What’s your reaction on Siddharth Shukla’s exit news from Balika Vadhu?

Balika Vadhu on Colors will soon showcase a death sequence and bring in a major twist in its storyline. Shiv’s role in the show is going to die before the leap. Siddharth Shukla, who made a positive movie debut with “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania”, is bidding goodbye to his ongoing serial “Balika Vadhu”. His track will soon end in the show leaving many fans disheartened and disappointed. As per the upcoming track, we will give a brief on it, by the ongoing promo airing on the channel Colors.

Balika Vadhu which has been highlighting many hard hitting issues will once again highlight a hard hitting issue of terrorism. The story will unfold where a terrorist will hide himself in the city of Jaipur, as he is planning a terrific attack on the capital (Delhi) and so he will take a shelter in Jaipur to execute his vicious plan.

He will hide in a hotel room in Jaipur where Shiv will come to attend a wedding.Shiv’s friend who is an ATS officer has been handed over the duty to find out about the terrorist as they have got the lead about them who are hiding in a hotel.

Thus the terrorist will attack and when he will be about to get caught he will escape from the spot by explosives materials. Shiv will chase the terrorist and both will reach at the terrace of the hotel. Both of them will indulge in a fight owing to which both of them will tumble from the building. Shiv will breath his last and die, while Anandi will be sensing Shiv in danger. Anandi will face a major shattering news in her pregnancy. After his death there will be a leap in the show where Anandi will give birth to twins. Well, his fans do not need to worry, as Siddharth has not said good bye to the small Tv industry, and will be taking new projects after a much needed break. Will you miss Shiv in Balika Vadhu? Let us know in this poll.


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  2. Ruju

    thy r not only breaking nd insulting viewers bt also spreading a vry wrong message tht Indian Child bride hav no any right to be happy in ther lyf nd also deserve husband support luv she has to play a role of single divorcee or widow all th tym she cnt be happy so dont remarried in ur lyf if ur child bride

  3. Vijaya

    Bumping off Shivraj Shekhar is a sadistic and pathetic move.
    It is going to wipe off all good messages about women empowerment so liberally dished out by Balika Vadhu. Can Anandi be empowered only if she is alone ?
    This means good people will always keep struggling and suffering heartbreak in life.
    We want ShivRaj Shekhar in Anandi’s life at any cost, Anandi is India’s most loved fictional character. Don’t be so cruel to her please. If this happens, it would prove beyond doubt that BV is no different from any other drama serial.
    Thanks and Regards.

  4. Jaya

    this is a very sadistic move by the makers. can’t accept this tragic ending. want to see Happy Anandi along with her kids and Shiv

  5. Ratna

    The Writers Wrote this Most Beautiful Character Named Shiv Raj Shekhar and brought him in Anandi’s Life and showed everyone that a Child Bride has every right to Happiness. But now when it is the Most LongAwaited n Awesome moment n phase in their Anandi’s n Shiv’s life n they are going to be parents to their own twin babies, killing Shiv will destroy not only Anandi in the Show But many many viewers who gets positivity in their struggling Life by watching BalikaVadhu. This will be a totally negative message given that No Child Bride can ever be truly happy forever…She is destined with fried n despair throughout her life. PLZ DO NOT GIVE THIS MSG TO THE PUBLIC

  6. Ratna

    Anandi should not be shown as Destined with Grief n Sadness throughout her life. She has every right to be Happy with her Loving Husband Shiv n Her Beautiful Babies when they come. DONT KILL SHIV IN THE STORY…It will RUIN Balika Vadhu

  7. sumana

    In a world where there is full of sadness and soo many things to get scared about,people would like to watch only happy scenes and romance …not tragedies and sad ending.So makers of balika vadhu,please change the storyline and give a proper and happy ending to the serial.Do not kill the main lead.If sidharth shukla is unavailable replace him though personally i know no one else can play the role of shiv bettter than sidharth shukla…

  8. Srividya

    Anadi doesn’t deserve this kind of fate, Shiv doesn’t this kind of fate and we , the the loyal viewers of Balika Vadhu doesn’t deserve this…

  9. Theja #WantAHappyEndForSHIV/AnSh

    BV brought us a beautiful soul in our lives-Shivrajsekar aka Shiv.who has given so much strength,love,HAPPINESS,care,affection, UNDERSTANDING n everthing for Anandi which she never dreamt off.She felt lucky and blessed to have got Shiv in her life.Shiv kept up all his promises.Was the MOST UNDERSTANDING hubby.Gave her only happiness and was always there to support her dreams and +ve things.he shared all her sorrows.he stood as a pillar of support.gave his shoulders in evry moment she needed the most.

