What’s your take on Bahu Hamari Rajnikant’s love triangle?


Life Ok’s Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant is finally getting the love angle in the robotic drama. Rajni does not have any emotions, but still has concern for her creator Shaan. Rajni is sweet, cute and very adorable. This makes her very special, and Shaan is special for her. Rajni teaches Shaan to dance. Shaan is sinking in worries to give away Rajni to Mathew. Rajni motivates Shaan to be little romantic. Shaan is in his own worry, which he can’t express to Rajni. Rajni decides to find a perfect wife for Shaan in order to see him living happily ever after. Mathew gives a deadline to Shaan for handing over Rajni to him. Rajni befriends Samaira at the temple. She gets to know that Samaira is Shaan’s ex-girlfriend. Shaan decides to hand over Rajni to Mathew.

Shaan dismantles Rajni and puts her in a suitcase. Shaan goes to handover Rajni to Mathew. Shaan hears Mathew’s evil plans to use Rajni for many crimes. Shaan made Rajni for helping humans, but Mathew wants to make Rajni a terror robot. Shaan feels like Rajni gave him a new life and recreated his personality. Shaan realizes he did big mistake to handover Rajni to Mathew. He gets ready to do anything to get Rajni back. Shaan and Rajni’s pairing is great. After Samaira’s entry, there will be love triangle between humans and a robot. Shiny Doshi is playing Samaira’s part. Did you like Shiny’s entry and this love triangle forming in the show? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Very nice turn it make serial more itresting

  2. Rajini n shaan is the best… But still looking forward to the new twist… It gonna b more interesting…

  3. The twist is for good!!
    Rajni will handle this twist too!!

  4. The story needed twist and a sense of freedom from mathew sir…great going BHRK team

  5. Mst.Sammi Aktar

    I like Rajni and Shaan’s partnership…. they are very sweet and friendly couple…

  6. Keep rajni n shaan together plsssssss…..

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