What’s your take on Shagun’s negative track in YHM?


Shagun has turned negative all over again. The pretty lady’s character got too positive for some time and was looking different for a while. Her grey shade was the highlight of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ever since the start. Shagun was seen positive and raising Pihu well, taking care of Raman and family. Even though Raman did not marry her, she did not lose her cool and was happy in her small world. She even tried to figure out Ishita’s existence and went Australia in search of her. But, Ishita’s shocking entry made her feel insecure. Shagun could not keep her genuine goodness for longer period. She could not see Raman and entire Bhalla family forgetting her after Ishita’s re-entry in their lives.

While Raman was agreeing to marry Shagun, to show his anger and frustration towards Ishita, Shagun just wanted to have tough grip on Raman and her children. Ishita’s positivism was so reflecting that everyone just moved over Shagun. Shagun failed to marry Raman, because of Ishita. Shagun could not accept this humiliation and kidnapped Ishita. Her truth was revealed later. Right now, Shagun has joined hands with Ashok and Niddhi to make Ishita’s life troublesome. Shagun married Mani and is playing family politics by using Pihu and Raman’s trust. Ishita has seen Shagun’s real face, but the latter is sure to win all this time. Do you find Shagun’s character swing justified or totally wrong? Let us know in this poll. You may leave your opinion in comment section below.

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  1. Maddy_02

    Shagun is right in her place

    1. Isaaq

      Ishita doesn’t deserve it though. If Shagun never left Raman for 6 years, then Ishita would never step into their lives.

      Ishita was infertile and her bond with Ruhi was her gift from God. Shagun has no right to do all of this because she shouldn’t of been negative in the first place.

      Ishita is good and Shagun is evil. When Shagun and Pihu are close, does Ishita get insecure and separate them? No because she isn’t like Shagun. That’s the difference between Shagun and Ishita. I feel sorry for Ishita, she’s never had happiness in her life even though she deserves it!

  2. hmare view se kya fark padega btw mere hisab se ye this character swing is totally wrong nd ishita is behaving like sweet poison to shagun actually agr practical hokr dekha jae to galti ishita ki hai usne na to mani ka hi khyal kiya na aliya ka na hi shagun ka kaisi ma hai mhan bani firti hai bas apne bachhe ke liye use aliya ko chhorne me ek pal bi nai lga dis is disgusting

  3. Priya_

    Shagun ka tho Pata nahi lekin shagun ishitha confrontation mein mujhe ishita ki dialogues irritating lagi..
    Sorry I’m not blaming anyone..just telling my pov

  4. Ruksy

    Everyone knows shagun’s behaviour is not justified at all. she is using pihu and she claims to be her mother and love her.its all fake she has no relation with pihu. ishita is the step mum of ruhi and adi but shagun is their real mum and they left her because they know the truth about her. she left them when they needed her and ishita was there for them. pihu doesn’t know the truth that ishita is her real mum if she knew the truth she would leave shagun and go to ishita. shagun is using pihu against ishita because she is scared she’ll be lonely if pihu leaves her. it was her choice to leave manoj and look after pihu.

    1. Not really. Raman and his family took advantage of Shagun because Ishita left.
      Now after 7 years Ishita wants it all back and to leave Shagun out in the cold is
      Unfair to all the good Shagun has tried to do. She has mothered Pihu from birth
      Why should she give up her right to motherhood because Ishita decides she wants
      It all back.

  5. I think shagun is right….for the first time i think ishita is not doing right i mean wo chahti kya ha pehly us ne ruhi ki custody li phir adi ki aur ab pihu j peechy parhi ha i know adi aur ruhi ki custody us ne is liye li thi bcz shagun stable nahi thi but ab to eo stable ha aur pihu k liye eik achi maa b sabit hui ha to ishu ko pihu ko shagun k pass jany dena chahiye

    1. Shagun hi ishra marriage keliye haa kaha pehle ishita toh tab bhi shagun ke baare m socha n Shagun ishita ko maarne ki koshish ki kya woh sahi hai….e baar socho….I am not blaming anyone just think once…..

    2. And coming to custody….Shagun pihu ko use kar rahi hai n galat sikha rahi hai use….agar sach m pyaar karti n un dono ki bonding itni aachi hoti toh apne aap aajayegi pihu shagun k pass jaise ruhi aayi thi ishu k pass

  6. RiyaDcruz

    If der is no negative role it won’t be nice …….. When shagun was changed gud……
    It was boring so I’ve stopped seeing it by wen did dey showed shagun again changed I was soooo haappiieee
    Yhm won’t be nice without shagun …… It won’t be nice without shagun……
    Shagun is back so yhm is back………

  7. RiyaDcruz

    I luv shagun bcoz der der will b no ishra without shagun……….

  8. Yaa even I

  9. Yaa even I think shagun is right in her place

  10. Shagun is a jealous women. Raman did not forgive her at all. He openly told her that he does not love her. So what hope she has. Raman loves ishu. Is sincere loving and beautiful as she has a good heart.

  11. Tash

    I think shagun is right at her own place..what is the need for Ishita to make shagum marry mani..jst becoz she wants to send shagun out of bhalla house….y?? Let shagun also live happy with pihu….ishita is also at her point right….really very unpredictable track….

  12. Ehhh…what do I say? Shagun is right in her plae but using Pihu ain’t correct at all…I don’t like this

  13. The Main culprit is RAMAN, if he did not show dreams of marriage to Shagun, I don’t think she would have become negative
    Raman was the person who break off Shagun and DR
    Raman was the person who tried to prove something to ISHITHA by using SHAGUN.

    Raman should get punished

    Shagun is right in her place, but she should not use Pihu

  14. shagun is right because pihu is hers ,just because she not her real mom that does not mean she not her mom it takes more than dna to be a mom and ishita was not there all those 7 years regardless of the situation and ishita thought that all the problems would be solved if she paired shagun and mani and that makes it seem like she trying to get rid of shagun so shagun is right .

  15. ishu should have not left aliya and mani. and shagun is also right on her place. a person who did not get a family due to her own selfishness and then tried to change deserves some love. shagn was being ignored wich was wrong on the part of bhalla family. anyways ishita deserves this . both r right in their place

  16. History repeats…. how could it be interesting if everything is repeating…. very very annoying track ever… making shogun negative again is totally needless…..

  17. Shagun is right…she is doing right…I dont know why do makers always make a story where Ishita is Good…but why…even wen she is nt right she is shown a Hero…N Divyanka iz not able to handle this track wit proper emotions…Anitha is always good in both negative n positive role…Tat is wat an artist needs….Gud luck Shagun…

  18. Whatever shagun is doing she is right at her place bcoz when in the past she corrected herself for her children and then she helped ishita to save bhalla family from every danger ,then she became a surrogate mother for ishra’s baby ,PIHU.The circumstances made ishita to leave her family,her baby.But ,shagun knew that what happens when a child is nurtured without a mother’s love ,so she sacrificed her love,Manoj,for PIHU.And now suddenly ishita comes and she makes alright just like in the past
    Shagun ,who makes Pihu as her world ,how can she lose her for ishita?Atleast she muust be given some time.
    In all these situations how cant a person feel insecure?

  19. i agree

  20. Yes Ishita is selfish….All members in bhalla family know Pihu wants shagun…Raman knows pihu need Shagun…And he knows ishita left Pihu wen she is jus born…But still why he supports Ishitha..This track is not justified…Give atleast Pihu to Shagun….
    Shagun is also a good mother….

  21. shagun is right and she has got right to have pihu

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