What’s So Special About You (Episode 4) – Nikita

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Chapter 3
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Saya is one of the popular girls and she is Naira's friend.

Siya: Ok guys! Listen up

Everyone looks at her

Tomorrow is valentine's day! We will celebrate it today because tomorrow is no school. So we will partner up with someone! We would keep sending love notes without getting caught from the teacher.

Everyone likes that idea!

Naira and Karthik buddy up together


Class time:

Karthik smiles and writes note, he tells his friends to pass it to Naira.

Naira gets the note and smiles and opened it

The note said:

Take my hand, Take my soul! Because it is meant for you

Naira blushes

Naira POV:
Aww so damn cute! Why do I feel for him? Omg I'm crazy! What should I write back??

Naira starts writing and she looks at Karthik, he looks back at her! He smiles, she smiles back!!

Naira tells Siya to give the note to Karthik

Karthik gets the note and opened it, to read

The Note:
You have no idea, how fast my heart races when I see you

Karthik gets happy, Naira gets happy!!

They kept writing notes to each other! They didn't get caught! They each had about 50 notes!

After lesson!

Siya counts all the notes!

Siya: So the winner is Karthik and Naira

Everyone claps

Karthik: Karthik & Naira?? You mean KAIRA

Everyone: OOh Kaira

Naira blushes and laughs

Lunch Break:

Karthik: Naira, here you go! This coffee is for you

Naira: Thanks so much Kartik! I don't even know what to do without you.

Karthik: That's why I'll be always with you!

Naira smiles

Karthik: Naira, tomorrow is Valentine's day!

Naira: Ya, Ik you dating someone

Karthik: Me?? No! Are you dating someone?

Naira: No, I'm not dating! I'm ugly!

Karthik: No you are very cute, beautiful, se*y, hot!

Karthik realizes what he says

He blushes hard, he quickly grabbed his bag and started to leave but Naira stopped him by holding his hand

Karthik turns around

Karthik: Sorry

Naira: I'm not even angry dude, sit down! To be honest that's what I think about you! You're so damn hot and cute!

Karthik smiles and blushes

Naira realises what she says

Naira POV:
Wtf!!! I did not just say that!! Omg why why why Naira??

Before Naira could say anything, Karthik held her hands

Karthik: Naira get dressed tomorrow, I wanna take you somewhere! At 4:00pm

Naira: Where?

Karthik: It's a surprise

Naira: No tell me!

Karthik: In a magical place!!

Naira smiles <3 🙂

At home:

Naira POV:
I couldn't believe it! All the clues meant he likes me! Omg I'm so damn excited for tomorrow! Yass! Omg omg!!

Karthik POV:
I hope Naira likes me! In fact, I hope she loves me! Tomorrow is the day!! I can't wait!!


Precap: Karthik fights for Naira


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