What’s your take on JNDSD’s leap?

Star Plus’ Jaana Na Dil Se Door wasn’t expected to have a leap so soon. The show is a intense love story, which clicked initially by the lead pairing’s chemistry and romance. The love story of Atharv and Vividha, called Vitharv by the fans started on a good note. After viewers expected some good moments, Vitharv got separated. Vividha’s father forces her to marry Ravish. Since then, Ravish is seen as a great sacrificing figure, who exhibits good values under any circumstances. Ravish’s big heart becomes a problem for his family. His mother and grandpa were not happy with Ravish’s decision to support his stepbrother Atharv. Ravish’s character graph has not been lesser than the lead hero Atharv. Atharv was loved for his amazing ideals and determination. Even Ravish’s character won hearts.

The current track shows Atharv being manipulated. Atharv gets to know he is soon going to die by the nail leaving infection in his head. Atharv decides to leave from Vividha’s life and makes a big sacrifice of love, by breaking his vows. Vividha’s wait for Atharv ends. She proposes Ravish in the same mandap, to which he readily agrees. Atharv then comes to know that he is absolutely fine and someone has intentionally fooled him. Atharv runs back to Vividha, hoping she is waiting for him. The twist in the fate strikes them again. The leap will be seen with a child character introduced. What’s your take on JNDSD’s leap? Let us know in this poll. You may leave an opinion in comments section below.

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  1. Ravidha should get married and the child who is shown in the precap should be ravidha’s only.plz unite ravidha.

  2. Plz don’t follow the story of arzoo movie.

  3. I thought it was HDDCS.

  4. Arthava all the way! Kailash can go where the sun doesn’t shine!

  5. The current track sucks…ravida that would be injustice.What the hell??Like other serial pls don’t bring such twist which makes us go mad on the plot n we literally start hating it.Vithrav was the best.I don’t understand one thing at first the makers asks to fans which pair u want in JNDSD n I do remember majority were in support of vitharv n even I was one of them then if ravida was gonna unite then what’s the use of asking.I am not cont…N this was my view.Everyone has different views so I respect ur decision to unite Ravida but it’s my choice whether to cont it or not.I agree I am not regular n never cmt but I always followed this serial n thanks for everything.But I am sry to say I am leaving.VITHARV rocks.

    1. dont worry! what i feel is atharv is the hero and he’ll always be.according to hindi serial logic after the leap,always hero and heroine(the couple meant to be together)are seperated that means kabhi na kabhi vitharv ko hi milna tha

    2. This is total trash.end show now

  6. I guess the leap might be good if it shows Ravidha and Atharv being successful with his dairy farm. That’s all I expect.

  7. It should be Vitharv’s son.
    Leap was not necessary . After the marriage of Vitharv they could have shown the leap.

  8. kya ishq kaise pyar

    HAte it, because vividha hates atharv to the core now, the kid madhav is of vitharv, but atharv will mistook madhav to be son of ravish and vividha…

    1. yeah! i too feel the same

  9. What is the need to ask us??
    What ever it is you will do what ever you want… we know that..
    Then what is the need of our opinion? ?
    Such a funny…

  10. i really don’t understand why we can’t have a normal simple love story.

  11. They unnessassirly take leap.I can’t support this leap .bcz from 1St epsd we had been waiting for vitharv union patiently. One yr will complete on 9 may. Still they never United. This srl cheated badly the genuine viewers.
    If this leap is taking after the marriage of vitharv and no more ra…. vidha, then we can accept the leap.but this is utter nonsense.

  12. Nonsense…….Ravida seriosly…hate it to the core….I too am leaving
    Suck…suck…suck…What’s the use of asking us…if they don’t respect our views….
    Totally…totally hating the track….Boring….Hate it….An unnecessary twist…

  13. this thing fact this time vividha in anger, she will marry to ravish only full fill his duties, ravish never gets vividha’s love what you want guys, ravish will live same suman’s life why cvs not want a new character for ravish.

  14. atharva fake disease will come out that time vividha regreat for losing atharva, then what will happen to ravish and atharva done a lott for vivdha, and vividha atharva’s a hard earn love, atharv deserves his love, I think atharva should get his love vividha, and new character should enter in for ravish also.

    1. I don’t like the leap idea at all.. Lost all interest.. They messed the characters specially vividha… After the leap, atharv nd vividha will not meet nd will just drag.. Nd a child,, so stupid vividha will be shown as a mother…

    2. Sorry wrong Window

  15. Pls stick to the original track of empowerment of true love and in this show it should only be Vitharav. Ravish was bought in to add the masala, the poor chap has done his bit to keep the tempo now pls for heaven’s sake let his rest in his Mahaanta, while Vitharv unite and we audience can take a sigh of relief after all ur irrelevant twists and turns. Not to mention this leap is another eyewash to complete a few more episode and make some more money.

    If u can’t entertain fans with an enduring story, like the phase 1 of JNDSD, pls.spare us the headache and heartache. Make way for a better show to take that time slot!!

  16. thus leap is just a stupidity if vitharava doesn’t get united and what is use of asking sorry to say but writers ko kbhi manni to hoti nhi hai fans ki hanesha aoni marzi ka hi karte hai sab

  17. thus leap is just a stupidity if vitharava doesn’t get united and what is use of asking sorry to say but writers ko kbhi manni to hoti nhi hai fans ki hamesha apni marzi ka hi karte hai sab

  18. Trash and more trash

  19. pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pl s vitharv…..

  20. very upset. I am discontinuing this serial.. Go to hell……….

  21. Leap should not have happened ? you’ve made the evil dad win,what’s the point of that!!!!

  22. I hate it . They are just dragging the story and i just like vitharv as a pair !

  23. They have changed atharav to a parallel male lead and ravish to a normal male lead this wise unfair I hate ravidha

  24. Anonymousqlien

    They have changed atharav to a parallel male lead and ravish to a normal male lead this wise unfair I hate ravidha

  25. This is a good storyline keep it up…… dont let artav to reunite wuth vivida


  27. I already crushed and throwed Jana na Dil SE door in dustbin. Stopped watching it.

  28. Nonsence stupid serial hate that kutii vividha playing with boys heart stupid girl i hate her very much

  29. Hey shraddha,
    Max b vitharv will unite.
    I do hope so but now I just don’t wanna cont.I can’t see ravida.For me vitharv is the best.If vitharv unites then I will surely come back but now I can’t take it any longer.

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