What’s your take on KB’s divorce track?


Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya did not bring out Tanu’s truth exposed till now. The current track brings a divorce drama. Abhi lands in the same hotel with Tanu where Pragya is present. He hides Tanu from Pragya. He makes excuses and takes Tanu away. Abhi questions Tanu if she’s keeping an eye on him. Abhi tells Tanu that he cannot get Pragya’s signature on the divorce papers. He tells her that he can’t cheat Pragya like this and hands the divorce papers back to Tanu. Abhi does not know that Pragya and he has already got divorced. Pragya has lied to him about their divorce happened earlier. There is another divorce track going on right now in the show.

Later, Tanu keeps the divorce papers to get Abhi’s sign. Pragya gets drunk and starts behaving weird. Abhi asks Pragya to sign on the divorce papers. Abhi feels bad to fool Pragya and take advantage of the situation. Pragya is fooled by her drunk state and believes the divorce papers are the driving license papers. Pragya signs the papers and asks Abhi to give her the license. Abhi feels much guilty and thinks how he has cheated Pragya. Tanu learns that Pragya has signed the divorce papers and gets glad. Abhi and Pragya spend some romantic time. Tanu wants to separate Abhi and Pragya. She believes this time it will be final separation. Abhi has not signed on the divorce papers yet. It has to be seen if Abhi will also sign on the papers and file divorce. What do you think of this divorce track in Kumkum Bhagya? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. WTF?????

  2. again started ah…….plz bring tis tanu story to a end……i love tis kb,but becz of tis drag getting bore……

    1. I think they are planning to drag this drama like pavitra rishta…

  3. Not even 1 percentage liking d current track

  4. What will you do with our take on KBs divorce track?????. Despite our comments..Serial keeps dragging for ever and ever .. Tanu remains pregnant for ages together..Abhi and Pragya will not unite for ever…

  5. how come writers in 19 century r such a stupids really I am fed up to gills through dizzz blo*dy crap writers go get some brain nd write smthng new nd most evenly write logically


  7. Seriously it’s heights now….soo many months writer is taking to bring out tanu truth..it’s becoming boring now…

  8. I ♡♡kb abhigya and Rabul but it is going in a wrong track bit boring

  9. I think they end tanus story very soon…
    I think this divorse drama will soon revel the secret of Tanu in Front of abhi..

  10. R the writers ever going to bring out Tanu’s truth. I’m really f**ked up of this drama!!!

  11. I think the outcome of this might bring the truth of tanu exposed as abhi knows he is doing wrong to pragya n we can clearly see how much he loves his fuggi.

    1. Outcome will be Abi marrying Tanu….

  12. They r dragng it…. But I think this track will lead to tanu’s exposure

  13. pls put an end of tanu dramma.its nearly going on one yr..its so irritating of dragging the story..wen tanu will exposed is it hapnd in nxt yr…??..

  14. I think Abhi is a dumbo , all Zee tv serial’s men are dumbos , whether it will be Rana ji from ETRETR , Kaartik from YVR or our Rockstar , seriously???

  15. Stupid nd useless track, if u guys dnt wnt to bring tanu truth it will be better they dis show off air nd bring another programme we are tired of watching dis tanu drama for past how many month nau

  16. i am tired of waiting for stories from this show to be revealed. Purvi has disappeared….when is Abhi gonna find out that Aaliyah had he n Pragya kidnapped? When are they gonna find out that Mitali knew of the kidnapping ? Tanu has been pregnant forever……….fed up n frustrated…..prefer watching other soaps….writers are mad or something

  17. Please producer’s either you stop running the show or change track by ending all non sense.. Its a humble request.

  18. Please don’t dragggggggg…

  19. Stop this tanu track so boring….Aliya uff she got mad by ruining his life as sister….bring something new twist

  20. Please very soon have a pole to see whether wievers like this drama or not……if not something like whether soon to end this or not,….I’m sure the results will bring da writers n da producers to suicide …..so frustrated n worst drama ever……dragging made so disappointed….I hope n pray dat everyone should protest to stop this drama…I putty on the acting crew…..

  21. First Pragya is incredibly stupid by bringing Tanu into her home, then Abhi takes over the height of stupidity and behaves like a foolish man ,now Tanu is pregnant forever without any physical change and every bad thing she does, she wins, so if the writers want to end this drama by celebrating Tanu and Abhi marriage, it won’t be any different from the incredible mess they made of this drama .

  22. I use to love this show but now I feel there no other torture in this world than watching this show. there should be a limit to drag but the written has crossed all limit . Please end this mental torture.. Do you want to show that the whole medical world is corrupt that they can’t get done a genuine DNA… Nonsense

  23. aab baas karo…leave it…

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