What’s your take on Devanshi’s current track?

Colors’ Devanshi recently got shocking twists where Devanshi takes charge of Jwalapuri, and replaces Kusum. Devanshi is seen as Mata Devanshi. The people of Jwalapuri regard her as Goddess avatar. Devanshi does not wish to encourage blind beliefs. She decides to end their superstitions. The fate gets her to the point where she has to choose between wife duties or responsibility towards her village. Devanshi is guided by Ishwar, who asks her to sit on Kusum’s throne. Kusum and her aide Mohan start troubling Devanshi to deter her from the path shown to her by Maiyya. Devanshi has high belief in Maiyya. She realizes Maiyya is with her, when Vardaan gets revived from death.

Devanshi proves the miracles by her own. Vardaan and Devanshi’s love story suffer a bit after marriage. Kusum plans to separate them. Vardaan gets partially disabled after a planned accident by Mohan and Shikhhar. Shikhar will be seen turning negative. Kusum assumes Vardaan and Devanshi’s relation will start sinking once Devanshi sits on her throne. Devanshi accepts the huge responsibilities. She tries to manage both duties of a wife and Godly figure. Kusum hinders Devanshi from fulfilling duties and raising in people’s sight. Vardaan and Devanshi’s true love will be seen sustaining Kusum’s evil attempts. What’s your take on Devanshi’s current track? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Mica

    well, i think it’s nothing to do with a poll on TU..
    sorry if it sound harsh, but Devanshi mostly about aunty segment as the aired time so unfriendly to teenager, meanwhile mostly TU members are teenagers.
    So, it’s kinda waste to do poll to teenagers when their voice won’t have big effect as they HAVE NO CHANCE to WATCH it due unfriendly airtime and NO repeat telecast either.( i mean no matter what result the poll, it has no effect to trp, right ?)
    sorry if my statement hurting people.

    About Devanshi turned to be another Mata, in beginning i didn’t like it, but then maybe it’s only way to make villagers to sweep away the superstition among them as seemed it’s very very hard to change their mind.
    For me it’s interesting to know how Devanshi to manage everything, but maybe CVS can show other problems too instead only show us about devanshi-kusum sundari’s fight..
    all the best for Devanshi team… congrat for 200 episodes

    1. No micca it’s not about timing… If u says vk show didn’t get good timing… Then OK but devanshi timing is quite good… And when kashvi is in the show trp was good… The thing is that show is showing superstitious things.. How a dead person can a live.. Give me one logic how a little girl helly can hold weight of a unconscious man who may be double of her weight… These things I don’t like earlier I watched for helly but sorry now I can’t support this. And people says I’m not hellu’s fan…

      1. Mica

        Here i didn’t talk about other Serial Nithya…reread again my comment
        that’s why i said that it’s AUNTY SEGMENT,..
        well about the scene when a little Helly could bring a unconscious big man,
        dear,, she brought him on her back na, not carried him on her arm.. it can be happen dear.. don’t forget about a STRONG DETERMINED HEART,
        on those scene, Devanshi done that with her DETERMINED HEART, and we know, a strong feeling carry about 70 % of all strengthen, meanwhile physical strengthen mostly only give 30 %.
        Let’s ppl say what they want to say.. i know it’s hard to watch something we don’t want to watch.. but please DON’T BLAME THE SERIAL..
        nowadays, people prefer to watch Beauty and the Beast Movie than La La Land Movies, but it doesn’t mean that La La Land is Bad as it is Oscar winner.
        so, please don’t blame the serial as you don’t like it, it’s about interest matter na.

      2. Mica

        hmmm… 7 pm mostly teenager’s time to study na, moreover Devanshi really Aunty segment, that’s why i said that it kinda waste to do poll here, as almost all TU members are teenagers which have no role on Devanshi’s trp.
        i mean teenagers’s interest soo different with aunty’s interest.

    2. mica i saw u r previous comments as well as this so u said devanshi is a boring show and u dont watch but you know the story
      well. so what should i conclude u like this show or not??

