What’s your take on Ishqbaaz going one-hour?

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz will be extending its slot to an hour. Its spin off Dil Bole Oberoi has also been a successful attempt. However, all the characters were not getting along as per the script demands. The actors of both the shows were making short appearances whenever needed. Ishqbaaz, being the parent show, remained everyone’s favorite. The stories have been going parallel till now. Ishqbaaz will now run for an hour duration, with characters and stories merging into a single frame. Three different love stories will be seen, that of Anika-Shivaye, Gauri-Omkara and Bhavya-Rudra.

Dil Bole Oberoi was launched to give more scope to the characters Omkara and Rudra. Shivaye’s love story has been leading in Ishqbaaz. There was not much to do for his brothers in the short duration episode. After meeting the needs, characters were sketched nicely in the spin off. Based on popularity, the show will now sync all the tracks. The integration episodes of Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi got a tremendous response by the viewers. The success of Oberoi Special made the makers go for the permanent merger. Ishqbaaz will now air from 10pm-11pm on weekdays. Viewers can expect lots of Ishqbaazi. What’s your take on Ishqbaaz going one-hour? Let us know in this opinion.

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  1. Karina

    I like it that now all three pairs will be seen together, but i hope that all of them will have the same screen spance and will be given importance equally. I really miss the O bros moments and i also want to see the bond between Anika and Gauri, they both are so alike and im hoping that Gauri will be the long lost little sister of Anika.

  2. Ishuyamjha

    waiting for the merger to happen however dbo and ib was doing good i was missing the broromance and now if ib and dbo merges we can see ishqbaazi and broromance too hope all the pair get equal space

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Unboxing the real feeling of Ishqbaai when three brotgers are together. This will be amazing with more Obro moment, silly jokes with bromance and “Shut up Rudra!!”, some intense shayaries from Omkara most importantly ishqbaazi will be uninterrupted for one long hour with their three love interest. Eagerly waiting for Monday.

  4. Anitaaa3

    Awsome….Because both the show laxked of sync..And the characters also were like loat..Anika was never seen in DBO and Gauri aka Chulbul was never seen in IB..Moreover all the 4 couples will get equal screen space in the show and if its possible they can start Mahi’s love story also

    1. Anitaaa3

      Lacked no Laxched

      1. Anitaaa3

        Lost not loat

  5. Ananyagour

    I think this is a perfect decision ☺now more ishqbaaazi will be there ?really excited ?finally gul mam taken this decision to merge in and dbo….as per fans wish ? now I hope ishqbaaaz will be on top in trip charts I wish old ishqbaaaz will be back
    But can’t forget Indian television first spin-off dil bole oberoi definetly miss you ?

  6. Aarti32

    No complaints, jab tak gaukara aur ruvya ko bhi Shivika jitni importance di jaye!!


    Finally team realised as after merger show will be more interesting.
    But i have one request- plz rename show name from ishqbaaz to Dil bole oberio, as show me ishqbaaz kam or oberio jayda hai, or unka dil ishqbaazi me kam, oberio’s ki prblm solve krne me jayda rehta hai..
    And moreover Dil Bole Oberio show ko jayda suit krta hai

  8. Sakash.

    I love to see both shows together.I am happy with Gul mam’s decision.Every one will got equal space in show.All the best. Ishqbaaz will rock & i wish it to be 1st in TRP ratings.
    DBO’s last episode is totally amazing.I loved it to the core???????

  9. Riana

    What to say ??…Its a Fabbbb news !!!…??????????????….always wanted a 1hour Ib…?????

    1. Chandani99

      Same here??

  10. Lauren

    I really very happy n excited for this decision… I love to see both the shows together…much excited for one hour episode n three love stories…. looking forward to it…

  11. Good step to merge Ib and Dbo… But i still feel absence of saumya.. she was best for rudra. Iam a Rumya fan..Iam still not able to see bhavya with rudra.. saumya rudra were best couple like the other 2 jodis.. Shivika Omri and Rumya.?? Pls cvs makers or producers pls brng saumya back 4 rudra pls pls.

  12. its a long time wish to see one hour ishqbaaz and it is finally happening . combined show means more obro and more obahu moments . so excited . everything is in the right track . omkara understands gouri and rudra knows about bhavya so it is gonna be too interesting . we will be able to see aniri moments , eagerly waiting for tomorrow

  13. Yazhu

    Totally excited for the merge of IB and DBO… I’m really missing the OBros moments and also want to see Anika and Gauri’s bond again…. They’re just so alike and perfect to be called as sisters…wish all the pairs have equal screen space and also gets equal importance with their respective love stories….

  14. Ahsana98

    I like the merging of IB and DBO, finally our old IB will back,obros and their ishqbaazi in one platform. When Mahaepisode of IB and DBO held I was wish if IB and DBO will merge then our old IB will come back. My dream come true in tomorrow.

  15. Sunanda12345

    I like ishqbazz nd dbo together….Egerly waiting ?????3 luv stories and family dramas nd shivomru bonding….when dbo starts I missed these 3 brothers bonding…. now iam happy

  16. Hey astha n shradha … nice to meet u both here…. i am also too excited for one hour ishqbaaz

  17. Pixie

    i am sooooooooo excited for 1 hour of ishqbaaz!!!!!
    i love ishqbaaaz and cannot wait for the bromance! 🙂
    now, they will be able to focus on all the three brothers and their respective partners!
    shivika, ruyva, rikara….. lots of love to all of you… 😉
    Actually, ishqbaaaz is very lucky as rarely shows get spinoffs or extensions…..
    the ishqbaaaz team rock and they work very very hard… thus they deserve this….
    I hope they complete more than 1000 episodes!! 🙂

  18. Now IB andand DBO rocks …….

  19. awesome

  20. Nila

    So excited to see one hour episode???? & Old IB going to back???

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  22. Reruru

    A very gud idea…I really wanted to see them together….finally….great idea makers…

  23. Nita D

    That’s the best thing ever happening…..

  24. Brother bond ❤️

    I am so happy by this decision of makers. I left watching IB-DBO because they splitter. The only reason I liked IB was because of bromance and Oberoi moments. Those three together are love. I get people like to watch them as couples but please give us some more brother bond. Hopefully I will start watching ishqbaaz again.

  25. Somya and rudra look amazing than bhavya and rudra

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