What’s So Special About You (Episode 3) – Nikita

What’s So Special About You??
Episode 3
Inspired by – Vrushy
Enjoy <3

Karthik: Naira, you know that you are very beautiful!

Naira blushes

Naira: Karthik, do you like hanging out with me? I mean you don't hang out with the other boys! It might affect your friendship because of me!

Karthik holds Naira’s hand

Karthik: Don't worry, to be honest! Your a nice friend! I like hanging out with you more than my other friends

They have an long eyelock

Karthik: There’s still time for the next lesson, you wanna go shopping! I'll pay!

Naira: yes of course


They went to this big mall

Naira picks out clothes, while Karthik looks at her!

Naira: Karthik, which one is better

Karthik gets closer and says:
Naira doesn't matter what you wear, you will still look that beautiful

Naira blushes she sees something on Karthik's cheeks, she touches his cheeks and gets it out.

There was a stage there was an microphone but no one was there. So Naira decided to sing

Naira singing:

Bilkul socha na
Bilkul samjha na
Kaise ye sab ho gaya
Pyar mujhe tumse hi
Jaane kab ho gaya

Tum mujhse anjaan the
Main tumse anjaan thi
Mujhko na thi kuch khabar
Main kitni nadaan thi
Ab toh har lamha
Ik bechaini hai
Ye kya gazab ho gaya
Pyaar mujhe tumse hi
Jaane kab ho gaya

Ahista ahista hum
Kab itne paas aa gaye
Dil se guazarte huve
Ehsaas pe chhaa gaye
Pehle na haal apna aisa tha
Jo haal ab ho gaya

Pyaar mujhe tumse hi
Jaane kab ho gaya
Ho.. pyar mujhe tumse hi
Jaane kab ho gaya

Karthik gets amazed…
Karthik claps and hugs Naira

Karthik: Naira that was just awesome

Naira: thanks

At college – lesson 12

Teacher: Karthik and Naira, you are late!!

Naira: Karthik maine bola tha

Teacher: No! Speak in English or French ! This is Paris not India!

Kaira says sorry to the teacher

Precap: Kaira note game!

Hey guys! Here is another short update for you guys! I am working on an fan fiction called “Pehla Nasha”
Don’t worry, I'm still working on this!!

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