  10. Theja #WantAHappyEndForSHIV/AnSh

    This is my first comment in a blog.
    Just for my SHIV/SID – my love of life.
    # want shiv to have a happy end with his wifey and cutie twins Shivam Nandhini

  11. Harika

    BV now going to prove it’s gonna be another common blody serials.. There is no msg in making anandi widow.. No one will watch death of main lead. That will be the worst twist.. Try not to kill shiv and let shiv and anandi happy with their kids OR else end the show with happy ending of ShivAnandi

  12. cksreevani

    We want a happy ending for Ansh..without shiv there is nothing left in BV …so plz don,t do this to him and end the show with a positive note, nobody wants to see Anandi as a widow…..plz consider our request and change the end of shiv don,t play with our emotions.

  13. Nandita Jana

    We an not see Anandi without His shivraj. That is most pathetic ending of a beautiful love story and the most loved character on Indian television. Hope Balika Vadhu makers will pay heavily for their disgusting decision.

  14. Mila

    The whole Croatia is disappointed! After of his departure from Balika Vadhu no one will watch! Goodbye Balika Vadhu!

  15. libsrocks

    I can’t believe BV story writers will carry on their show for so long by such sadistic means….they could have happily shown AnSh with Amol and their twins and JaGan with Mannu and Abhimanyu….what are they trying to show by killing such an iconic and beloved character? That despite all the goodness one does he/she does not deserve a happy ending? One should be like Saanchi who has insulted all the characters of BV but will still get her happy ending ? Anandi deserves a happy ending and above all she deserves it with Shiv ! How can BV story writers be so cruel? They want TRPs then they will get it with so much drama but for how long? How long will viewers tolerate another cycle of pain for Anandi? Please BV story writers change the current story line and don’t kill Shiv……just pass few months with Anandi’s pregnancy and then end the show on happy note…there is no sense to show such social messages when in the end Anandi gets nothing but pain for all the good she did for others.

  16. Dragana

    Serbia agrees with you! Serbia was disappointed too! If such excellent actor leaves the show, we go along with him! We definitely do not want to watch Baliku vadhu!
    We deserve to see their happy ending!

  17. Jyothi

    We r unable to bear to listen it.. Its a very pathetic cituation.. Why Ananadi’ s life should shown as misarable. They must give happy end to the serial.. Without siddharth as shiv the serial, we r feeling so bad nd sad.. We r disoppointed with this tragedy end for our hero.. Give a happy end to serial..

  18. Sanela

    Bosnia is not only disappointed, we are angry, hurt, unhappy!We fans of Siddhart Shukla definitely did not deserve this kind of end!I’ve talked to a lot of people who watch Baliku vadhu and we all have the same opinion!
    If he leaves, we also do not want to watch Balika Vadhu!
    Writer of this drama obviously do not respect and do not think about his fans so why should we respect and watched their antics! Real and veritable nonsense! Such a great actor who gave so much, in such a way to terminate his character – it sucks!

  19. AyeshaSanam

    Simply pathetic…Lost humanity…killing Shiv even before he could see his kids is disgusting…showing that evil wins over the goodness…subjecting a pure soul to death who had dreams breathing in his eyes of his unborn kids…n Anandi suffers always for no reason…first leaves her,second dies..will she ever get a happy life???n all above,why those unborn kids should suffer..they have all rights to live happy with their parents…BV going in a wrong way this time..disappointing all the viewers…

  20. What do the writers of Balika Vadhu want to show all and Set a foolish Example that a women is Strong only When she Looses her Everything Her Soulmate , her Happyness , her Smile ! Why I ask You can a women be Strong Having all of this . Anandi who has suffered Throughout her life Has To Suffer More and More and how Much More ?? The poor children will be cursed “unlucky ,”Father killers and more No Mistake of theirs . They will Not See their Father ,Feel Him , his Love….
    And a Father who Shed Tears at the News of his wife Being Pregnent Can not See , Hold and Touch his Children . What a Sad Bunch of writers are Writing The Stupid Twist
    Think about this . We want to see Anandi Happy with Her Husband Shiv and Her Children Alive Beside Her , with Her . Set a Good Example in Society that women Have a Right to be happy and Need to Move on in life Even After they have been Ditched by their Exhusbands and Those who Have Moved on Can be Happy and Will be Happy for the rest of their life’s . We Want Shiv Back Alive In Balika Vadhu and then You can End this Show . Give it a Happy Ending .