      1. Mica

        my previous comment ? which one Priya ?
        oh ya, i ever wrote an analysis, told that i stopped to watch it for weeks or sometime, that’s one ? i put limit time on it, didn’t you notice that one ?

        hmmm.. about boring, yeah..a serial with only provide 1 problem, it’s boring, but in analysis, we should not only consider 1 person feeling, right ? i said boring as i collected many comments from few site also, combine with mine.

        Boring is a feeling, but there is no connection between this feeling with a quality of a serial itself.So, even if only we feel a serial is boring, it doesn’t mean that we can’t see it’s other goodness . 🙂

        So, i don’t know what i should to answer you as i feel boring with too focus story (1 problem on a story, it’s only provide the fight between Devanshi vs kusum) but in the other hand, i like how the cvs built character for each of the actors/actresses on that serial and some other things. hehehe

  2. Agree vd mica… Devanshi’s timing is a big prblm… No use of our comment….

  3. N i dont no y ppl voted fr drangin… I dont think they r draging…whole mrg scen was wrap up in a veek not lyk others(i dont want to mention) dragging the mrg scen for 3 to 4 months without any twist….. Frm where ppl got the point of dragging in devanshi….aftr the leap they r rushing the story its good also….

    1. People r mature enough to juge what is right or what is worng…

  4. Boring… ???????

  5. Hellu deserves better show than this… I also stopped watching now…

    1. Mica

      It just because you don’t like the theme, it doesn’t mean that Helly doesn’t deserve this.
      for me it’s best for Helly as she can improve her acting skill on this na…
      don’t you see that it’s soo different from her other serial which is only provided “LIVING ROOM SCENE’ 😀 , i mean she mostly only acting on cozy room and being good bahu or whatever, but in Devanshi, she should do everything which mostly outdoor set.
      it can be her preparation to go to next level as an actress.

    2. Kakali

      Yeah Sonam, from a side if we see Helly deserves much better than this. But also if we see it from another side, it will show how Helly has improved herself.! I’m so glad with her this decision.! Even I’m sure this decision will help her out in future.!
      She has become more perfect in acting.! I’m loving it more.! 😀

  6. I don’t know what to say. Seriously I don’t like this type of serial. But I watching it only for Helly and will watch until helly is there.
    And about dragging the show is going at rocket speed. Sab kuch jaldi ho rahi hai.
    Then about colors truly it is biased channel. When a serial has good rating then they give a lot of promos but when the trp start to decrease they will stop giving promo and after 2-3 month they will off air the serial. Take the case of swaragini same thing happen with this serial.

    1. Mica

      Sairaaa….uugghhh talking about Swaragini made me remember that really Aunty power on TV Remote is beyond awesome 😀 😀
      I remember how hard SR fans tried to watch the serial when Channel promised extension when trp increasing.
      All of SR admin on every fb page or other socmed pushed us to watch but then BOOM… the trp still there, no increasing at all.
      So, no matter how hard we yelling on socmed, no matter how hard teenagers love it and watch it.. still Aunty POWER is the winners 😀

  7. Then y ppl r not judjing the show which where showing superstitions…lyk simar that was a family drama turned into a animal planet….in that nagin,ghost n now som kaali is there…still its running….n abt dead ppl alive in nagin seasoone kaali maatha came to kill yamini…killed also…but in season two yamini is alive…..

    1. Mica

      Sanu.. actually the biggest problem is PEOPLE INTEREST….so no need to explain anything as no matter how good it is, we can’t deny that INTEREST FEELING is the most important thing to watch something.
      Devanshi serial is good actually ( comparing to other serial), but some people don’t like it.. just it.

      uugghhh it remind me when my lecturer demanded us to watch english patient movie and beautiful mind movie, both of them Oscar winner, but almost of us kinda death on boredom 😀

    2. Yes sanu I also have a doubt why nagin has high trp. After all this serial also is full of superstition.

  8. Sry i dont no histry stillll in our history v saw a story where one wife made her husband alive (maybe savthri) now also ppl give their exampl in many serials….in kumkum bhagya doctor said that abhi is no more still aftr pragya’s dram he became alive…then y not in devanshi

  9. Here in vardan’s case doctor just checkd his breath vch can be stop fr one or half hour if m not wrong i saw in some movie….

