What’s your take on Brahmarakshas’ concept?


Zee Tv’ BrahmaRakshas started this month and airs on weekends. The show brings a supernatural horror tale of a demon ruling the village Kamalpur. The leads Rishabh and Raina meet by destiny. Raina is Rishabh’s sister Rakhi’s best friend, and meets Rishabh when she comes to attend Rakhi’s wedding. Raina supports Rakhi to marry her love and helps her in eloping. Rakhi wearing bridal dress gets in sight of BrahmaRakshas, who can’t bear the sight of a bride, wearing all the red costume and Shringhaar. BrahmaRakshas gets after Raina and Rakhi, to kill the latter. Raina tries hard to save Rakhi, and takes Rishabh’s help.

Rishabh and Raina protect Rakhi, but BrahmaRakshas’s terror does not spare them. BrahmaRakshas reaches them and drags Rakhi along to kill her. Rakhi’s death gives a motive to Rishabh and Raina to find out some solution to end BrahmaRakshas’s terror. Raina’s encounter with BrahmaRakshas leaves bad memories in her mind. Still, she gets determined to fight with BrahmaRakshas to save other brides from the devil. BrahmaRakshas is not totally negative and more on his past and hidden positivity will be revealed in upcoming episodes. What’s your take on Brahmarakshas’ concept? Let us know in this poll. You may leave your opinion on the show in comments section below.

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  1. Siddhi

    It’s interesting

  2. Meghs


  3. is rakhi going to die

  4. Good concept

  5. Priya_

    I haven’t seen the serial.. But the concept seems really interesting

  6. Loveleen

    its too interesting….according to d promo is rishab going to die n becm brahmarakhsas ??

  7. Meenakshi.s.rao

    I feel Ahamm Sharma as Rishab is good but Krystal D’Souza as Raina is not appealing .No charm &pleasing ersonality.Atleast Kashmira Irani orelse Monica Sehgal wld have given us an intense effect.Not at all happy with all the cast .Parag as Brahmarakshas is excellent.

  8. Intrestinggg..

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