  21. Anamika

    It took us a long time to come to terms with the first twist that u have us by changing the lead who plays anandi, having seen shiv romance and marry one anandi and then lead his married life with another was painful enough, the only reason why people were still watching was because of Shiv, fake that away and we can happily stop watching the serial altogether!!! Thanks a ton guys!! Nothing more to say. End of BV for me!!

  22. kati

    You’ve got to be kidding me, right ? I mean are you really serious about Shiv’s death ? This is the most stupid move I ever saw.Please tell us, what will Anadi do ? They confess to each other that they can’t live without each other. She will be totally destroyed and after Amol leaving to his biological parents, too. For God sake, you could at least move him to another city just the way you did with Sumitra and Bhairon or to kill them both or to end the show with a happy ending . I was just saying to myself that they are such an amazing and unite family and now I am finding out that he will die. Just great. I just can’t wait to see Anandi as a widow for the second tine in this show and this time she is having twins. How will she raise them without him ? If Shiv dies there will be a lot of people who won’t watch this show anymore. At least, listen to public opinion and don’t let him die. If you do want not to have him in the show anymore than do it in anither way, but don’t kill him. Or, why did’t you replace him just the way you did with the majority ? I am hoping from all my geart that you will listen to public opinion and brong him back.

    • kati

      Time * another * bring* heart* ..sorry for my mistakes but I am really hurt after finding out about Shiv’s death

    • Harika

      Ofcourse yar they can replace if he is not available.. But no one can see others in the role of Shiv raj sekhar and moreover Siddharth shukla mentioned about it that he is not gonna quit the show but his character gonna end.. And that would be the stupid twist .. If that happens we should say GOOD BYE BV

  23. Anita

    I´m from Croatia and watch BV online…. just because SHIV\SID and ANANDI\TORAL……
    I am very disappointed when I found out that they would kill Shiv, I stopped to watch BV
    I sincerely hope that the writers realize how much injustice do with this decision
    Ansh is a beautiful love story that deserves a happy ending

  24. SID FAN`

    SHIV Cannot Die in this current track that they are planning to show…That is not the ending we want to see for the Beautiful Soulmate Anandi and Shiv. They have to be together and work for the society…thats how a positive message will be sent by Balika Vadhu. Both Anandi and Shiv has spent their lives working for the welfare of others and what do they get in return..babaji ka thullu?? Very very disappointed with this ending. We will fight for SHIV and ANANDI’s Happy Ending with their babies. There is NO POINT in running this serial by showing the second round of Crying n Struggling Anandi…We have seen that already and now we ONLY Want to see a Happy Smiling Anandi with Her husband SHIV!

    SHIV is the SOUL of BALIKA…He took Balika to New Heights in terms of TRP and Viewership and People are in love with this beautiful character Shiv played Absolutely Perfectly by Siddharth Shukla !! We want Siddharth to STAY in BALIKA VADHU and Continue to Rock as ShivRajShekhar!!

  25. Sana

    Whats the point in killing Shiv? and taking leap in the show. Balikavadhu is stretching unnecessary. The show has reach to its saturation point, no one is interested in widow anandi and her struggle , even no one is interested in Jagya and dadisa story. Its better makers end the show on happy note. Run the show till 2000 episode with shiv- anandi and happy delivery of anandi and then go for end of show.

  26. Jayshree

    Balikavadhu is old show. Without Shiv Anandi is incomplete. The planned twist is horrible and later on the leap which you are planed to take and decided to show anandi struggle and other story of badi haveli is not going to hep show in any manner. So instead of taking leap show happy ending of show.

