What’s your take on Siya Ke Ram’s war track?


Siya Ke Ram is going through a series of showdowns between Ram and Raavan’s brave warriors. The fight has been going on since a long time and now Ram and Raavan will be coming face to face in the war for the final outcome. Mandodari is worried for Raavan’s life, while Kaikesi has created Sahastra Raavan, who is built up with thousands of weapons. Kaikesi does not just want to protect Raavan, but also get Ram killed. Kaikesi hates Ram and wants to take revenge for all her dear one’s deaths.

Sahastra Raavan gets a soul at the crucial time and enters the battle ground to kill Ram. But, Sita would act as a savior for Ram and kill Sahastra Raavan by taking Kaali’s avatar. The war scenes are very thrilling and bringing many unseen facts for the viewers. Raavan’s history and family background are also well shown. All the characters are well defined and portrayed nicely by the wonderful cast. Siya Ke Ram is really an impressive take on Ramayana by Sita’s perception. Sita’s birth and her entire life’s journey is depicted in the show. Ram and Raavan’s huge war will be ending soon. The Dharm Yudh will be having an end where Ram will be getting victorious. What’s your take on Siya Ke Ram’s war track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Mona146

    Track is beautiful but sita’s perspective is shown really less.

  2. Well, the war sequence was awsm! But it missed out quite a few events such as Meghnad beheading illusionary Sita in front of Ram, Hanuman’s encounter with Bharat while returning with Sanjeevani mountain, Hanuman’s encounter with Makardhwaj! They shud hv been included! : (

  3. Narendran

    This show war sequence is great!! I really appreciate the syr technical team!! Hats off to them..

  4. all time interesting war track

  5. NABANITA626

    Awesome war track.but they are not showing vibhisan wife sarama.that is not good.

  6. I didn’t like the WAR TRACK- because it was not even close to original YUDHA KAND of Valmiki
    Overall it is disgusting .Too many variations. and Ram is very slow -he keeps watching monkeys getting killed . In Valmiki Ramayan -Ram was a great warrior . Lakshman & Hanuman too was great warrior .
    Ravan came to Battle before Kubhakaram and went back totally humiliated . Here only dialogue was shown -no action.
    Laxman fought with arrows with Meghnad and for 3 days . Here fight was with sword .
    Laxman , Hanuman even Sugreev and Angand killed so many chiefs / warriors of Ravan but nothing was shown . ONLY UNREAL stories of lanka was shown.
    Last – Sita never fought with sahasstra Ravan- ridiculous .

  7. War sequence was horrible . Only false melodrama was shown .
    Wanted to see the VALMIKI Ramayan ‘s yudha Kand -but shown only SIta & Ravan dialogue and Ravan’s family imaginary was shown in Lanka Kand.
    So many warriors were killed by Hanuman, Lasxman , Sugreev etc . 13 days war could have shown with modern days tech but disappointing .
    Now the last – SITA’s upcoming imaginary fight is the biggest awful thing . PLEASE STOP

  8. Sara and veena i dont know how far you have referred ramayana…… but as far as i had referred the stories shown here are true…… nothing is fake…… and they have indeed shown less as it is from Sita’s prespective…….. but this war was longer than mahabharat……….. so please dont bash on the writers just like that……. sorry if i had been harsh to you anyway…….. its just my point of view……..

  9. WELL WISHER- you don’t know anything . MAHABRATHA was for 18 days and Ram & Ravan war for 13 days . so MAhabratha was for more days .
    Secondly -VEena & sara meant the melodrama of Ravan and his family side . NOT the WAR .
    To show from Sita’s perspective – Ravan ‘s family melodrama has to be invented ??? Is that you mean ??
    And yes , to show from Sita’s perspective , Ramayan has to be changed ???
    To show from Sita’s perspective – sharassravan has to be created even it means demeaning the Sage of ancient India like Sage Vishiraga ( father of Ravan ) ? Ravan’s father left Lanka when Ravan thrown kuber out of Lanka.
    To show from sita’s perspective- Laxman had to kill Meghnad with sword ? Even Ram was holding sword with Ravan and then dual fight ? Laxman & Ram were great archer and fought with arrows .
    To show from sita’s perspective – Ram & his side have to be degraded ? Ravaan needs to be given more importance ??
    PLEASE think before commenting. SKR has changed the whole YUDHA KAND written by real writer SAGE VALMIK-the RAMAYAN that withstand the test of time whereas Lanka Kand made by SKR has dropped the TRP rating . BECAUSE most of the stuff in LAnka kand never ever took place

  10. all time disgusting disappointing war track – Didn’t like Meghnad killed by sword. Laxman fought with arrows and their war lasted for 3 days .
    So many warriors were not shown in SKR . Only melodrama of Ravan’s side
    Ram& ravan mallaya yudha -combat fight never happened . , not even sword . oNly arrows .
    Ram killed Ravan on the 13 th day . SKR showing all false melodrama .

    And well-wisher for your kind info= Mahabharat lasted for 18 days whereas Ramayan war was for 13 days and Ravan was killed on 13 th day.

    YUDHA _KAND was not shown.
    Didn’t like LAxman-Indrajit fight. Didn’t like the mallaya yudha of Ram & Ravan- it was not in YUDHA KAND .
    Ram & Ravaan fought with powerful arrows . With modern tech – war could have been extraordinary but nothing close to it.
    WELL-wisher -please read Ramayan and then comment . LANKA KAND is completely different than REAL VALMIKI’s Yudha Kand . Mahabharat war was more magnified and lasted for 18 days .

  12. Hi -well wisher -why to send mail in disguise ?
    You are not harsh but I disagree with you .
    I don’t like SKR’s Lanka Kand/ war track as it is absolutely far away from what has been written Sage’s Valmiki’s Ramayan ( YUDHA KAND)
    Ravan’s side melodrama is totally fake- most of them or exaggerated .
    To show from Sita’s perspective – it doesn’t mean to cut short the REAL WAR TRACK.
    To show from Sita’s perspective -it is not necessary to demean the great archer like RAM ( mallaya yudha with Ravan – or delaying Ravaan ‘s death -he died on the same day )or Laxman ( fought with arrows with Meghnad for 3 days ) or warrior like Hanuman , Anganda etc
    Moreover Ravaan had many Demon Chiefs -they were not shown and they were killed by Hanuman, Laxman , Sugreev etc
    To show from Sita’s perspective- it is not necessary to show unreal stories such as Sita writing letters or saving Sulochana . Things that never happened.
    And Ram& Ravan fight was for 13 days and Mahabharat lasted for 18 days -as pointed by so many .

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