What’s your take on Ishq Mein Marjawan’s Manali track?

Colors’ September launched show Ishq Mein Marjawan had gained ratings this year because of the twists in the life of Aarohi. Aalisha Panwar plays double role in this serial as innocent Aarohi who now finds ways to find her sister-in-law Ridhi and nephew Niku while the other character Tara is an angry woman who does many murders. At start, Deep seemed to be a good guy with love towards Aarohi but later it was revealed that he had married her only to save his killer wife Tara from getting arrested. He hatched many plans and finally got Aarohi arrested for Tara’s crimes. Aarohi however was freed after two years and made news that she is dead. She found Deep’s address and entered his house in Mumbai as servant Kesari. But to get evidence of the residence of her bhabhi and Niku, she traps Tara and impersonates her. Now she stays in Deep’s house to find where Tara’s elder brother Virat is as he had captivated her family.

Aarohi convinces Deep and Roma in meeting Virat where they inform that he couldn’t come. Deep then takes her to Manali where Virat resides. Aarohi desperately waits for time to come to meet Ridhi and Niku. She prays god to help her. She gets surrounded by thugs while Deep is away. Virat comes there in rescue of her and makes the thugs away. Aarohi gets to know that he is none other than Inspector Laksh whom she assumed to be killed. Virat doubts her to be Aarohi. Will this be the end of Aarohi’s plan?

What’s your take on this track of Kullu-Manali? Comment and like to express your opinion.

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  1. I want ardeep.

    1. I like Deep and Arohi’s jodi and want them to be together.

  2. Deep betrayed her. No girl can ever get with someone like deep after framing an innocent girl for murders his crazy wife committed

  3. Aarohi should not forgive all who framed her and spoiled her beautiful and peaceful life by killing her brother and separating her from her bhabhi and Nikku ,for sure they all should pay for their crimes. Hope Aarohi won’t be captured and even if she get capture she has hold Tara hostage so she has a card for threatening them.
    Wishing Aarohi best of luck in her revenge journey and hope Nikku and bhabhi are alive

  4. You are right but I just wanted Arjun Bijlani’s character to be positive.if not deep then may be his lookalike .I am his fan since naagin and by now ongoing episodes it seemed that deep has more shades than seen so just a little hope.

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