  27. Sanjana

    V want shiv back in balika..! Thy jst cnt abruptly end AnSh jodi..!! No one lyks it..! Makers shld chnge the trck n brng shiv alive..! Shib cannot die..! He doesnt deserve to..!

  28. AnjaliSharma

    If shiv die in balika vadhu then your TPR will go down. The story has 7 years now it is time to end it with happy family. Shiv must not die, may be in critical or coma then he must survive with anand prayers. Shiv play main character must not die then will be bore to watch

  29. nidhi

    If such things were to happen I would stop watching Balikavadhu.

    Please make happy ending atleast.. :'(
    Can’t watch Shiv ,who is sweet caring and supportive of Aanandi and his family to die that way..!!!

  30. Traykova

    This writer has no heart, he has a callus.
    Why should Anandi get pregnant and they show Shiv’s happiness expressed in tears and then kill him before he see his children?
    Where is the logic? What is the message?
    Since when a good person is not entitled to happiness?
    And because the drama of her grief is not enough, she has to raise three children alone.
    I don’t understand this sadism towards the audience and refuse to accept it as a natural process !!!

    Bulgarian fans will also say goodbye to Balik Vadhu

  31. geny

    If Shiv die I’ll say Goodbye to Balika Vadhu..the story has 7 years and it’s time to have a happy end with a happy family,with Anandi and Shiv (Siddharth) together..

  32. You Must be Kidding Me Right !!! Or Are You Guys The Writters OUT OF YOUR MINDS . I live In Canada and watch only This Indian Show ,Only For Anandi And Shiv , it Showed us through this Serial Balika Vadhu that In India People have become Progressive , that a Young Bride who was Time and Again Put Through Life’s difficult tests And Each and Everytime she Fought Like A Tigress . Then One Day A Prince Charming Came In her life With Loads of Love But The Tigress was Soo Scared to Trust Again after Life’s jokes being played on her Again and Again . She Fought Him at the Beginning But the Prince Eventually won The Princess’s Trust , Love With Patients and Love Slowly . It Showed Society A mirror “A women Can and Has All the Right To Be Happy and Start Afresh with an Understanding Life Partner IF ONLY SHE HAS THE COURAGE TO REACH OUT . She just has to Have the guts and Faith that the Grass is indeed greener on the Other side , u can start afresh again , What ever happned Was NOT HER FAULT . Please Do not Kill Shiv and spread ANY WRONG Message . Bring Back SHIV (Siddharth Shukla ) And Set A Fablous Example to the Foreign Society that India is Indeed Progressed and a child bride can indeed lead a happy married life when Given a second Chance . May be you can Put Shiv in COMA or something show Anandi going through Hardships Later on Shiv Should Wake up And Be Proud of his wife and they Both Should lead a Happy life ……….

  33. reshmi

    We are angry we are feeling cheated channel has disappointed us by taking the decision of killing shiv raj sekhar

  34. priu

    WE dont want shiv to get kill .he is one most loveable chac in TV . we dont want anandi n shiv to get sperated.they also desrves hapiness in der life.nw most waited track came but this is not done to kill shiv .we want shiv n sid to back in show

  35. megs

    This is pathetic…he is the only charming personality in the show, and what about Anandi..wll she always be devoid of her male partners first Jagiya and now Shiv…………..On the other hand how can directors think about such a bad turn in the story

  36. Jelena

    What fools of writers have written this!? My God, throw a character who is the SOUL of Balika vadhu can only fools! What is the message of this ?! Return the Jagya who had insulted , humiliated, hurt her helloooo it would be belittling women in every sense, or be independent, strong, brave (as production and writers constantly emphasize for Anandi) but WIDOW OMG what a story, what a end. I wonder where is the happiness!? Strong, independent, brave, woman, happiness is not needed or what!?!? A woman can be happy in a business sense, parental happiness, but what about love happiness ?! Love happiness a genuine, real, strong and unselfish Anandi received from Shiv! Such a partner nobody can replace, such a partner can not be forgotten! Such love what you show us in Balika Vadhu no woman can or wants to replace with another, can only live with the memory of him.After such a husband as he was in every woman would leave a huge emptiness,such love what you show is obtained once in a lifetime! All that she is independent, brave and strong woman, she would be incomplete women.Sad that Indian shows dont know how to write stories about women who have a very happy married life and yet lead very exciting life which is full of challenges!
    Goodbye Balika vadhu!!!!!!!

