What’s your reaction on Gustakh Dil’s ending this week?


Gustakh Dil started on Life Ok on 5 August 2013, and had a good run till now. The show is calling off tomorrow on 14th November 2014, with an happy ending where everything falls into place. Jasmine has been exposed, Nupur has been accepted by the Bharadwaj family, Sagar has united Nikhil and Lajjo, Barkha has forgiven Inder, and Adhiraj and Ayesha went to stay in Ranawat home with his family. In short, everything is fine and happier. The show which started as the love triangle between Ishana, Lajjo and Nikhil has ended Ishana’s character making her leave abroad knowing Nikhil has fallen in love with his wife Lajjo. Then many girls came in his life, like Ishana, Ratri and latest one being Jasmine, but he has always been loyal to Lajjo. Jasmine tried to break his marriage by proving Lajjo has an affair with her mentor Sagar, but she got exposed by them and finally accepted that Nikhil and Lajjo’s love is true and it won.

Well, that was in brief, this week’s story goes like this…..Nupur’s humiliation in the Bharadwaj family compels Inder to send her out of the house. However, Barkha showers her compassion on her and allows her to stay. Sagar Khurana assures Jasmine of making her a popular star, and is eager to win Lajjo’s love. Inder and Barkha make peace with each other after Barkha accepts Nupur. Adhiraj endeavours to eliminate Aisha’s hard feelings for Inder while Nikhil remains suspicious of Lajjo’s intentions. Sunaina Nani ji unites Ayesha and Nupur in order to keep peace in the Bharadwaj family. Meanwhile, Saraswati and Nupur protest against Veena for stealing the belongings of the Bharadwaj family, but Veena threatens them with a knife. Barkha gets police on time and gets Veena arrested. Sagar Khurana succeeds in uniting Lajjo and Nikhil. Shalini helps Lajjo to expose Jasmine’s misdeeds. Nikhil expresses his hatred for Jasmine and apologises to Sagar Khurana for troubling him. Nikhil asks Lajjo to forgive him and she does as she really loves him. The couple unites and the show gets a sweet ending. What do you think about the show’s ending? Let us know.

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