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What’s So Special About You??
Episode 6
Enjoy <3

Naira and Karthik finally reached to the place! Karthik was just parking the car

Naira POV:
We finally reached to our destination! It took like 1 hour to reach here! The car trip was fun though! We listened to love songs and told stories and joke!

Kaira POV:
Naira, I promise that today will be the best day of your life! I will promise that I will always keep you safe! We’re going in as friends but when we go back we’ll be, bf and gf!

Karthik smiles

Naira looks at his smile
(Naira Thinking) :
Aww he is so cute when he smiles

Karthik opens Naira door and Naira comes out of the car seat. Karthik blindfolded her!

Karthik held Naira’s hand and and took her to the magical place, he had set for them!


Karthik took of the cloth from Naira’s

Naira gets surprised!

She saw the amazing blue little pond, the beautiful colourful flowers, the beautiful sunset, the beautiful decorations.

Karthik comes in front of her and holds her hand and kneels down

Naira, since you came into my life, my life has changed! I've gone crazy for you, I cannot stop thinking about you! I fell in love with your beauty, innocence and kindness! You light up the world for me! Without you, I'm no one! Naira, at first sight I fell in love with you! Remember how I saved you from the car accident? Whatever I did was to save a beautiful girl, I will never ever regret it! Naira, I just want to say that

Naira kneels down and smiles she cups his face

Naira: Thankyou Karthik for making life perfect! Without you I'm nothing! I love you more than anyone else in the whole entire world. Karthik!!! I love you!

Karthik smiles

Kaira shares a tight hug

Karthik takes Naira to cut the cake, they cut the cake together! They feed it to each other!

Kaira say together to each other: Happy Valentines day!

They both realize they said it in the same time and they smile

Karthik: Smile like that everyday, it suits you very well

Naira gets the cake and puts it on Karthik face, she laughs and runs away!

Karthik chases her! Naira hugs him from the back!

Naira: You're only mine, only mine!!

Karthik carries her, he puts her near the pond!

Karthik gifts Naira something

Naira opens it and gets surprised, it was an white saree.

Karthik made her wear it, Naira just blushes the whole time!

Karthik: Wow, Naira you look so damn hot!!

Naira blushes

Well I have another gift for you! Give me your hand

Naira gives her hand to Karthik! He gets a beautiful diamond ring from his pocket and made her wear it!

Naira hugs him tightly

Naira: Karthik, even I got you a ring

Karthik gets happy and he puts his hand forward. Naira makes him wear the ring!

Karthik touches her chin and puts her face up a bit, they looked into each other’s eyes and then the shared a kiss!

Karthik: That kiss was beautiful, not more than you!

Naira blushed

Naira grabbed his T-shirt collar and gets him near her and she kisses him again!


Karthik and Naira left they were in the car listening to music again. Karthik drove with one hand and the other hand was holding Naira’s hand

It started to rain a lot!!

Naira: Karthik stop the car!

Karthik stopped the car

Karthik: What happened Naira, are you okay?

Naira: Yes I'm absolutely fine, jaanu

Karthik smiles hearing her say Jaanu to him

Naira: It's raining let's get out of the dance and do the romance hot rain dance in the Kaira version! Also put the car speaker loud so we can hear the music!

Karthik smiled and Naira smiles back

Karthik: I know the perfect song

Naira: Yes I know it too

Kaira (together) : Tip Tip Barsa Pani


They got out of the car and started dancing crazily! Karthik licke* Naira’s stomach! They hold hands and kiss again!

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