  37. Spain

    Purnendu Shekhar, Purnendu Shekhar, Gajra Kottary, Rajesh Dubey, Usha Dixit, Raghuvir Shekhawat, Sidharth Sengupta, Pradeep Yadav I have a suggestion for you…..
    Change the name of Balika Vadhu in widows, this name fits much better…
    What a disaster! Destroy such a beautiful love story can only people who do not have a brain in head ….
    Los aficionados Barceloneses quieren todo lo mejor Shukla Siddharth en futuros proyectos! ¡Saludos!
    Adiós Balika Vadhu!

  38. please eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dnt kill shiv..they are such an adorable character and pair…i always used to take positive things from this serial. if you gonna kill shiv in this serial im damn sure its gonna be the ever worst serial and it will completely ruins every thing..if ur gonna do this better stop telecasting this serial fully cz its the same to ending…

  39. evr

    what the hell is going on in bv?how can they end shiv character?what was the msg that u want 2 give.anandi at first she was seperated from jaygya and is acceptable because it was child marraige .he doesnot love her.later shiv gave her a new life lot of love…that even she didnot dream.she was happy…..now she was giving birth 2 twins.how can u end shiv character.shiv anandi always fought for the welfare of society.then now how can they be seperated.it gives a wrong msg in 2 ways that a child bribe should not remarry and shouldnot start her new life and second wrong msg was shiv is trying to save city from terrorist.he is standing behind truth.a person who stands behind truth will die.is this msg u want 2 give to audience.it’s enough….plz give happy ending to cerial.if u want u can take many more episodes…if siddarth is not availabe i know he is perfect for shiv character.nobody can replace him…but he is nt available replace him..also sidharth mentioned that his character was going 2 end..he doesnot want 2 quit from bv…so plz dont kill shiv.plz dont seperate those couple….it gives a wrong msg.consider fans opinion and change the story……

  40. sad

    shiv raj shekhar was an ideal character. he was supposed to inspire the audience to be a loving and supportive husband, a responsible son, and a caring family member… now that the character is dead the whole ideal picture is shattered … its really sad and i dont think i would be watching the show anymore

  41. Aditya

    Shivraj Anoop shekhar was a very exemplary character. He was the ideal Grandson, ideal Son, ideal Brother, ideal Father, ideal husband and last but not the least an ideal citizen of India who can do anything for his country and for the wellbieng of people. Many are inspired by his character and always be.

    I Will remember this character throughout my life and will try to be atleast 25% as ideal as him!

    Adios balika vadhu.
    You are losing ur faithful and loving audiences.

  42. madhuri

    Stupid writers….. if u r killing shiv in bv. Kill ur blody serial toooo. No one will watch it. How could u end shiv’s role??? I am d one who is watching d show for him(siddharth shukla). How could u do this…… this show is now gng to be a flop show…. goodbye balika vadhu…

  43. chiti

    we want shiv he is most ideal person if you didnt place shiv back then stop the serial so goodbye to ballika vadhu

  44. Shilpa

    without shiv baalika vadhu is waste…. its better you would have end the serial.
    again Anandi’s life is going to be in sadness…. 🙁

  45. Sana

    if you would have replaced siddharth shukla with another best actor…. withoaalika vadhu is nothing… he died for good reason but you would have kept shiv alive make terrorist die..

  46. swathi

    from starting u r showing all the difficulties to anandhi life and without shiv the serial is really boring

  47. hellen

    SHIV, you must come back.the end of this movie must be different. You and Anandi like a couple changed mentality and reinvented a lot of womens. Without you and with this final will be broken all we are working until now for oyr self.i am not from India.
    Believe me is trouth what I am saying now.

  48. And i cant watch dis serial without shiv….. Anandi and shiv r d best couples and best serial as of now…… Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz replace him……….

  49. who s the hell writter,,,,, again y should andndi lost her happines…. dis s really worst serial…. without shiv the serial wont b gud….. If u dnt keep shiv back den plz end d serial… As of nw i were wachin bt without shiv its really bore n i damn sure d serial wil get flop….. No one vil watch dis…

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