  10. for superstin n live n death is prblm then many more sereals r showing the same……So if u guys cant judge other sereals then dont judge this also….i also dont like this still watchin fr helly….n i cant tell its wrong coz they showing the bitter fact of our socity…sry if i hurt anyone

    1. I accept…….

  11. dear micca i dont agree with you everybody has their own opinon you are opposing everyones which is quite unfair
    so please see before you comment

    1. Mica

      opposing ? which one ?
      first Nitya disagree with my comment which is somehow kinda misunderstand, so i explained to her about my comment, then about her question on unlogical scene, i only explain it,, ..even when she is kinda complain, i said she no need to heard that, because it hard to watch something we don’t like.

      second, Sonam… same as others, Sonam said that Helly deserve better show, did i blame her ? she was thinking about helly betterment, right? by said that ? so, i just showed her another betterment for Helly.

      3rd, Saira.. it’s only casual talk.

      4th, Sanu,…Sanu kinda raised a question about people mind, that why i kinda expl that people have different mind and INTEREST.

      So, what wrong in that ? did i force them to watch ? did i forced my opinion ?
      i don’t think so… what wrong by reply comment on them…

      if you don’t agree, which point you don’t agree with me rather than accused me opposing their opinion….please tell me

      1. sonam has her own opinion that she feels helly deserves a better show it is her opinon and obviously you are opposing her i just want to so everbody ha their own opinon

      2. Mica

        so let it be Sonam who reply me..,,,why you interfere yourself ? even i DON’T BLAME her. i think you have same opinion with Sonam actually 😛
        can i ask you something ? if only Devanshi gets high TRP, will you say that Helly doesn’t deserve this show ?
        don’t you see even Sonam reply other comment also na, pouring her opinion also, so what ?

  12. i agree with alisha. dear mica your opposing everyones opinion which might hurt them you might have your opinion agreed with that but dont oppose. dont take it bad. didnt mean to hurt you


  13. Dear mica let it be….. They wont understand…if u guys dont lik then leav it who r all intrested let them enjoy y r u guys spoiling their intrest….n saira not only nagin simar is also same…. Also dragging still its running frm years….

    1. she didnt say anything about the show so kindly stop blaming her.

  14. Oh no..Its yucky yucky drama with hell shah .. finally her real look was visible without tonnes of makeup..yucky faced yucky hell.

    1. Stop ur nonsense about helly if trp is not increasing its not her fault I don’t know y some people r behind her

    2. You have no right to speak ill about an individual …… Obviously this shows ur sick mentality………..

    3. Mica

      it’s good dear…better showing real look na…let the skin breath.. at least finally she didn’t hide anything,…
      I LOVE it….. it kinda she getting honest to herself and us

    4. Kakali

      Finally you are here.! Waaaaa, HELL HELLY! Hmmm! Let me make a lil change in it HEAVENLY HELLY. Sounds too perfect! Isn’t it? Of course it is.! If you will scream taking ur name as “I’M A blo*dy GIRL & bla blaa n blaaaa”It won’t change the truth that you aren’t.!

      Huh! Yes,her face was visible without make up. Didn’t you see this before? Don’t tell me it’s because of UR FAV USES TONES OF GOBAR MITTI n that why you aren’t even able to watch Helly shah without make up.!
      Hmmmm I’m soo right.!

