’t it?

    When someone gets married other relationships finish. No one is allowed to “interfere” but no our tv people keep letting someone mess with marriage. they have no respect for the sanctity of marriage. It encourages the general public not to respect anyone’s married life. That anyone can ruin and break anybody’s married life for their own benefit. Such “messages” are disgusting.

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