What’s your take on Simmi’s new plan to trap Raman in YHM ?

The current track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein shows how Simmi, Raman’s sister works out her plan to send Raman to an asylum in order to take revenge from Ishitha.

As Ishitha has exposed Param , Simmi’s husband, Simmi wants to take revenge for that by making her husband leave the house.

Thus, she makes a lady by the name, Raina meet Raman and tells him that she is pregnant with his child . Raina blackmails Raman and asks him to kill her husband.
Raman is in a drastic condition over this situation, thinking about his family and refuses to share it with anyone while Ishitha tries to unfold Simmi’s plan.

It has been a long time since Raman lost his memory and the new plan of Simmi has made Raman’s condition worse. So , what’s your take on Simmi’s new plan to trap Raman? Share your views.

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  1. i feel this simmi doing all this itself is sooo baseless because ishita was the one who exposed her husband param , she helped her get divorce from him , tried to get simmi remarried , then helped her from subbu , supported her throughout her life . i have loved simmi’s character from the starting of the show . she has always loved and cared for ishra…. now its so irritating they have made simmi negative . its so funny that she is troubling her brother to take revenge on ishita . no sister in reality can ever trouble her own brother . now that they have made her negative . i am hating all her plans . her plans are stupid like her and this newest plan is worst of all . its high time that raman gets back his memory and gets united with ishita and family . i think the show is still in top 10 . if the same drama goes on it wont remain there .

    1. Totally agree with you.

  2. Riana

    Its such a baseless and worthless track !…Not interested in simmi’s plan !…Hope this nonsenss will end though i know cvs is deaf and dumb to hear anything from audience ?

  3. You got it, Ariana. CVS is deaf and dumb. They do not care about what the mass wants. Every issue drags so long much much longer than needed. Shanno’s track, Shagun’s amnesia, Ashok/Roshni/Adi’s track, and now this never ending param/Simmi stupidity. At least, though negative I didn’t mind watching the others for the sake of watching, but this Simmi/param clan is disgusting.

    1. Riana

      @Vany… Absolutely dear ?

  4. Lokesh

    Stop this nonsense .

  5. Instead of taking a leap of 10 years this serial should have ended. This serial’s story has been finished a long time ago and now it is unnecessarily dragging.

  6. Dis serial has gone from crap to more crap.why is it so diff for her to expose dem.excpt mr and mrs bhalla and raman evry1 else knws wat she is planng.still dey cnt expose them.wt d hell is dis serial showng dem that dey cn do anythng and no1 asks abt it

  7. End the show for god sake.or kill us instead of showing this stupidity.

  8. Sunita Pathania

    stop this show now….irritating…or change the track immediately…show the good winning over evil and end the show asap….fed up of the sister’s cruelty on a brother…what crap!! please change track or shut down this crap…thanks…we had enough..

  9. Neelam Dhahwan

    Simmi is Raman’s sister. Koi sister apne bhai ke like is hud tak bura nahi kar sakti. So, ye kahani happy ending ke saath khahtam honi chahiye. Aur mat khinchiye.

  10. I think it is time to get Rid of Simmi.
    Send her to timbak too ???
    Fed up with all this.
    How can a sister destroy her own brother .
    Worst track ever.

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