What’s So Special About You (Episode 5) – Nikita

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Episode 5 –
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Naira is getting ready

Naira POV:
Today is the day, finally me and him together forever! Wait what! Do I have feelings for him?? What is going on? Shut up, I love him!!

Karthik is getting ready

Karthik POV:
Today is the day Karthik, Valentines day,the best day and most memorable day of Kaira's life. We will be together forever! No one can separate us! No one, not even my own family!, I am the luckiest boy to have Naira!

Karthik gets off the car

He knocks at Naira’s door. Naira opens it. They both get amazed looking at each other. They shake hands and hug each other. They both say at the same time “ Happy valentines day”
They smile

Karthik gives his hand to Naira. Naira looks at his hand then his eyes, she holds Karthik's hand.

They walk up to the car and Karthik opens the car door for her!

Karthik starts to drive
They look at each other!!

Karthik started to play some love songs
Naira blushes


They first went to a small cafe!

Karthik is bringing the food and then he spot 2 of his class girls talking shi* about Naira.

He got angry and went up to them.

Karthik: How dare you Ari, don't even speak about my…
He stops
Ari: What loser, lost your words!! My what?? Girlfriend?? Naira is an ugly Indian rat
She laughs!!
Karthik: Shut up! Naira is an awesome, beautiful, innocent, funny, happy, cool, sweet, nice and independent girl!

Karthik turns around, Naira was in back of him

Naira leaves to the car.

Karthik: Naira why are you crying? She is a piece of shi* who cares what she says! Naira, you are perfect! You don't need someone like her in your life! I will promise you that I will keep you safe

Naira POV:
He does love me! He loves me!

Naira: Karthik, thank you for supporting me, you are literally the best

They hug each other

Kaira feeds each other the burger.


Precap: Confession!

I know they are short! Trust me, they will get longer, so don't worry at all! Everything will be fine, after I get all my exams finished. I hope you guys try to understand how important my exams are!

Love you xx

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