      Why are you still barking looking at your mirror? “YUCKY FACE, YUCKY HELL”. Don’t abuse yourself like this.! You are a good girl.! Your mirror reflects you soo well.! TC dear.! Jai Mata di. 😀

    5. Raina

      why don’t you keep your favourite actress name and praise her? at least praising someone won’t make people get bad impression on you which you already created!
      you are very busy in hating?
      i mean i have never seen someone who keeps their user name or profile pic of a person whom they hate.
      have no other work instead of hating people?
      who told you to watch her face and waste your time and write such comments like this?

    6. Raina

      so much happy in your life?
      wanted few adventures and problems that you created an useless comment like this?
      to freely get curses of people?

  15. Helly is a very good actress . She prooved herself in swaragini . In devabshi also her acting is awesome .Devanshi is not faring well in this there is no fault of helly . I also don’t like devanshi because i don’t like mudit and helly as a pair also story and set etc . But you have no rights to abuse helly

  16. Huh??…. When i opend the TU i was feeling vomiting coz of garbage smell i was shokd y its stinkin then i saw “”helll”… Are yaar cant u come aftr bathin its stinking here coz of ur comment….joks apart.

    Abt helly if she aply her lipstik all over her face also i’ll tell she is beutiful coz of her pure n million doller smile….ppl look good from there heart not frm their face n i dont think she need any mak up to look good she looks always angelik… Ur comment made me remind one line “”bander kya jaane adrak ka swad””….. I no these lines wont chang ur mind set…coz if u use any detergent or high quality perfume to wash garbage it wont smell good coz garbage is always GARBAGE only.. like ur tungue ur heart also stinking coz of ur thinking….

    1. Kakali

      Sanuuuuuuuu, m laughing so hard reading your comment..!! Don’t worry dear,she was just talking to herself..!! Hehehe bdw I should ask them which detergent they uses to remove the GOBAR MITTI.! :p
      Let them say dear,

    2. Raina

      SANU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your comment made me so happy!

  17. Sorrry guys(not for hell) fr my languang n words….. If she can use hell then i can atleast use garbage ryt….
    N for helll….. Its just a trailor dont force us to show full movie…….if u cant c helly better u avoid d topic accusing someone spclly helly in this page is not at all tolerate keep these things in ur littl barain…(if u have)

    1. Agree with u

  18. Raina

    i love helly, but as i didn’t like the pair (being a fan of swasan)
    i don’t watch this show. but know about the story a little,
    but now reading whatever is written here… like managing both house and husband, husband getting jealous and feeling insecure of wife’s job. saas conspiring her son against his wife.. i feel this is a very common track…

    1. Mica

      Noooo.. Rainaaa… Vardhaan didn’t jealous about Devanshi, even Vardhaan didn’t get effect of Sundari’s trap.
      Here, Vardhaan portrait as unromantic determined wise person.So, he can be rude to Devanshi, but trust her.

      1. Raina

        oh okay micu! i misunderstood. sorry!

    2. Mica

      hmmmm… you unforgiven until you give me another ff *cuddle at mudit’s embrace, kick Devanshi to pluto

      1. Raina

        lol.. i have too many assignments to be finished! will try to give something next week!!

  19. Raina….. May be she is ashamed of her own name coz she is going to do a work where she’ll only get curse’s…. so toook someons precias name to comment…….
    Now maybe she is hiding her yucky face under her mom’s palllu

  20. Hey guys maybe she came to take mudith fr their fav…… I can expect mudith in swaragini page soon……vdout devanshi…… (Some can guess wht i meant to…)

    1. Mica

      Sanuu dear, don’t connect her to other fans ah!, she only Helly hater, just it 🙂 ,
      dare no to mention Mudhit… mudhit is mine only na ;D 😀

      1. Raina

        *widening my eyes*
        then what about Nikhil Micu???????????
        huh! *fainting..

      2. Mica

        Stop fainting huh!
        it’s my weakness Raina… my weaknesss.. huhuhuhuhu
        too easy too fall in love *blushing

  21. Huh mica think again…vardan is only devanshi’s….. If she (devu)get to no ur bad intention abt vardn she vll mak u servent lik ks….hehe…

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