What’s your take on leads’ chemistry in Jaana Na Dil Se Door?


Star Plus’ Jaana Na Dil Se Door recently released and caught up the viewer’s attention pretty faster because of the sizzling chemistry between the lead actors. Vikram Singh Chauhan and Shivani Surve play Atharv and Vividha. Their chemistry and screen presence highlights the concept.


Atharv and Vividha have intense romance between them, which is not spoken in words. They express their feelings by silent stares and teary eyes, light smile and glowing face. Atharv’s brilliant dialogue delivery adds up to the passion in the romantic scenes, while Vividha’s calmness speaks all from her side.

Atharv and Vividha are very much in love. Vividha is moving back just because of her father’s emotional torturing stories. Vividha loves her father a lot, and does not know his true face. Her father Kailash Kashyap is a mean, dual-faced and an opportunist. He disrespects women and does not leave a chance to humiliate Atharv and his mother Sujata. Kailash often taunts Atharv on being fatherless and makes this point superior to anything else around Atharv. Vividha is humble by nature and bonds with Sujata well. The show is going great to bring a love story with much excitement packed in every episode for the viewers. All that shines in the show are the lead actors and their rocking chemistry. What’s your take on leads’ chemistry in Jaana Na Dil Se Door? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. yashasvi ( yashu )

    love their love story……… they r just superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. atharv-vividha jodi rocksss among all….their chemistry is mindblowing n amazing….love them a lot….big fan of jaana na dil se dur

  3. Y there was an some magic in their chemistry

  4. amazing chemistry between the two. Show is going quite well. But the moment atharv and vividha’s story will be over. It will loose all attention gained so far. make them fight, love etc. but don’t shift story from atharv – vividha to ravish – vividha. that’s all

  5. Its awesome and continued to be super good. But thse days..from a few episodes we hardly find that chemistry.

    All the time Vividha misunderstanding Atharv and Athav staying silent without clearing i

    Hope to see more and more love and romantic scenes

  6. Superb nd vry cute couple…I just love to watch chemistry between them…looking forward to watch more romantic scene btwn them with awesome song Jaana na dil see door…Pl don’t separate them…vivtharv u both rock in ur chemistry…best couple…

  7. Lovely pair……and chemistry between them really awesome if it happens all-time sure this serial rocks …..plzzzzzzz check out their misunderstandings and start love story we are eagerly awaiting for their lov scenes….

  8. Meghana

    The sweeeetest couple and cutest pair i really never saw such a superb pair ever(even in movies) and hattsoff to director i donno frm where did they bring shivik but they just look gorgeous and i wish star plus should nt stop this serial love uuu vitharv

  9. Arshdeep

    Sizzling chemistry??❤
    They both are sooo cute???? and look amazing together ❤

  10. dont let vividha 2 marry anothr guy pls

  11. Love to watch there onscreen chemistry…cute nd superb couple…best jodi lk ranbir deepika…wants to watch more vivatharv romantic scene

  12. acting is good .bt I hate vividha like girls who have no aim or target in life. they are like dolls in someone’s hand

  13. whenever I see them together I feel butterflies in my stomach….
    Their chemistry makes viewers happy and the feelings of love….
    Watching the show from starting…. love Atharv n Vividha. Hope they will be always together..

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